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BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2011 To Highlight Inbound Marketing


… by Chris Vaughn

There are a slew of marketing experts and resources on the Internet ready to advise businesses to engage in all sorts of different marketing strategies. And for good reason. Companies come in many different shapes and sizes and require a unique set of marketing efficiencies.

“Outbound Marketing” includes many of the more traditional advertising strategies, such as e-mail blasts, buying Internet ad space, buying TV or print advertising, or any other strategy that attempts to capture leads using a wide (and sometimes quite costly) net. Outbound marketing can be, of course, extremely effective.

“Inbound Marketing” naturally adopts strategies at the opposite pole. Rather than spending time and resources reaching prospects outside your immediate reach, an inbound marketing strategy focuses on creating a content hub on your own website. It’s become more apparent that search engines value consistent content of unique quality, and a successful inbound marketing strategy is built around the planning and creation of different mediums of content (blog, video, e-book, webinar, white paper, etc) and the sharing and engagement surround that created content. It is then the job of the business to nurture that organic traffic and turn it in to real business through proper lead management strategies.

Attendees and virtual viewers of the BlogWorld & New Media Expo this year will have the opportunity to listen and learn from many industry authorities who used inbound marketing techniques to incredible levels of success.

I expect the following events at this year’s conference to be particularly enlightening for those interested in incorporating or improving on their inbound marketing.

How To Teach And Grow Your Audience With Webinars
Thursday, 1:30 – 2:30
Ben Eadie & Chris Garrett

Promoting Your Blog In The Age Of Social Media
Thursday, 3:45 – 4:45
Brett Green, Jeannine Crooks, Doyle Albee, Joshua Dorkin, Dave Taylor

Where Did My Traffic Go? How To Create Compelling Content In a Post Panda World
Friday, 3:00 – 3:45
Shane Ketterman

How to Create a Successful Facebook Page to Increase Your Authority, Collect Hot Leads, and Drive Quality Traffic To Your Blog
Friday, 1:45 – 2:45
Amy Porterfield

Creating Leads From Likes
Saturday, 12:15 – 1:15
Matt Gentile

How To Write eBooks That Practically Sell Themselves
Saturday, 3:30 – 4:30
Ali Luke

Chris Vaughn is the Marketing Director at DigitalSherpa, a company that provides content and social media marketing for small-to-medium sized businesses. You can find his blog at www.digitalsherpa.com/blog or follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

Denise Wakeman Talks Monetization for BlogWorld LA


Session: Hey Bloggers! How to Package, Promote and Profit from Your Expertise
Speaker: Denise Wakeman

Denise Wakeman is speaking in the Monetization track this year at BlogWorld LA – where they will teach bloggers how to package, promote, and profit from your expertise.

Denise enjoys attending BlogWorld because she gets to network and meet people she’s only known virtually online.

Hear what else Denise has to say:

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Maria Bailey Talks Podcasting for Parent Bloggers


Session: Podcasting for Parent Bloggers
Speaker: Maria Bailey

As I put the finishing touches on my BlogWorld presentation, I’m excited to offer valuable insight and takeaways, along with my co-speaker, Tamara Walker. As two talk show hosts can tell you, podcasts offer a largely untapped opportunity for companies and brands. From my perspective in marketing to moms, I can tell you that they are listening!

Recently, my firm conducted a survey to gauge how technology and social media are changing the way parents search and receive information. This research, with a few highlights below, shows that Moms (Dads and caregivers, too) are looking to podcasts for content that is relevant to their lives.

Consider these numbers: 93% of Moms spend 1 to 5 hours listening to podcasts, with most women listening live or via online streaming. Podcast consumers are more involved in social networking, which can provide resources and ideas for integrated programs.

Make a point to implement podcasting as part of your outreach, and visit us at BlogWorld to learn how to make the most of your efforts.

Hear what else Maria has to say:

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How Far Should You Open the Content Kimono?


… by Jay Baer and Joe Pulizzi

Does giving away what you know on your blog and in ebooks, white papers, and presentations cannibalize your ability to monetize what you know? That’s the question we’ll answer in our scintillating session at Blogworld Expo Los Angeles (Thursday, November 3 at 1:30pm)

Plus, in the interest of authenticity, both of us will be wearing kimonos (optional for session attendees), and everyone in the crowd gets a free laser pointer to participate in our exciting laser-polling. Semi-nudity! Great content! Dangerous lasers! It’s a good way to spend an hour.

Is Thought Leadership Worth It?

How Far Should You Open the Content Kimono 2 This kimono question is important because we in the content marketing business often take it as gospel that more equals more. That more content equals more leads. That more transparency equals more customers. But does it? And is the trade-off in time and resources worth it?

And if you’re creating content that tells your prospects (and competitors) everything you know, could that actually have a negative impact on your business?

The 6 Stages of Kimono Opening

To examine these questions, we identified six stages of kimono opening:

  • Closed Kimono
  • What Happens in Vegas
  • Quid Pro Quo
  • Give Me Your Number
  • Peek-a-Boo!
  • The Full Monty

How Far Should You Open the Content Kimono At each stage, companies give away more and more of their content (sometimes without compensation or requiring prospects to fill out a lead form). In some cases – Eloqua, for example – the kimono is so far open that they are occasionally making content that isn’t even really about their line of business, per se.

For each of the six stages, we profile a company that epitomizes that philosophy. We interviewed marketing directors, presidents, and company owners to get the inside scoop on why they are comfortable with their particular style of content marketing, and they gave us insights into the real, tangible business results they are seeing.

Attendees will have a chance to vote (with lasers!) on how much kimono opening is too much, and we’ll close the session with a section on the four ways to measure your content marketing efforts.

None of this material has ever been presented before, anywhere. We’re excited to share it with BlogWorld Los Angeles, and we’re hoping our presentation room is neither chilly nor breezy.

See you there!

– Jay and Joe

Hear what else Jay has to say:

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Jay Baer is a social media and content strategist and speaker, and President of Convince & Convert. His blog is ranked as the #3 social media blog and #1 content marketing blog in the world. He’s co-author of The NOW Revolution. He’s @jaybaer.

Joe Pulizzi is a content evangelist and speaker. He’s the Executive Director of the Content Marketing Institute, publisher of Chief Content Officer magazine, founder of client-vendor matching site Junta 42, and co-author of Get Content Get Customers. He’s @JuntaJoe.

Chris Ducker: Don’t Be A Wise Guy


Session: How to Work with Virtual Assistants to Help Build, Grow and Monetize Your Blog
Speaker: Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker will be speaking at BlogWorld LA about working with virtual assistants and the power of outsourcing. He hopes to see you in his session so you can learn how to make even more money with your blog. Capiche?

Hear what else Chris has to say:

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George Weiner Says BlogWorld Knowledge is Top Notch


Session: What Does the Data Say? Turning Info Into Action
Speaker: George Weiner

George Weiner will be speaking at BlogWorld LA about turning information and data into action on the Cause track.

George admits he’s a conference junkie and says BlogWorld is the World Series of conferences.

Hear what else George has to say:

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Official BWELA Party List


After a long, full day at the LACC, you’ve got to unwind, right? Networking with others, meeting new people, having a drink in person with “online friends”, it’s all part of what makes BWELA a great time! Below is the official list of Blog World & New Media Expo Parties and Mixers! Don’t forget your attendance badge and your dancin’ shoes!

Thursday - Networking Mixer @ ICON Ultra Lounge

Thursday, Nov. 3 – Networking Party & Mixer at ICON Ultra Lounge
1248 Figueroa Street (across from convention center)
Starts: 7pm | Ends: 10pm

This is a great way to connect and network with fellow attendees and speakers while you’re at BWELA. A nice, open space, great views of LA with two open patios and time to hang out and get acquainted.

Sponsored by: Heineken, Social Media Club, Verisign/.tv, U4RIK Vodka, and INTENTclick

Friday - Opening Night Party @ J Lounge

Friday, Nov. 4 – Opening Night Party at J Lounge
1119 South Olive Street
Starts: 7pm | Ends: 9pm

The opening night party is also a networking event, you can meet up, talk about your day and your favorite sessions, let your hair down and have some fun!

Sponsored by: Heineken, The Safe Cig, Digital LA, NewTek, textPlus, and U4RIK Vodka


Saturday - Closing Night Party @ The Belasco

Saturday, Nov 5 – Closing Night Party at The Belasco
1050 S. Hill Street
Starts: 730pm | Ends: 930pm

Aww, yeah! The night before it’s time to go home, we’re kickin’ it at The Belasco with our Closing Night Party! This is where you’ll make those final connections, say your “see ya next time’s” and unwind after a fabulous few days at BWELA!

Sponsored by: Heineken, Stickam, Dun & Bradstreet, and U4RIK Vodka

And don’t forget our Daily Networking Breakfasts in the Concourse Lobby at the Convention Center, which is a great way to start your days at BWELA, and our Exhibit Hall Networking Reception, on the Expo Floor too! Be sure to check out the grid regularly, as we’re always adding more information!

Marketers Need to Have a Social Media Plan


Because social media is new, hip, and fun, it’s easy for marketers to get excited about it. However, when it comes to measuring social media results, the excitement isn’t so apparent. Why is it that measuring social media activities has such a bad taste associated to it?

According to Dave Fleet, the Vice President of Digital at Edelman in Toronto, marketers often make it harder than it is. In a recent interview with WebProNews, he explained that marketers need to have a social media plan in place that includes business objectives before they start a social media campaign. From this point, they should find tactics that are measureable against the objectives.

“If you set business objectives properly and the way that a lot of marketers have become accustomed to over the years, [then] it’s not that difficult to tie social media activity back to the business objective,” said Fleet.

“That’s the piece that’s really missing from a lot of the campaigns nowadays,” he added.

Dave Fleet will be speaking about this and other related topics at BlogWorld LA November 3-5. Don’t miss it!

BlogWorld and New Media Expo is partnering with WebProNews, a news publication covering search, social media, and ebusiness, in an effort to broadcast how new media can grow your business, brand, and audience. WebProNews has covered BWE since its first show in 2007. Check out reports from previous shows here and stay tuned for much more coverage from BWE LA.


How to get the most out of a live event you can’t attend, PART 2


In my last post, I left you hanging on a question: How can the online version of a live event — in this case, BlogWorld’s Virtual Ticket — convey as much of the experience of being there in-person as possible?

Well, we came up with a few ideas to help bridge that gap, and we incorporated them into the Virtual Ticket. Here they are:

1. Provide live, on-the-spot footage at the event
We’ll record behind-the-scenes footage all over the conference center and at select conference events and will either stream it live (if on-site internet cooperates) or put it online for you fast. Grab yourself a cup of stale coffee and slap on a nametag while you watch and you can almost pretend you’re there with us.

2. Create exclusivity by providing extras that even live attendees won’t have access to
We know we can’t replicate all of what you’ll get live at BlogWorld, so we’re doing the next best thing — countering the in-person advantage that live attendees have by giving you something that they won’t get. First on the menu? Exclusive interviews with the bigwigs. Not many people are going to be hanging out with keynote speakers in person, but you can, through the magic of exclusive video.

3. Provide a host
You know how if you were there live and if you’re lucky or popular, you might hang out with someone as you made your way around? As you sit there in your PJ’s at home, I’ll be your surrogate buddy. One way to give you the VT material would have been to slap all the videos in an archive, but we thought that giving you a cohesive, semi-guided experience would be way more fun.

Sign up for the Virtual Ticket and you’ll get all of that, plus 100+ hours of BlogWorld session recordings (which you’ll have on-demand access to for a full year).

The one thing we always hear from non-attendees during BlogWorld & New Media Expo is “I wish I were there.”

Well, this is your chance! Instead of getting on Twitter and telling us that you wish you were there, you can be kind of there, even while you’re at home. Sure, you’ll need to wait just a bit before we have all of the session recordings ready for you, but the rest of your experience will either be live or as close to live as we can make it, letting you “be there” as much as possible.

Now here’s the important part: The BlogWorld Virtual Ticket is on sale through 11:59pm tonight, Friday, October 21st. Until that time, it’s only $247, which is a full $100 off.

Even after the price goes up, it’s a great deal… but wouldn’t you rather save the money? Yeah. We thought you might.

Click here to register for the Virtual Ticket. Be sure to act now, before the price goes up tonight!

Johnny B. Truant is the host and M.C. of the newly-redesigned BlogWorld Virtual Ticket. You can connect with him on Twitter as @JohnnyBTruant.

Exposed: When Blogging Gets Too Personal


Session: Exposed: When Blogging Gets Too Personal
Speaker: Anissa Mayhew


The panel I’m participating in is obviously about pole dancers.

It should be great.

The end.

In all reality it gets a little intimidating when you’re part of a conference that boasts a line-up like Darren Rowse (@Problogger), Chris Brogan (@ChrisBrogran) and Lisa Stone (@LisaStone).


As a fellow presenter, an attendee and potential learner THESE people should be wondering what THEY can contribute to YOUR life to make it better.

Don’t be intimated by a person who obviously has better “numbers” than you.

They didn’t start with those statistics.

Don’t compare yourself to the “success” someone else has.

You don’t know what issue you may be dealing with that they have no hopes of handling.

I love to meet someone who considers them self “a big deal”.

As the mom of a cancer-survivor, three-time stroke survivor, a person who learned to type with her left hand so she could write this post I get to tell everyone that THEY ARE A BIG DEAL.

Part of what I’ll be talking about with Erin Koteki Vest (@QueenOfSpain) & Cecily Kellogg (@CecilyK) will be how we took issues that could have affected anyone and made the choice (hard as it can be) to make it public.

I hope that if you can, you’ll make time to be at our panel 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM – Fri. Nov. 4th “Exposed: When Blogging Gets Too Personal”

FYI, I have 45.000 less twitter followers than Cecily and 12,000 less than Erin.

Guess what? They still like me.

Learn more about BlogWorld LA and register Here!

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