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Why Your Blog About Blogging Sucks


I’m not sure there will ever be a way to measure this, but of all the blogs in the world, I wonder how many of them are about blogging and social media. It seems like everyone is blogging about blogging, in part because some of the people making the most money in this industry blog in this niche, so there are definite role models who have proven that it is possible to make money with this type of blog. There’s nothing wrong with blogging about blogging. What do you think I’m doing here at the BlogWorld blog, after all?

The problem is that nine out of every ten blogs about blogging I visit…suck. Hard.

If you are passionate about blogging and new media, I definitely don’t want to deter you from writing about these topics. You can be very successful in this niche. But there’s a reason why such a high percentage of bloggers aren’t successful. Here are the reason, in my opinion of course, why so many blogs about blogging suck:

1. You aren’t saying anything new.

What are you saying on your blog that hasn’t been said on one of the major blogs about blogging that already exists? There’s only so much to say about blogging and new media, so there will certainly be some overlap, but when’s the last time you had an original thought? When is the last time you questioned a major “rule” or made your own rules? When’s the last time you expressed an opinion that isn’t the same thing everyone else is saying? What’s the last time you wrote something more than just common knowledge?

Your blog about blogging bores me to tears.

Yes, you need posts for beginners, but keep in mind that most of the readers who are going to blogs about blogging have blogs of their own and read other major blogs about blogging, such as Problogger.If you just rewrite what’s already been said on other blogs, you aren’t going to find much success.

2. You are boring.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are about blogging. If you are a boring writer, I’m probably not going to be a regular reader. If I want to learn about writing great headlines, I might come to your blog to read a post you wrote about it, but if you don’t captivate me with an interesting post, I probably won’t subscribe. I guess the question you have to ask is this: is it better to help lots of one-time readers or is it better to have loyal readers? Obviously, when you have a strong personality, you aren’t going to appeal to everyone, but if you’re boring, you aren’t really going to appeal to anyone.

3. Your blog has too many guest posts.

Bloggers who blog about blogging tend to do a lot of guest posting. There’s nothing wrong with that – I love a good guest post, and I love to see guest posts on other blogs. But when’s the last time you wrote a post? I know that not everyone will agree with me on this point, but I stop reading blogs if there written more by guest posters than by the blogger him/herself. Part of the problem is that when you accept so many guest posts, most of them probably aren’t perfect for your blog. That doesn’t mean that they are low-quality by any means, but not every well-written post is right for every blog. Does it not only fit your blog in terms of subject matter but also in terms of style? If not, are your readers really benefiting from the post?

4. You’re an “expert” with no credibility.

If you blog about blogging, I want to know what credentials you have to give me advice. How long have you been blogging? Do you make a full time living this way? Do your tactics work? If your first attempt at blogging is to run a blog about blogging…why should I listen to you? Because you’ve read every post on Problogger and can regurgitate Darren’s advice in your own words? Credibility doesn’t have to mean that you’ve been blogging for decades or made a million dollars as a blogger. It could mean that you’re a critical thinker who tests his or her theories. It could mean that you do interviews with others who are experts in the field. It could mean a lot of things – but there has to be some kind of credibility for me to want to read your blog.

5. You don’t put in the time.

Blogging is a lot of hard work, especially at the beginning as you’re working to build your readership. Before you start blogging, make sure you have the time to put into making it great. I see a lot of blogs about blogging that give advice they don’t follow themselves. If you’re going to write about the need to promote your posts on Twitter, promote your posts on Twitter. If you’re going to write about the need for great design functionality, make sure you have great design functionality. If you’re going to talk about maintaining a posting schedule, maintain a posting schedule. In short, if you’re going to teach me how to best run a blog, you better be taking your own advice!

Do you blog about blogging? What sets you apart? Have you read blogs about blogging that suck? What makes them suck, in your opinion?

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