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Contently Giving Journalists and Bloggers a Chance at Steady Work & Pay


How would you, a freelance writer or blogger, like a shot at consistent work and possibly a consistent paycheck – which could reach $50K a year? Sounds nice doesn’t it?

If you haven’t heard of Contently, you just might want to listen up. Of course, you do need to be either a journalist or writer of a well-known blog to qualify.

Contently is a new platform that connects brands with good, quality content and also provides freelance writers some phenomenal work opportunities. They just announced today a $335K debt round from Founder Collective.

Contently wants to become a source where writers can find some steady work and brands can find the quality content they are looking for. This article in TechCrunch mentions that they are currently only working with journalists and well known blogs, so just be aware of that if you do plan to apply. Company co-founder Shane Snow says they have writers from the Boston Globe, Gawker, LA Times, New York Times, and Wired on board.

So, what’s with the $50k a year? They say they won’t be giving any $10 an article gigs (how many times have we seen those?), but instead say that their full time writers can make more than $50k a year. That is definitely a big statement.

For more information on Contently, see the full article at TechCrunch.

Are you going to apply to become a writer for Contently?

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