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How Will People Remember You?


This may be my first year going to BlogWorld Expo, but if my experience at other conferences hold true, it’s going to fly by faster than anyone can keep up. Before you know it, we’ll all be writing wrap-up posts and connecting to people we’ve met via Twitter. Well, maybe. The sad fact is that most people will come home with dozens, even hundreds of business cards. Some may sit down and add everyone on Twitter, but others? Well, they’re only going to add and connect with people they remember.

Will people remember you?

BlogWorld will be a sea of people, most of which probably look similar to you. I’m hoping that people will remember my pink hair, but nothing about your looks is a guarantee that someone will remember you, at least enough to connect you to a name on your business card. It’s about your interaction. You might be well-prepared with a pen to write down information on the back of cards, but not everyone does that. So how do you make an impression?

  • Make eye contact when you say your name. Sometimes, that helps it click in someone’s mind later.
  • Have a conversation, not just a sales pitch. Yes, you want someone to visit your site, but there’s thousands of people who are pitching stuff. Have an actual conversation with the other person. It means you have less time to meet people overall, but I’ll take 10 strong connections over 100 weak connections any day. Your conversation doesn’t even have to be about blogging – personal (but professional) is good too.
  • Throw our some collaboration ideas. If someone has a similar site, it could be easy to exchange guest posts, or even if your sites are only slightly related, you might be able to combine efforts on a project. Give someone a reason to remember other than “their site sounds cool.”
  • Be prepared to reach out after BlogWorld. Take the first step in saying how nice it was to meet them, and avoid sending a form email if possible. Reference your conversation.
  • Take a picture. Post it on your blog, along with the person’s name and a link back to their site.

Above all, remember that not every impression is a good impression. I’ve heard horror stories of people getting drunk and hitting on (married! eek!) bloggers, trying to use a popular blogger to advance their own career without actually giving anything in return, trying to seek in without a badge, etc. You want people to remember you – but for the right reasons!

BlogWorld Bingo!


It’s less than a week until we all head to Vegas for BlogWorld, and some people are even flying into town this weekend. In the spirit of both making the most of the event and having fun, here’s something a little different for y’all today – BlogWorld Bingo!

Go ahead and click to see the playing board full size:

Let’s go over why each square is important:

  • Post about BWE on your blog: Before you leave, let your readers know that you’ll be gone and mention where you’re going.
  • Introduce yourself to your blog “hero”: You know that big name in your niche that you really respect? They are more than willing to say hi to you at BlogWorld. Don’t be shy about going up and introducing yourself.
  • Attend a TweetUp: There are TweetUps going on throughout the event, so make time to attend one and connect to those followers who RT you most.
  • Do something outside of your comfort zone: That could mean anything from going to a party alone to going to dinner with people at a place with cuisine that you’ve never tried to playing poker with other attendees.
  • Go to an afterparty: Some of the best connections can be made outside of the actual event.
  • Have lunch of dinner with a small group: Big parties are great, but you’ll get more lasting connections if you hang out with small groups of people and make more meaningful connections.
  • Unplug for a session: Sometimes we’re so caught up with tweeting and blogging that we forget to actually listen.
  • Collect 100+ business cards: There’s a second part to this challenge – write on the back of each one who the person is and how you can help one another in the future. Only keep cards that are relevant to you.
  • Buy someone a drink: This isn’t about getting that cute girl drunk – buying someone a drink is a great way to strike up a conversation at a party, allowing you to introduce yourself more easily.
  • Remember to charge your phone each night: During the day, outlets are at a premium. Charge your phone every night so you’re ready for the next day.
  • Add at least 30 people on Twitter: Add people to twitter throughout the show and start connecting with them right away. If you wait until you get home, you’ll forget who most of the people are.
  • Schedule a post while you’re at BWE: During the event, your site will receive lots of extra traffic, since people who collect your business card will be checking out your site. Schedule at least one or two posts to go up while you’re at BWE.
  • Go to BlogWorld – FREE SPACE!
  • Organize something: It could be a TweetUp, lunch, dinner, whatever. Organize something to become the “point person” – trust me, at BWE, people will show up.
  • Ask for or offer help using #bwehelps: An awesome idea from @jeremywright – this hashtag is for people needing help, so either ask a question or offer a solution at some point during BlogWorld.
  • Sing at the closing party: This one takes some nerves, but it’s all in good fun! Sign up for karaoke, with another person or group of people if you’re not brave enough to sing alone.
  • Attend at least 5 sessions: It’s easy to get caught up in networking and not actually make it to any sessions. Make a point to go to at least 5 over the course of two or three days – you’ll learn a lot and be able to meet some of the speakers afterward.
  • Get some “me” time each day: I talked about this before – even if you’re an extrovert, it’s important to schedule some alone time to de-stress and reflect on your day.
  • Ask a question during a session: Don’t be afraid to speak up!
  • Introduce yourself every time you sit down: People go to BlogWorld in part to network. Believe me, people won’t be angry if you say hi. Even if they look busy, a lot of people check their phones or do some blogging while waiting for a session to start just because they have no one to talk to.
  • Implement something you’ve learned: Learning is nothing without action!
  • Hit the show floor: Networking is great. Speakers are great. Don’t forget the show floor, though! Yes, people are trying to sell you stuff at most of the booths, but you can learn a lot and you might even find some stuff you want to buy.
  • Do something unrelated to BlogWorld: You’re in Vegas, after all – enjoy it!
  • Record or be in a video: Videos are great for any blog, so if you can, take some during the event. If you don’t have the equipment, be in a video that someone else is working on. Can’t find anyone? Send me a tweet @allison_boyer and I’ll do a video with you!
  • Post a BWE wrap-up on your blog: Let readers know what you’ve learned, post pictures, and review the event.

Post a comment here when you have Bingo! Of course, you really should try to get all of them – let’s see who can do it first!

Some BlogWorld Safety Tips


When I originally found out I’d be going to BlogWorld Expo, a friend of mine said he’d come along for the ride. Life happened, as it often does, and he’s no longer joining me in Las Vegas. Talking on the phone to my mom today, she’s nervous at the prospect of me going alone. I’m 25 years old. I’ve traveled a moderate amount in my days, at times alone. She’s still nervous, in part because we’re from a very small town so Vegas seems huge and dangerous to her and in part because…well…she’s my mom. Being worried is part of the job description, or so I’ve been told.

“Be safe” tips might seem like they go without saying, but I wouldn’t feel right without posting a little reminder for everyone to be safe while in Vegas. A few things to keep in mind:

  • If you’re traveling alone, has a few set times that you’ll call to check in with friends or family members back home. More importantly, call when you say you will (I set my phone alarm to remind me).
  • Make sure someone at home knows the name of the hotel where you’re staying so they can contact you if necessarily.
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you have. We all make smarter decisions when sober.
  • Don’t share a cab or go home with someone you don’t know. I’d like to think that everyone at BlogWorld is awesome, but the sad fact is that there are some bad people out there. Avoid one-on-one alone situations with people you’ve just met, even if they’re a blogger too. At the very least, travel in groups of three or four.
  • Watch your drink. If you set it down for a moment to take your turn at karaoke or use the restroom, get a new one when you come back. That goes for non-alcoholic drinks too!
  • Write down the name and address of your hotel and keep it in your wallet. If you end up at an after party far away from the strip and feeling a little tipsy, it’s good to have it on hand for the cab driver. Of course, in Vegas, every cabbie should know how to get to Mandalay Bay or wherever you’re staying, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Write down the name and phone number of a cab company. Again, if you end up somewhere super far away from where cabs are normally found, you can easily call for a pickup.
  • Make time to eat. You’ll get drunker faster on an empty stomach, so grab a bite or two quickly throughout the day, even though your time may be limited.
  • Consider a quick self-defense class before you leave. Many YMCAs and gyms offer them regularly, so if you can take one before BlogWorld, do so to learn a few points.
  • If you’re by yourself, stick to super public places. Try to find a few other people to hang out with – lots of people are going to BlogWorld solo! If all else fails, @ reply to me on Twitter (@allison_boyer) and I’ll make every attempt to meet up with you or help you find other people who are looking for people to hang out with.
  • Whenever you get a drink, either drink a glass of water or eat the ice (which is like having a glass of water). It helps manage your alcohol level.

Remember, these safely tips are for men as much as they are for women!

Sorry if this post seems a little 101-level. Even though you’ve all probably heard these tips before, it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder to make safe choices while traveling alone.

Mark Penn And Karen Hughes To Keynote BlogWorld Expo


For those of you who don’t know this already. I began this journey that is BlogWorld & New Media Expo as a political blogger. So today’s announcement about Mark Penn and Karen Hughes giving a Keynote Talk at BlogWorld has me all geeked up. From the old School press release:

Mark Penn, CEO Worldwide of Burson-Marsteller and CEO of Penn Schoen Berland, and Karen Hughes, Worldwide Vice Chairman of Burson-Marsteller, will feature a joint keynote presentation on the state of digital communications in politics. Their presentation will take place on Friday, October 15, 2010 at 9:00AM ET at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Mr. Penn and Ms. Hughes, the former chief message architects for President Clinton and President Bush respectively, will address results from a research study surrounding the use of social media in the 2010 U.S. House and Senate mid-term races, and present an analysis on emerging digital strategies within the political arena. Mr. Penn and Ms. Hughes will assess how top 2010 Republican and Democratic candidates utilize Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and texting in their campaigns, and how candidates integrate their messaging on their websites and social media platforms.

Having key presidential advisers to the last two sitting Presidents of the United States come and talk to a bunch of bloggers and social media geeks is a pretty big deal if you ask me. Love them or hate them, blogs like Powerline, Daily Kos, Pajamas Media, Talking Points Memo, Huffington Post, Hot Air and Michelle Malkin have changed the rules of American politics.

It was never more evident to me that the old guard of political power players had realized this than at the 2007 Yearly Kos Convention in Chicago. Every Presidential Candidate (including our current President Barack Obama) running for the Democratic nomination was on the stage together addressing a crowd of about 1,500 left leaning political bloggers and activists. The energy for the entire event was high. The bloggers knew they had real power. But I couldn’t help but notice the scattering of suits in the crowd. These were the political operators and you could see them trying to figure out what the hell these bloggers were up to, and how could they possibly direct them into supporting their particular candidate and use them for their advantage.

It was a striking juxtaposition.

This will be very interesting talk for news junkies like me as well as anyone interested the influence of the blogosphere and social media on politics and society as a whole. How are the 2010 mid term candidates using tools like blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube?

How are they planning to utilize bloggers and other social influencers to win their respective elections?

What trends do they see for the 2012 Presidential election?

Do either the Democrats or Republicans have an advantage when it comes to new media?

Is the blogosphere a dangerous wild card for a Senator, Congressmen, or President to play?

BlogWorld Keynotes Announced: It’s Looking Good!


Penn Jillette will be participating in the closing talk show at Blogworld.

Who are the BlogWorld keynoters this year? When are they happening and what will everyone be talking about? How will we ever top the rousing success of last year’s closing keynote talk show?

Relax. The answers to these questions and more are about to be revealed.

  • As previously announced, our opening keynote is the unMarketer himself, Scott Stratten.  Scott’s opening the ‘Expo with his talk “Stand Up, Stand Out, Stand Together” where he’ll discusses blogging with passion and emotion, while not necessarily sticking to the rules regarding posting content. Scott’s keynote will take place on Thursday, October 14 at 8:30 a.m. I know it’s early and you’re in Vegas and all, but you’ll want to get out of bed for this one.
  • On Thursday afternoon at 2:45, drop by and spend time with “Engage” author, Brian Solis.
  • Our closing keynote for Thursday will feature founding member of the pioneering 360 Digital Influence team at Ogilvy and the bestselling author of “Personality Not Included,” Rohit Bhargava interviewiing LIVEstrong CEO, Doug Ulman. Stop by the keynote room on Thursday at 5:15 to sit in.
  • On 5:30 Friday, our keynote features a discussion of the future of web videos. In what promises to be a killer panel, CEO of Revision 3,  Jim Louderback and Funny or Die‘s Dick Glover, will chat with Moderator Susan Bratton of Personal Life Media.
  • You’re in for a treat Saturday as members of the Third Tribe open the day with “7 Harsh Realities of Blogging.” ProBlogger Darren Rowse, and CopBlogger‘s Brian Clark and Sonia Simone discuss the pitfalls of making money with your blog and  how to do it right. Join us Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. for your reality check.
  • We set the bar high last year with our closing keynote talk show, and this year we’re raising that bar. Our host for the event is Rob Barnett, Founder and CEO of MyDamnChannel. It will be a packed house as Rob interviews Adam Carolla, host of the Adam Carolla Show (among others!), the talkative half of the comedy/magic team of Penn & Teller, Penn Jillette, “The Mirror Test” author and former Kodak CMO, Jeff Hayzlett, and web TV host, Cali Lewis. The show begins at 5:00, but get here early, you’ll want to land a seat for this one. I can’t promise that we’ll be passing around a bottle of wine this year, but I can guarantee a good time will be had by all.

Tickets are still available for BlogWorld ’10. If our published schedule hasn’t already convinced you to attend, hopefully our keynotes will seal the deal!

Avoiding Event Burnout


People who know me know that I’m a planner, sometimes to the point of obsession. I love to be spontaneous, but I’m a big believer that you can’t do something unplanned if you don’t have an original plan to start.

I’m well aware that most people don’t have me level of anal retentiveness when it comes to making plans. That’s ok. It’s probably even healthy. If nothing else though, make sure you plan one thing while at BlogWorld: Downtime.

While I haven’t attended BlogWorld in the past, I’m not a complete event newbie. No matter what the conference, show, convention, expo, etc., there will always be more to do than you can possibly fit into the time you have. You want to see everything on the show floor. You want to go to every panel. You want to meet and greet with every speaker. And, of course, you want to blog about it all.

I completely understand. I feel the same way.

Yet trying to do everything will only leave you with two feelings. First, you’ll feel overwhelmed. Then, when you figure out that you can’t do everything, you’ll feel like a failure.

What I’d like to suggest is that you actively plan some downtime for yourself to prevent this kind of burnout. Maybe you order room service one night and relax with a bath before heading out to evening activities. Maybe you wake up a hour early and enjoy the paper and a cup of coffee by yourself. Maybe you book a massage while in Vegas and take the time to enjoy pampering yourself for an hour or two.

The point is this: you need some alone time to chill out.

The result? You’ll be more relaxed, seeming less frazzled as you network. Your mind will calm down, making it easier to remember names, appoint times, and other information. You’ll be able to more quickly write posts, since it will be easier to concentrate.

You can’t do everything while at BlogWorld, and no one expects you to (except maybe you!). The key is to what what you can do exceedingly well. You’ll get more out of any event if you focus on excellent in a few things instead of doing everything you possibly can.

I recommend trying to fit in at least an hour of alone time every day while you’re in Vegas. I know that it might now always be possible, so grab what you can – 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there. Just remind yourself that it is ok to skip some events so you have time to cool down. Burnout will only mean that you don’t take full advantage of your trip.

How will you make sure you get time for yourself while at BlogWorld?

Ways to Save Money on Your BlogWorld Flight


Right now, I’m seeing an influx of people tweeting about buying their flights to BlogWorld (or saving up the money to do so). I don’t envy those of you flying in from Europe or anywhere else oversees. Las Vegas might be a city where you can get cheap flights, but yowsa, they are still expensive for someone on a budget.

I’m no expert, but I have done my fair share of traveling over the past decade. So, I’d like to share with you some tips for saving money on your flight. I hope you’ll add your own to the comments!

  • Fly on/out Tuesday on Wednesday.

Yes, this is travel 101, but it makes more sense now than ever before. When you fly mid-week, you’re taking flights that often have empty seats, so the airline is willing to drop the price a bit to entice passengers. Usually, it doesn’t make much difference for travelers, because what they make in flight price they lose in having to book a hotel for an extra night. At BlogWorld, you can’t really beat the special prices available to attendees, so even if you have to spend the money on the hotel room for the additional day, you’ll probably come out on top.

  • Fly super early in the morning.

The really early flights in the day are typically less expensive, but again, that’s a little Travel 101, right? Well, I’m recommending that you fly super early in the day for another reason – so you can stay behind if the flight is overbooked without missing anything in Vegas. This happens regularly at small airports and is even fairly common at large airports. You may have to spend your day at the airport, but most airlines will accommodate you with free food vouchers, and if you ask, they might even be able to hook you up with vouchers for free WiFi. Depending on how long you’re delayed, you’ll receive vouchers for anywhere from $50 to $400 or more that you can use for a future flight.

Pro tip: It’s up to the worker standing there to determine the offer amount, so be really, really friendly and flexible if you want a higher amount.

Pro tip #2: If you want some freebies, but don’t want to take a later flight, let other people offer first. If the flight is overbooked, listen for the worker at the gate to make a call for volunteers. He/she will probably do so a few times, but will stop doing so when it looks like they probably have enough people. When the announcements stop, go up and volunteer. They’ll put you on the list, even if they don’t need you, and when you go to board your flight, there’s a good chance that they’ll give you some free drink tickets. Of course, there’s always the chance that they could need you after all, so don’t use this trick to get free drinks if you aren’t ok with staying behind just in case!

  • Find others flying out of your airport now.

Use Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks to connect with people flying out of your airport. Carpool or share a taxi and you’ll save money on parking. If you take some time to get to know one another, you can even save money on luggage if you have more stuff than will fit in a carry-on, but not enough to need an entire checked suitcase to yourself. If you each put your items inside a bag and then put the two (or even three) bags inside the suitcase, you can easily pull our your bag at the airport and go your separate ways. This definitely does require at least a low-level of trust for the other person, so meet up with people in your area now.

  • Buy split tickets.

Most people realize that it is typically cheaper to buy a flight with one or two layovers than it is to buy a direct flight. Did you know you could save even more money with a split ticket? Let’s say you’re traveling from Philadelphia to Vegas, with a layover in Chicago. When a system books your ticket, it typically looks for the flight in Chicago that leaves ASAP after you’ve landed, even though a later flight may actually be cheaper. So instead of booking it all together, look up prices for booking Philly to Chicago and separate prices for booking Chicago to Las Vegas. It doesn’t work every time, but it could for you, so it’s worth checking out. Remember to allow yourself enough time to get your second ticket at the layover airport, as this may require exiting and going through security again.

  • Connect with your airline through social networking.

If you follow your airline of choice on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, or even sign up for their newsletter, you could receive significant discount codes that you can use on your flight. It only takes a second to click the “like” button, so why not?

  • Book during a window.

Flight prices will fluctuate in most cases. Traditionally, there are low point windows at the 21-day mark, 14-day mark, and 7-day mark. Of course, at seven days, the prices will be the lowest because they want the flight to fill, but you might not want to wait that long, since the flight you want could be booked solid by then and you’ll pay out the nose to get to your destination. I recommend booking around the 21-day mark if you haven’t already purchased your flight – which means next week.

Ok – your turn. How can we all save money on flights?

Why You Should Come To BlogWorld If You Are A Content Creator


Chris Brogan is a person I greatly admire and respect and I am proud to call a friend. This morning he wrote a post titled 9 Ways to Rock BlogWorld Expo and said some very nice things about our event and our team.  Thank you Chris.

I was in the middle of writing this very long comment on his post expanding on some of his points and realized Chris had actually inspired me to write a post two posts of my own on why you should come to BlogWorld. This one is for Content Creators. Another will follow for Brands.

Let’s start with why you shouldn’t. This line from his post resonated with me:

it’s great to get out and socialize. It’s less useful to get out and get blotto so that you can barely attend the next day

Everyone should come and have fun. That is definitely a part of it and fun often times involves an alcoholic beverage or two, but BlogWorld is not about getting trashed.

Dave and I and truly amazing team of people including @newmediapatti @debng @jenjenholder @nikki_blogworld @allison_boyer all of our track leaders, all of our speakers, the Hanley Wood team and everyone else involved in organizing BlogWorld work extremely hard on this event all year long to help you make the most out of your content.  Please don’t come to BlogWorld to party in Vegas. You can do that another weekend.

Continue Reading

Fitness Tips for Social Media Geeks: Get in Shape for BlogWorld!


Dave’s Fitness Tips for Social Media Power Users – 1st Installment: Get Moving with an Easy Walking Routine.

It’s getting pretty close to BlogWorld time, and every year I think to myself “I’m spending so many hours at the computer working, not exercising or eating well enough, this cannot be good for my body. I’m an active person, what am I doing?…Come BlogWorld time, I’m going to feel (and look) like a wreck.”

Walking Shoes

Break out of your inactive lifestyle behind the computer, start getting healthy with a simple walking routine!

This year, I’m going to take a new approach, scheduling a little time each day to exercise, eat better, and I’m going to share some of the simple fitness and diet tips I’ve learned over the years with you. I’ll even seek out the advice of fitness and diet experts to help from time to time. Hopefully, together we’ll get to BlogWorld feeling and looking better, and it’ll be a great start toward a healthier 2011 for all of us geeks and busy social media fanatics.

First, a little backstory on my past history in geekdom, and my health wake-up call.

When I moved to San Diego in my early 20’s, I was a graphic designer and copywriter working long hours, trying to save my pennies toward an eventual condo purchase so I could settle down with my college sweetheart. I worked 8am-7pm, then 9pm-Midnight (sometimes later). All the while, I was eating seldom, but when I did, it was large portions and not the best food, mind you. I ate based on convenience, not quality. And since I was surrounded by computer geeks, designers and video gamers, it made a whole lot more sense to take a break from work in an action-packed video game networked with my buddies, than getting up and actually getting myself in action.

After a couple of years of this, I’d gone from my previous svelte, high school athlete weight of 176 lbs up to 218 lbs, my hair was thinning, my skin was a mess, my trouser size kept increasing and I was even getting out of breath going up the stairs to my second floor office…not good.  I felt like I was aging rapidly, and at this pace, I’d most certainly be following in the footsteps of my father–having a heart attack and open-heart surgery (or worse) in my 30’s.

I looked in the mirror one day, astonished to see a completely different person looking back at me than I once was, and I made a decision. I was not going to die young, dammit. I was going to get my health back, and get in shape. Good shape!

My life was too busy to add more complexity. No fancy cable-driven workout machines, no time-consuming drive to the gym, no gear. I just wanted a simple start to getting active again. Shoes, shorts, t-shirt, door, outside. I began walking. Such a simple thing, right? I’d been a competitive athlete in so many sports (tennis, cycling, skiing, baseball, etc) and yet, I’d never thought of walking as an athletic activity. But it was for me now. I was so out of shape, I just needed to get moving. Simple goals.

I began walking early in the morning before work several days each week, 30-40 minutes at a time, just a long loop through the rolling hills of my neighborhood. After 2 or 3 weeks, I was able to jog a little bit here and there. Walk 10 minutes, jog 3 minutes, walk again. Every couple of weeks, I’d add more time to my jogging segments until it was a 50/50 ratio of walking to jogging. I’d never been a runner (sort of despised running actually, used to think it was incredibly boring) but this was actually fun! I had no special training, fancy equipment, I was getting fresh air, seeing some great trees, sunshine and I was feeling like me again!

After a few more weeks, I hooked up with my neighbor and began jogging non-stop for 45-60 minute stints. He was a “real” runner, fancy shorts, special running shoes and all, but he liked me anyway. Why, I have no idea. I must’ve had a great sense of humor, or perhaps he was amused watching me run and dragged me along for the entertainment value. After a few months I was down to 183 lbs…I’d lost 35 lbs, holy cow! I felt so much better, and the person in the mirror was starting to look familiar again.

So, that’s how I started getting back in shape. Walking. For those of you behind the computer for long hours, days strung together with no exercise mixed in, neck, shoulders, legs and back stiff and sore, here’s your fitness tip for the week. It’s a simple one…

Get outside and walk for 30-40 minutes, 4 mornings this week before you begin your day. Just open the door and go. Simple as that. Below is the walking routine I used to get back on the road to fitness when I was in the most unhealthy, inactive time of my life.

Dave’s Easy Morning Walking Routine:

(Take deep breaths of fresh air as you begin; in through the nose, blow gently out through closed lips.)

  1. 10 Minute Moderate Pace Warm-up: Walk at a moderate, easy pace for the first 10 minutes to get your muscles and body awake and warmed up. (Moderate means you’re not trying hard, not straining, walking at an easy-to-maintain pace, but not going slow enough to shuffle your feet.)
  2. Interval 1 – Brisk Pace 1 Minute, Easy 4 Minutes: Take brisk strides for 1 minute, then slow down to moderate/easy again for 4 minutes.
  3. Interval 2 – Repeat Brisk Pace 1 Minute, Easy 4 Minutes: Same brisk pace as before; it should feel easier and more fluid the second time, now that your muscles are warm and pliable. After 1 minute, slow to your moderate pace and try to feel your feet rolling through the strides, touching the ground mid-foot first, rolling through the ball of your foot. Feel the muscles of your feet and legs cushioning your stride—don’t let your heels take the shock of your stride, you’re designed to walk and run with muscles absorbing and giving you a cushy ride, so don’t force the shock into your skeleton by hitting your heels on the ground!
  4. Interval 3 – Brisk Pace 2 Minutes, Easy 3 Minutes: You’re now warm, fluid in motion, and you can maintain the brisk pace for 2 minutes, with a 3 minute easy pace to cool down. If you feel like you’re straining during the 2 minute brisk segment, you’re walking too fast, slow it down and just keep a pace which requires effort to maintain. You’re training your muscles and lungs to develop some endurance, this is a good thing!
  5. 5 Minute Cool-down, Easy Pace: You’ve done great, just walk at your moderate pace for 5 minutes, feel the cushioned stride, keep your arms active and keep breathing deeply—in through the nose, out through the mouth. Gradually dial down from your moderate pace to a really slow pace. Keep your good form, don’t hit the heels, maintain cushioned strides, just shorten them to match your slow forward progress.
  6. 5 Minute Stretch: While your muscles are warm, this is the time to stretch, get some flexibility back, and help avoid future range-of-motion injuries. Do your favorite stretches, basics are fine. Stretch arms up to the sky, clasp hands and slowly hang down at the waist and reach for the toes; next put hands on hips and bend to each side reaching outside hand up and over toward the leaning direction; next gently stretch Achilles tendons with one foot flat behind you while leaning with hands against a wall or bench. Add a couple of stretches you like to finish off, and remember with all stretches, you can prevent strains and pulls by doing doing them s-l-o-w-l-y.

That’s it, a simple 35 minute walk, including a nice stretch at the end. If you haven’t had any exercise in a while, I’m betting you’ll feel pretty good. Do this 4 mornings per week, and in a couple of weeks, you may actually be feeling great!

The first step in moving toward a healthy and fit you is literally, taking forward steps! You just need to move your body, and your body is built for walking (and running). You will feel better, and trust me, you’ll be on your way to getting healthier for BlogWorld!

Next post, we’ll talk about eating light and basics of weight loss.

Tweet me your health & fitness questions! If you need help with health & fitness, or if you’d like to share or discuss training or exercises, tweet me @dave_blogworld and let’s talk about it!

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And Now…the BlogWorld 2010 Schedule


Holy Cats! Deb Finally Has the 2010 BlogWorld Conference Schedule Up!

Thanks to all for your patience as I get a preliminary schedule going. I know it feels as if it’s taken forever,  it feels that way for me too. It took a while because we needed to confirm speakers and sessions, and double check and triple check.  The last thing anyone wanted to do was to give out bad information.

Drumroll please…

This is a link to SCHED an interactive schedule allowing you to choose the sessions you’d like to attend and share them on your favorite social networks (which we hope you will do). Please keep in mind that these are only the sessions, panels and speakers that are confirmed. We are still awaiting confirmation for many more sessions and speakers – especially for Saturday when we will present the TechMunch, Cause and Non-Profit,  and Sports tracks. Plus we have many surprises to add. Also note that some of these titles may change. We’re hoping not to have massive changes to the schedule, but feel free to check by often as we will be adding more content between now and show time.

Also, we’ll be adding descriptions in over the next few days. We realize that not all titles are self-explanatory and will update as soon as can.

Again, thanks for your patience as we iron out the details. Please let us know what you think of this year’s schedule – we’re very interested in your thoughts.

Deb Ng is the Conference Director for BlogWorld. When she’s not approving speakers or creating schedules, you can find her blogging about blogging and social media at Kommein. Feel free to follow her on Twitter @debng.

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