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Inspired By Abby Johnson at WebProNews.com


I can’t help but give a shout out here to someone that has given me inspiration in her work that she produces and the content she provides.  I am talking about Abby Johnson with WebProNews.  I first met Abby when she interviewed me following a presentation I gave at BlogWorld & New Media Expo on Blogging For A Living.  Abby was quick, professional and respectful of my time and turned the content around and followed up.  She is a consummate professional in our industry.

Abby gets to attend some cool conferences, but unfortunately she doesn’t get to be a spectator as she tends to work very hard.  I subscribed to her feed and love to see what she has next.

This video caught my eye because I thought it would be good to know that Sony, like Apple is getting into the application development world by making their dash thingy open sourced. Love the info Abby and keep up the god work. Perhaps you would let me interview you some time and turn the tables a bit? See you at BWE10!

Blogging Badly At Blog World Expo


We love these montage videos and how people are producing content about the show from 2009.  This gives a great look at one Blogger’s stalking of Kevin Pollak at BlogWorld & New Media Expo.

Kevin was on BlogWorld Expo Radio at the show on October 17, 2009. Now I need to find a way to get an interview with the folks over at Blogging Badly. Apparently, they are launching something in 2010 and we will keep our eye out for them. Anyone that talks about Chad Vader’s junk is good with me!  Keep up the good work and keep blogging badly.

Meet The Milblog Panelists: Barmy Mama


I’ve said before that milbloggers, and the milblog panelists, span the spectrum. Today, it is a pleasure to begin showcasing that spectrum by starting with Barmy Mama.

Barmy Mama's Avatar

Barmy Mama's Avatar

Now, blogging has been a bit lite of late, but having a newborn tends to do that. Now she may not do so, but I hold Rick Calvert and the folks here at Blog World responsible for the timing. As she put it to me, “Ironically, right when I opened up the confirmation email they sent me on the 10th, I went into labor and my son was born a few hours later.” Lite though her site might have been of late, it is a delight filled with humor and more.

Her bio is as follows:  Deanna is a 31-year-old, mommy of two, a former US Marine, and has been married to an Army National Guardsman for four years.

Barmy is a panelist on “They Also Serve: Spouse Bloggers” This panel looks at the oft overlooked half of the equation that makes protection by military, law enforcement, and other first responders possible. The panel begins app. 0945 hours on Thursday 15 October.


2009 Blogs With Balls Program At BlogWorld Expo Announced


If you didn’t know already, we are partnering with the folks at HHR Media this year to bring the most amazing sports blogging track ever to BlogWorld & New Media Expo.  The sports blogging conference is aptly named Blogs With Balls and drew more than 300 attendees to their first event a couple of months ago in NYC.

Without further adieu here is the preliminary schedule:


A discussion about what athletes being able to speak directly to their fanbase via blogs & Twitter means to sports media, bloggers, and fans.


A discussion between traditional journalists and bloggers about the rise in prominence of sports blogs as members of the media and how the two parties can work together to compliment one another instead of taking an adversarial tone.

  • Bethlehem Shoals  (FreeDarko, Bloomsbury USA, The Sporting News’ The Baseline)
  • Matt Ufford (WithLeather/Kissing Suzy Kolber)
  • Kevin Blackistone (Around the Horn/FanHouse/Dallas Morning News)
  • Amy K. Nelson (ESPN.com)

Certain teams and leagues have embraced bloggers and recognized their value in promoting their respective brands.  Several have allotted bloggers many of the same privileges they do member of the traditional media.   Many, however, are still guarded and protective of their product in this regard.  We discuss the pros and cons of the various (policies and how to deal with them).

  • Moderator:  Dan Levy


A presentation from the Sports Illustrated Group on strategies you can use to leverage your voice and your audience to reach marketers, advertisers and editors.

  • Jeff Griffing, VP of Ad Sales for the Sports Illustrated Group
  • Paul Fichtenbaum, Managing Editor SI.com
  • Ken Fuchs, VP SI Digital


3 of the top sports bloggers on the web talk about the direction the genre has taken, the direction it’s headed, and answer questions from attendees.

Believe me when I say this is just the begging. The HHR guys have some amazing surprise guests lined up that we will be announcing soon.

Stay tuned to the blog over the next several days for more announcements for Blogs With Balls and the rest of the BlogWorld & New Media Expo conference sessions.

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