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30+ Brilliant Bloggers Talk About BlogWorld New York 2012


I doing know about you, but I think I’m finally caught up on sleep after BlogWorld New York! We made some huge announcements this time around, including our name change to New Media Expo, which better reflects our entire audience of not just bloggers, but also podcasters, web TV producers, social media professionals, and more.

So, I guess this was officially the very last BlogWorld! It’s time to start an exciting new chapter in this conference’s life.

People are still buzzing about the New York event, though, so before closing the book on BlogWorld, I wanted to devote this week’s Brilliant Bloggers to our awesome community and what they have to say about the event.

If you don’t see your BlogWorld New York post listed below, please leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list! Also, check out the bonus list of top tweets from the conference!

Brilliant Bloggers Talk About BWENY 2012:

BONUS: Some Brilliant Tweets from BWENY 2012:

  • Andrea Cook (@andreacook): “Link bait is like a one nightstand.” – @leeodden talks about value of accumulative metrics #BWENY #optimize
  • Becky McCray (@BeckyMcCray): “Want to have a pity party? Fine. Have one. The time limit is 5 minutes.” @thenapkindad says #bweny
  • Christopher Penn (@cspenn): Publishing is a bad business decision. You need to own your content, says @jimkukral
  • David Griner (@griner): Per @davefleet: Social media marketing is plagued by “basement punditry” – influential critics w/ no business experience. #bweny
  • Eric Deckers (@edeckers): @CorbettBarr is inspiring me to stop writing good shit, and start writing EPIC shit! I’m sounding my barbaric YAWP! today. #bweny
  • Ian Cleary (@ianmcleary): You know when a conference is great when you’re not looking forward to it being over #BWENY
  • Maddie Grant (@maddiegrant): Love the idea of longform on tablets balancing out the speed of the web. #bweny
  • Paige Worthy (@paigeworthy): I’m going to put it out there RIGHT NOW that not everyone who blogs is a writer. #thereisaidit #bweny
  • Rieneke Schokker ?(@RienekeSchokker): Great session about mobile marketing, amazing what is already out there, exciting to see how we will use our phones in the future #bweny
  • Stephanie Sammons (@stephsammons): Smartphone is the 1st screen for millions of social networkers #bweny

Brilliant Bloggers will return to its regular schedule next week. Check out the past editions, plus our upcoming schedule so you can submit your links every other week.

Don’t Be An Island: Connecting and Relating Online


Last week, I wrote about how Shane from Contently spoke about the future of content online, but he wasn’t the only speaker at BlogWorld NY to delve into this topic. Shane co-presented with Andraz from Zemanta who also had a few tips for online content creators who want to safeguard their practices for the future. Most importantly, in my opinion, is that idea that we as bloggers, podcasters, and web TV producers can no longer be islands, out there working by ourselves. A vital part of successfully creating content online is connecting with others.

“Building bridges is what content marketing is all about.” – Andraz Tori, Zemanta

This goes beyond convincing other people to like you and spread your content. In fact, this type of connection is not what the “don’t be an island” advice is all about. It’s true that you do need to connect with people in order to distribute your content well, but first, it’s about connecting with people to ensure that the content you create is good before you even start to distribute.

Citing Your Sources

Others, such as Dave Copeland, also talked about the importance of citing your sources when you’re reporting. And they are right. When you reblog and reblog and reblog of a press release, information gets lost or mixed up along the way. We also have a tendency to skip the legwork of following links all the way back to their original sources, and we instead give credit to someone else who reblogged along the way. This is not only unfair to the original source, but it is also a disservice to your readers. Link out to your sources to make your content better.

Find Inspiration

Connecting with others can also help you find inspiration for your own content. I think this is an important tip because it encourages bloggers, podcasters, and web TV producers to all open lines of communication. Remember, don’t be an island. If someone writes a blog post and you don’t agree with it, write your own post and say why. Link back to that original post and encourage others to do the same. Conversation through online content can be an awesome way to engage you followers.

Better Content

Finally, connecting your readers to more content through links simply makes your content better. Sometimes it isn’t about citing a source or providing a link to the person who inspired your content. Sometimes it is simply about connecting in order to give the reader a place to find more information about a topic. For example, you might link to the background story for a news piece you are writing. Or you might mention a topic in passing and link to a place where readers can find more since you don’t want to devote the space to it. Better content is only possible if you connect with others. We simply do not have enough hours in the day to be the one-stop resource for everything, so we have to turn to our fellow content creators and work together to create a better user experience.

Want to hear more from Andraz and all of our BlogWorld New York 2012 speakers? Consider picking up the virtual ticket to get access to all of the recordings from the show.

How to Choose Affiliate Products to Promote


Missy Ward at BlogWorld Content creators talk often about the importance of being passionate about your niche…but what about the products you promote? This was one of the topics Missy Ward covered during her session BlogWorld & New Media Expo New York 2012. Missy is the Co-Founder & President of Affiliate Summit Inc., so she knows a thing or two about promoting products. But believe it or not, it still comes down to one tip: do what you love.

The Sacred Bond of Trust

When you don’t love what you’re promoting, it’s hard to create content around it. Your fans are smart; they will smell it if you’re being insincere or simply not that interested in the product you’re promoting. And when they do realize that you’re promoting something you don’t necessarily love yourself, that bond of trust with you will be broken. Those readers will be less likely to buy products you promote in the future…and they might even stop trusting the non-affiliate information you’re sharing.

People read your blog or listen to your podcasts or watch your videos, in most cases, because they like getting their information from you. Fans grow to know you, and if you prove to be deceiving them in any way (or they feel like you are), it can be hard to win back their love.

The Ethics of Choosing Affiliate Programs

Of course, when we’re talking about choosing affiliate programs, ethics also come into play. FTC regulations say that you have to disclose affiliations when you’re making money, and this includes when you’re given a free product to review, even if you weren’t actually paid. When you’re promoting affiliate products, you certainly must disclose this relationship. Being transparent isn’t just a matter of making sure you aren’t deceiving fans. It’s also about the law. Don’t get hit with a huge fine because you neglected disclosure rules.

Making Your Job Easier

Lastly, when choosing affiliate products to promote, remember that when you know and love a product, it automatically because easier for you to tell others about it. I don’t know about you, but my time is valuable and in short supply. When you actually use a product, you don’t have to do tons of additional research; you can simply write/speak from the heart.

Other factors may also come into play when choosing an affiliate product to promote, and of course, Missy talked about other aspects of product promotion as well during her BlogWorld & New Media Expo presentation. To hear the entire session, check out our virtual ticket (if you were at the conference but missed Missy’s session, you can add on a virtual ticket for a discounted price by emailing registration@blogworldexpo.com). But you have to hurry! Prices for the virtual ticket go up soon, so you don’t want to miss out on the current price!

Chris Brogan’s Lessons About Blogging


Yesterday’s BlogWorld & New Media Expo keynote, Chris Brogan, talked about lessons he’s learned as a blogger. If you missed the live stream, you can still catch this and other sessions with the BlogWorld Virtual Ticket. Here are some of the take-aways:

  • “Nobody has time.”

Blogging (and podcasting and web content creation) takes time. Stop writing “sorry I haven’t written” posts and instead just write. Chris mentioned that when he switched from posting every day to posting a few times a week, he saw a major drop in traffic. While you don’t necessarily need to post every day, stop complaining that you have “no time.” No one has time; we’re all busy. If you want to be successful, you have to do a lot of work.

  • If you want your blog to be a business, think about what kind of print magazine it would be.

Successful magazines don’t talk about everything. They also aren’t super niche-y. If you want to make money with you blog, think about your own content in this way too. Very few people are successful when they don’t have a niche, and if your niche is too small, you won’t be able to find enough readers. Think about how your blog can find this happy medium.

  • “Pride does not replace hard work…If you believe your praise, you become that jerkhead.”

We all know that person – the one whose head starts grow as they find success online. Whatever you do online, there will be people who vocally love what you do, as well as people who vocally hate what you do. The truth is somewhere in the middle, and it’s best to always remember that.

  • “The hard work isn’t writing the blog. The hard work is getting out there and connecting with people…That’s the trick of it all. Connect with people and talk about their stuff.”

Too many bloggers, especially when starting out, work too hard at promoting their own stuff and forget to promote what other people are doing instead. When you take notice of others, remember their names, and actually take an interest in whatever they are doing. When you don’t ask people for things, they actually want to do stuff for you. So be a giver, rather than a taker. Build those relationships and always think about how you can help the other person, rather than the reverse.

  • Be yourself online.

As Chris put it, if he can be successful online being himself, anyone can. You have to be brave sometimes, but it’s worth it. If you have a few haters, that’s okay, because it’s better to get an emotional reaction than for people to feel “meh” about you.

BlogWorld New York 2012: Views from the Show, Day One [Video]


If you’re at home wishing you we at BlogWorld, we has a special treat for you – a quick video showing views from the show and talking to some awesome attendees and speakers about what they love about BlogWorld. Check it out, and don’t forget that you can still come on down to the Javits Center in New York to join us or pick up a virtual ticket to get access too all of the recorded sessions from the comfort of your own home.

Shout out to Srinivas Rao for helping us shoot this video.

Tom Webster Talks About the State of Social Media


56% of Americans have a personal profile on a social network.

93% of Americans have heard of Facebook and 90% have heard of Twitter, (which is significant because only about 85% of Americans have Internet access).

22% of Americans – about 58 Million people – use social media sites every single day.

These are just a few of the stats Tom Webster shared during his session, “The Social Habit 2012: How Americans Real Use Social Media.” Tom works for Edison Research, and his presentation revealed some interesting – and even surprising – facts about today’s social media users.

Twitter’s Interesting Growth

Facebook is still killing it when it comes to social networking, but that doesn’t mean other networks aren’t growing at all. Twitter, for example, has seen some interesting growth. About 26 Million Americans use Twitter, but even more interestingly, people are starting to become more engaged on this network. People aren’t just “silent users” watching that is going on – they are no using the network more to send tweets.

In addition, more than four in ten Americans hear or read about tweets nearly every day in the media, even if they don’t have a personal profile on Twitter. Says Tom, “I have to believe the amount of content that gets shared, the way it gets shared…it’s changing the way we process and learn information.

Following Brands Online

Another interesting group of stats Tom shared was about how people follow brands on social media sites. Most follow on Facebook, which is unsurprising, but what is notable is that people are becoming more aware of how they’re following brands online. Fewer people are simply hitting the “like” button and are instead making a conscious decision to follow brands they like online. 33% follow a brand on social networking sites – this number has doubled since 2010.

Want More Stats?

This is just a small taste of the stats Tom shared, alone with his dissection of what these stats mean. Want the whole thing? Check out our virtual ticket, which gives you access to full recordings of all of the sessions you may have missed at BlogWorld New York 2012! It’s great for those of you stuck  at home or for those of you already at BlogWorld and worried about missing sessions you want to see. (And if you’re on the East Coast and don’t yet have a ticket, there’s still time to head over to the Javits Center in New York to check out Wednesday and Thursday sessions.)

Are You Playing the BlogWorld Follow Up Game?


BlogWorld, whether it is in Las Vegas, New York, or (soon to be) Los Angeles, is always great for meeting new people. Some of the people you meet are actually “old friends” through social media even though you’ve never met face to face. I always find that very rewarding. Other people you meet might be friends of friends, people who happen to randomly cross your path, or even connections that are interested in you in a business sense. If you want to make new friends and business contacts, BlogWorld is definitely the place to be.

Yet, it only lasts for a week, and then we all head back to our “real” lives. We go back to houses that need cleaning and friends who want to go for happy hour after their office jobs. We go back to Twitter and Facebook, occasionally commenting on our new friends’ blogs. We go back to raising our kids and caring for our significant others and doing all those others things we do on a daily basis. Basically, we go back to living our lives. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But now that BlogWorld New York has been over for a few weeks and life has gone on as it always has, it’s time to start playing the BlogWorld follow up game if you aren’t playing already.

The rules to this game are simple – take the time to actually care about the people you met at BlogWorld, following up with your conversations on Twitter, Facebook, their blogs, or other online presences. If you met people who happen to live in your area, make plans to have lunch together sometimes in the near future (don’t just say you’re going to…actually set a date). Talk about what these people are doing on your own blog or at least retweet a few links that you find especially helpful. Start planning JV projects together. Sign up for their mailing lists.

Are you willing to make that effort to stay connected with all the cool people you met? Sometimes, when you aren’t hanging out in person, it just isn’t the same. While some people might be super passionate in real life, their blogs might be “meh” or they might not make much time for social media. When that happens, it’s okay. You don’t have to stay in touch with everyone you met. But to people you truly enjoy, reach out. If you don’t, they might not either, and then that connection is lost.

In other words, don’t drop the relationship ball. While at BlogWorld, it’s easy to enjoy the company of the people you meet, but when you’re not standing in front of one another, it can be easy for those relationships to die unless you work at it. You’ve had some time to get back into the swing of your life after BlogWorld, so there’s no time like the present to start reaching out to your BlogWorld friends again. What are you waiting for? Say hello and get the ball rolling for what could be awesome friendships.

Lessons and Winners from Our First #BWEchat


Last night, we tried something different – we held a Twitter chat using the hashtag #BWEchat to answer questions, help attendees meet one another, and share BlogWorld tips. The response was overwhelming! I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but we had checked at 8 PM and the news about #BWEchat had already reached over 86,000 people. And that was before it even officially started. I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun!

We gave out some free BlogWorld passes during the chat, so today I wanted to share the list of winners – and I thought it would be fun to also share some of the things these people tweeted during the chat! Without further ado:

Our 2-Day Pass Winners:

Two-day passes were awarded to people who correctly answered trivia questions from Rick and Dave. It was a lot of fun to play along! Here are the two pass winners:

@mami2mommy (aka Jennifer from Mami 2 Mommy)

Even the folks that are from NY look like tourists b/c we are still amazed what the city has to offer! 🙂

I asked everyone for their best tips about New York City and what to do while in town, and I think Jennifer hit the nail on the head with this one! The city has so much to offer – enjoy the conference, but if you’re still planning, think about spending an extra day or two in town to take in some of the sites. Even if you’re from New York, take an extra day or two off every so often to be a tourist!

@maggielmcg (aka Maggie from Mizz Information)

Anyone know how AT&T service is in NYC? There is NONE in Vegas–iPad/iPhone both were totally useless the whole time.

I wanted to highlight this post from Maggie for an important reason – at a conference like BlogWorld, where so many people are all posting, tweets, etc., it is important to ensure that your work tools are going to work. Are you prepared in case there isn’t wireless Internet at your hotel? Do you have an extension cord or power strip should you need it? Can you charge on the go? Did you bring enough batteries for your camera? Make sure you can work if you want to…before you leave so you can avoid spending top dollar in New York to buy extra pieces you didn’t bring.

Our 1-Day Pass Winners:

We pulled random passes for one-day winners. Originally, we only had two passes to give away, but during the trivia for the two-day passes, we had someone who was so close to winning that we gave him a pass too! Here are the three winners:

@Caraizzle (aka Cara from 25 Hours in a Day)

Tip for Speakers- If you have slides, don’t read off them! We can read them on our own

This is a great tip – I’m someone who actually likes slide presentations because I think they keep sessions on track, but they shouldn’t be a transcript of what you you’re saying. If you’re going to use slides, make them interesting and remember that everyone in the audience is capable of reading.

@7onashoestring (aka Staci from 7 on a Shoestring)

There is so much to learn! Aaaahhhh! 🙂

This was pretty much my response the first time I went to BlogWorld. Prepared to be overwhelmed. There’s more to see and do during this conference than a team of three people could see and do, so realize that you’re just one person and relax. Before you leave for BlogWorld, do some research and create a schedule for yourself so you’re able to attend the sessions and networking parties most important to you. Don’t try to be everywhere at once, though. You’ll just look like a crazy person (like me last year!).

@adrianchilders (aka Adrian from AdrianChilders.com)

For me the most value comes at the mixers and after parties RT @blogworldexpo: What are you most excited for at BlogWorld NY?

I have to agree with Adrian. The sessions are AMAZING. The keynotes are AMAZING. The exhibits are AMAZING…but the networking you can do in the BlogWorld halls and at BlogWorld mixers and parties is something special, something way beyond amazing. I’ve met people at BlogWorld who have becoming very good friends, despite living around the world, landed gigs and clients through networking there, and more. It’s an amazing experience that you have to check out for yourself to truly understand.

Our Exhibits Only Pass Winners:

I’d also lik to congratulate our six exhibits only pass winners: @TheErinRyan, @daniellemmiller, @gaynycdad, @FrankRamblings, @mmc67, and @AngArtemis – looking forward to seeing you all in NYC and thanks for helping to make our first #BWEchat so successful!

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