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BlogWorld NY 2011

BlogWorld NYC Featured on CBS Sunday Morning


You may have noticed a few camera crews roaming around the expo floor at BlogWorld NY and interviewing some of our bloggers. That was CBS Sunday Morning producing a segment about blogging from our conference.

We’re excited to share the segment here with you – featuring interviews with bloggers, Srinivas Rao, Dave Ursillo and Danielle Liss.

CBS also included one of our conference sessions, “How to Make Real Money From Your Blog” led by Janice Croze, Jennifer James, Wendy Piersall and Heather Solos.

How to be a Funny Blogger…Even if You aren’t Funny


“Everyone is funny. Trust me.”

Against my better judgment, I actually do trust Jordan Cooper. I was lucky enough to meet him at BlogWorld 2010 and was stoked to see him on the speaker list for our inaugural BlogWorld New York. His session on how to write funny blog post was one of the first at the conference; here are the main points he covered:

  • You don’t have to be hilarious to be a funny blogger. People expect stand-ups to be funny, so they have to be REALLY good. If no one expects you to be funny, it’s just an added little bonus if there’s a little humor.
  • Humor works so well online because sharing a joke is as rewarding as coming up with the joke yourself. Think about what you share online – I bet many of the links are humor-based.
  • There are two parts to a joke: surprise and context. You want to catch your readers off guard with the punch line, but they have to have working knowledge of the subject matter or they won’t understand why it’s funny.
  • Start by brainstorming all the things that are stereotypically part of your topic. Then spiral out from there – what else is related to those topics? How can you make a comparison?
  • “No matter what you do someone will be offended. If no one’s offended, it’s not funny.” (best quote of the sessions, in my opinion)
  • Every joke has a target (the person or thing you’re making fun of). Don’t make the target a sympathetic character or you’ll look like a jerk. The person has to be “above” the audience.
  • If you want to make a joke about the audience, make it self-deprecating. You’re the one who is the fish out of water, who doesn’t understand.
  • You only have to be a 20% comedian to be successful. There will be lots of people out there who don’t like you, but the 20% of people who do will be crazy fans, buying anything you do and promoting any post you write. If 100% of the people like you, you’re too generic – they won’t hate you, but they won’t like you enough to pass on your stuff or buy something from you.

I realize that a post about a session I took on humor should probably be funny. Better luck next time, I guess. (I’m pretty sure this has more to do with the student than the teacher, by the way. Man, I suck as a testimonial.)

Thanks, Jordan, for a great BlogWorld session. Readers, you can follow Jordan on Twitter @notaproblog, or check out his site at www.notaproblog.com.

BlogWorld NY 2011 Keynote: Mega LBS or Mega BS


Location has been hot on the minds of marketer and technologists. Some have even been so bold as to call the ability to know a person’s exact location the holy grail (not really – OK – maybe a piece of the grail). At BlogWorld NY 2011, Mike Schneider, Aaron Strout, Josh Karpf, Tom Aronson, and David Wolf sat down with attendees to talk about this new piece of personal marketing. Mike and Aaron, keynote moderator, started with fie rules for location-based marketing:

  1. Have an established presence. Even if you don’t yet use it, you want to claim your names and make sure you’re ready in case some of today’s minor players  become major players in the future.
  2. Reach out to influencers. You want to get on their radars.
  3. Create a great offer. A great offer from businesses has three components: 1) It’s awesome, 2) it’s easy to use, and 3) there’s a competitive aspect to it.
  4. Test, learn, and optimize.
  5. Make sure your company is ready on the operational level (the staff needs to be trained) and make sure people know – this should be a part of your marketing material.

Here are some of the best quotes from the keynote:

“We are closing the loop, finally.” – David Wolf

“Our core values as a company is not changing in this changing time. We just have to adapt.” – David Wolf

“We need to know now how to understand this before it becomes mass media.” – Josh Karpf

“For us, it’s much more about the engagement.” – Tom Aronson

About the Speakers

Mike Schneider (@SchneiderMike) is vice president, director digital incubator for Allen & Gerritsen, ranked by Advertising Age as one of the Top 50 Independent advertising agencies in the US. He is responsible for building products rooted in ROI that enable richer user experiences while defining “what’s next.” Recently named to Boston Business Journal’s “40 Under 40,” Mike has crafted owned and earned media strategies, built award-winning communities, segmentation strategies, content management, and customer relationship management solutions.

Aaron Strout (@AaronStrout) is the head of location based marketing at WCG, a global agency offering integrated creative, interactive, and marketing communications services to clients in healthcare, consumer products, and technology. In addition to his knowledge of the interactive and social media landscape, Aaron has more than 17 years of online marketing and advertising experience, with a strong backgroun in integrated and online marketing. Aaron is a founding member and former president of BIMA and a member and former board member of MITX. Aaron is also on the advisory board of the prestigious Social Media Club.

Josh Karpf (@jkarpf) is currently a member of the social media team at PepsiCo, where they are working to develop a conversational communications strategy across our brands that involves bringing the outside in, building transparency and connections with consumers.

Tom Aronson (@taronson) is the director of digital marketing for The Walk Disney Company’s Disney Parks.

David Wolf’s team is focused on delivering integrated Amex experiences within 3rd party applications.

Building Your Content Bubble: Become a Resource


One of the first presentations at BlogWorld New York 2011 was Dave Murray’s “Building Your Content Bubble.” There were a lot of valuable take-away tips from Dave’s session, but overall, I think one of the most important points was this: You need to become a resource.

As you start blogging, it makes sense to focus on a very specific core topic, and you can start to expand to include related topics, passionate pieces, and sharing other content. But above all, as you’re planning your posts, make sure that they’re not just hard-selling your product. As Dave put it, there’s a lot of I in content creation, but by turning that into YOU (i.e. reflecting the reader’s wants), you’ll be able to build a blog (and a brand) that resonates with people. Help people. Become they’re go-to resource for your topic.

Think about it this way – if you were a car lover, what would you read: a company’s blog post that was nothing but a press release about new steering wheel covers and a pitch to sell it to you – or a post called “Ten Car Parts You Need – and Might Not Own” with a pitch about your steering wheel covers at the end. Which post would you pass to a fellow car enthusiast? Which post would you tweet? Which post would entice you to leave a comment?

And most importantly: Would you come back?

I thought Dave’s presentation also hit on another key point: the need to stop hiding behind the computer screen, especially for small business bloggers. If someone leaves a great, thought-provoking comment on your blog, it’s great to comment in return, thanking them for their opinions.

But it’s even better to email them and ask for a phone number so you can call to discuss their views or even set up a time to meet face-to-face. BlogWorld proves it – in-person networking is still not only relevant, but necessary. Content creation is communication, and it shouldn’t be a chore. So, talk to your readers and find out how you can help them – and don’t be afraid to pick up the phone.

Thanks to Dave Murray for a great BlogWorld NY 2011 session. Dave works with re:group, an integrated marketing communications company focused on creating and maintaining relevant, powerful brands, which you can follow on Twitter @regroupinc.

BlogWorld NY 2011 Keynote: Social Media Game Changers


Social media has become a critical driver of business in more than just the marketing and PR departments. Social media is changing the roles and rules for sales, customer service, product development, and more. BlogWorld’s attendees were lucky enough to hear from three thought leaders on this topic – Gary Vaynerchuk, Jeffrey Hayzlett, and H.P. Mallory. Here are some of the best quotes from the keynote:

Gary Vaynerchuk

“Why am I still writing books? Because people read them, asshole.”

“We are the dawn of one-on-one marketing.”

“The human stuff is always going to matter. What people don’t understand is the tech stuff is the human stuff…It’s a gateway drug…Twiter is speed.”

“Just because you have a Facebook and Twitter account doesn’t mean you’re using all the tools in the game.”

“Search.Twitter.com is the game.”

“Making mistakes has so much value.”

“Direct mail is even more dead than I thought. Like ding-dong….If you’re doing direct mailing…shit.”

“You can’t read about push ups. You gotta do ’em.”

Jeffrey Hayzlett

“They want to get it their way, and as authors we should give that” – on content formats

“I use my book as a business card.”

“What’s right for you and what’s right for someone else are two different things.”

“Twitter is kinda like my front porch. Facebook is like my living room.”

“Get out there and make as many fricking mistakes that you can.”

H.P. Mallory

“We’re definitely turning the publishing industry on its head.”

“I think about ways I can connect with my readers.”

“It’s really about making conversations, not selling.”

About the Speakers:

Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) is a self-trained wine and social media expert who has revolutionized the wine industry. Gary’s cult-like following is the result of his unconventional, often irreverent commentary on wine, combined with his business acumen and foresight to use social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to research an untapped audience. Known as the “King of Social Media,” Gary is regularly asked to consult on social media for some of the world’s largest and most recognizable companies like Google, Johnson & Johnson, Disney, Proctor & Gamble, and Pepsi.

Jeffrey Hayzlett (@JeffreyHayzlett), author of “The Mirror Test” – hailed a “Celebrity CMO” by Forbes Magazine and famous for his outspoken appearances on numerous television networks, Jeffrey Hayzlett is widely recognized as one of the most influential marketers of out time. Previously as Chief Marketing Officer of the iconic Eastman Kodak Company, Hayzlett was responsible for the company’s worldwide marketing operations. Hayzlett’s best-selling book “The Mirror Test” has been acclaimed by thought leaders such as Donald Trump who said, “This book is a reflection of marketing genius…read it to find out how companies, big and small, ‘Trump’ the competition!”

H.P. Mallory (@hpmallory) is a kindle and nook bestselling author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Currently she has written two series, the Jolie Wilkins series is about a woman who realizes she’s a witch who can reanimate the dead and the Dulcie O’Neil series is about a fairy in law enforcement. H.P. Mallory recently signed on with Random House (Bantam Books) to publish the next three books in the Jolie Wilkins series. Look for the third book in the series, Be Witched, in Spring 2012! H.P. still self publishes her Dulcie O’Neil series and loves being an indie author.

Just Announced: Got Wine? Wine Sisterhood at Blogworld’s Opening Reception


The Wine Sisterhood, a digital community promoting wine conversations and engaging consumers in the enjoyment of wine, is proud to be the wine sponsor for Blogworld’s Opening Night Party on May 25th from 8:00 pm – 10:00pm at the Hudson Terrace (sponsored by Ford Motor Company, Social Fresh, #CMMeetup and Social Media Club.) Get ready to try some Purple Cowboy Tenacious Red, Middle Sister Rebel Red and Middle Sister Drama Queen (Pinot Grigio) and more!

The Wine Sisterhood welcomes Wine Sisters AND Wine Misters. You can learn more at WineSisterhood.com or head over to the Wine Sisterhood Facebook Page. You can also download the Drink-u-lator from iTunes or the Android Market to calculate how many bottles of wine, beer and spirits you should purchase for your next party or event based on the number of guests you’re hosting and their beverage preferences.

Want to know more about the Wine Sisterhood? Look for our Wine Sister Aliza Sherman who’ll be wearing a tiara and boa at the conference.
She’ll be happy to fill you in!

And remember to attend “Speak Up: Empowering Women to Find Their Voices,” a workshop presented by Aliza Sherman and Jill Foster about overcoming fear in public speaking and taking deliberate steps to crafting speaking proposals. This happens Thursday, May 26 at 9am.

Top 10 Things to Do at BWENY: 5 Places for Good Eats


So you’re crazy busy getting packed and ready to hit BlogWorld (or maybe you’re already in NYC). Once you’re here you have to eat, right? Well we’ve got plenty of great restaurants with fantastic discounts on the Top 10 Things to Do at BlogWorld mobile site, so you can access it on the go while you’re walking in the city. Take a minute to look at http://bwetop10.mobi powered by Network Solutions and dotMobi.

44 ½ Hell’s Kitchen – Looking for a cocktail and delicious dinner close to the Javits Stop in at 44 ½ in Hell’s Kitchen. With their lively, yet intimate bar and extensive menu, 44 ½ is the perfect place to unwind. Show your Blog World Badge to receive a complimentary fallen chocolate soufflé with dinner or a blood orange margarita on the rocks for $10 (regular $14).

Lugo Caffe – Located right across from Penn Station, Lugo Caffé is the perfect place for socializing and sharing authentic Italian food and drink. Such specialties as grilled pizzas, homemade pastas, salumi and formaggi will refuel you for the evening after a fun day at BlogWorld. Receive 10% off your final purchase with your coupon from their mobile site.

Merilu Pizza – New York City’s Pizza is renowned, and you can’t leave without grabbing a slice. Merilu and her four children vowed to take pizza to a new level at Merilu Pizza. Their long, rectangular pies with to-die-for crust are a vehicle for only the freshest of ingredients. Don’t miss it, and check out their coupon for a number of specials that will leave you satiated.

Sullivan Street Bakery – Sullivan Street Bakery offers not just bread but also savory Roman-style pizzas, rustic Italian pastries and cookies. Jim Lahey’s simple, rustic bread has hit on something important: Bread is more than bread. It reaches all the way from the belly to the soul. Our coupon will earn you 25% off with your BlogWorld Badge.

5 Tips to Crowd Source Photos and Videos from Your Next Event


Aggregating photos from any well-attended event can be a huge headache – you can either hunt and peck through various photo streams or rely on post-event email attachments. Skip the hassle by setting up an Event site so your attendees can submit photos in real-time. Here are five tips to get you started:

  1. Keep it simple

    When it comes to group sharing, simplicity is king. It doesn’t get much simpler than Posterous for the iPhone. Attendees don’t need to remember a hash tag or a url. They just download the app and your event site automatically appears through the magic of geolocation.

    Because not everyone has an iPhone, you should also allow posting by email. With Posterous, it’s as simple as sending an email to youreventsitename@posterous.com.

  2. Don’t shut out virtual attendees

    Encourage those who can’t attend to sign up to receive daily summaries of all submitted posts via email. This is a great way to boost off site engagement for any event.

  3. Unleash the full Twitterati

    Want more Twitter buzz? Set up autoposting to your event’s Twitter account. You can even automatically adding a Twitter hashtag to all contributed posts. See how the BlogWorld Event site has done it.

  4. Go beyond photos

    Photos are the eye candy of the Web, but videos add depth and reveal your event’s true flavor. Encourage your audience to take video clips and submit them directly from Posterous for the iPhone or via email.

  5. Give them a slideshow

    Don’t force your audience to scroll through page after page of posts to see what has been submitted. Take advantage of the built-in slideshow feature on all Posterous event sites and display your event photos live during the event or send out as a link in a post-event email.

    Try it yourself by downloading Posterous for the iPhone and submitting a few photos to the official BlogWorld Event Site. Or just email them in to blogworld@posterous.com.

    Questions about setting up an event site? Want to share your new product ideas? Or maybe just want to win a Posterous Snuggie? Come visit us at Booth #401.

    Posterous is a publishing platform for sharing text, photos, videos, documents with a public or private audience. Posting couldn’t be any simpler. You can get started by posting via email or by posting with our iPhone and Android apps.

Shaping the Future of Curation


Session Title: The Future of Content Curation
Speakers: Steve Rosenbaum, Eric Hippeau, Francine Hardaway, Ed Lamblet
Date: Thursday May 26
Time: 11:30AM
Location: Jacob Javits Center 1A18

… by Francine Hardaway

“Information overload” is an inherent part of the daily experience for most of us – especially online. The web has disintermediated the flow of information, making it easy for anyone to easily receive and share news, videos, comments, and other content. This means that most of us get more information than we actually need – or want. We no longer have to look for information – instead we have to sort through it. It’s as bad as looking through a shoebox of receipts at tax time trying to figure out what’s actually useful in filing that 1040.

Sorting through this abundance – curating it – can streamline the way we interact with content, helping us see more of what we want and less of what’s irrelevant or repetitive. But how to curate, or whom to trust with that job? Twitter, Facebook, and other online sources fill our screens with content from sources we’ve chosen – but how do we filter through that content to help us find what matters?

Social feeds alone clearly don’t do the job. Algorithms, like those powering Zite or My6Sense, show a glimmer at one way; semantics offer another. Individuals, like Barry Ritholtz of The Big Picture or Robert Scoble, or traditional sources like The New York Times – people and sources can get us closer to what we want, but how do we bring them together? Services that cull content from people and sources, and filter it by topics might be the answer because they let YOU – with your own unique preferences and interests – be a curator…your own “Editor in Chief.” As Forbes says of Paper.li, the best-known of those services:

In its own simple way Paper.li makes anyone a publisher of news and interesting information, and they don’t have to write a single word. It’s why celebrities and their fans already like the service–newspapers published by celebrities like Stephen Fry can get more than a hundred thousand hits each time, according to Pols. Groups, and even towns are getting in on the act.

How will widespread adoption of curation services change the way we get – and share – the information we care about? Join three people shaping the future of curation – Eric Hippeau, former CEO of the Huffington Post, Magnify (and “Curation Nation”) leader Steven Rosenbaum, and Paper.li co-founder Edouard Lambelet for The Future of Content Curation, a panel I’ll moderate at BlogWorld on Thursday, May 26 at 11:30 a.m. in room 1A18. Bring your questions and your thoughts on curation – whether you do it or learn from sources that do – and how it will affect the news you get and the way you filter through the noise.

Francine Hardaway, Ph.D., is an experienced marketing strategist with special expertise in startup companies. As a partner in Stealthmode Partners, she has helped package and secure funding for many early-stage technology companies. She has created positioning and marketing strategies for dozens of companies growth companies (from startup to IPO to maturity). Stealthmode Partners runs the popular FastTrac programs in metropolitan Phoenix. Follower her on Twitter @hardaway.

Engaging Today’s Homebuyers Where They Live: Online


… by Matt Gentile, Director of Public Relations and Social Media, Century 21 Real Estate LLC

In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, connecting with consumers where they already are — social and mobile platforms — is essential to brand marketing. It’s not just about understanding what consumers want; it’s about listening and delivering what they want through the devices and channels they’re using. This is certainly true for Century 21 as we look to reach out to the new generation of homebuyers.

In 2010, the largest share of homebuyers was between the ages of 25 and 34, and these consumers use digital and social media in a big way. This age group incorporates technology into their everyday lives and is actively using it to alter the way they search for and purchase real estate. We recognized with these overwhelming social activity numbers worldwide, we needed to begin shifting our advertising, customer service and customer outreach efforts to a medium where our target market is already engaged.

We have created branded Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages. We’ve begun to experiment with location based services with our smart phone app and launched the @C21-Home Matters Blog. We are continuing to evolve our strategy for reaching today’s consumer and would love to hear your feedback. What can we do to better serve you, our customer?

Recently, we became the first brand to buy real estate in ngmoco’s We City, a leading mobile game. In-game partnerships are just one more avenue we’re using to interact with the growing segment of consumers who are mobile, social, and intent on acquiring property —virtually and in real life.

On Facebook we’ve built a community that shares tips, advice and photos about the real estate search, decorating your new home and more. We’ve also launched a campaign in support of Easter Seals’ Make the First Five Count Campaign, where each time a person “Likes” the Century 21 Facebook page, we donate $5 to Easter Seals.

We’re using Twitter to talk with homebuyers and agents about their experiences, as well as to share articles, breaking news and information about the recovery of the housing market. Twitter is a perfect platform for disseminating real-time news.

On our blog, @C21-Home Matters, we share information for buyers and sellers as well as company information for our agents. We post photos and videos from company events, expert tips and host a “Caption This Photo” contest with images of unique homes.

Like any brand in the social media space, we are consistently learning and adjusting our efforts to help more customers, generate more leads and close more sales. The one thing we know to be certain is that tomorrow’s media environment will be radically different than it is today. Where ever homebuyers set up shop, we’ll be there providing the best resource in real estate.

Century 21 Real Estate LLC is the franchisor of the world’s largest residential real estate sales organization, providing comprehensive training, management, administrative and marketing support for the CENTURY 21® System. The System is comprised of approximately 8,000 independently owned and operated franchised broker offices and 121,000 agents in 73 countries and territories worldwide.

CENTURY 21 Real Estate is recognized as a leader in e-marketing and has received numerous awards.

The CENTURY 21 System is actively increasing its presence globally, with international operations throughout Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. Contact us to learn more about bringing the most recognized brand in real estate to select markets in the U.S. or countries and territories abroad! For more information visit our blog,@C21-Home Matters or follow us on Twitter.

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