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Commenting System Livefyre Introduces SocialSync


Commenting system Livefyre announced via their blog yesterday a new platform, with new features. It’s called SocialSync. If the comments on your blog are dead and you’ve been dying for some social interaction, SocialSync might be just what you’re looking for.

It grabs related Twitter and Facebook comments automatically, as well as adds @ mentions from within the comment box. This is all about real-time sharing and joining a conversation.

If people are sharing your content all over the web, but there’s no conversation happening on your actual blog, well – that can be a problem. If you would like all of those tweets and Facebook posts to make their way back to your content, then SocialSync is the answer.

Finally, there is also an added SEO benefit. Livefyre says, “Well, now that your pages are filled with social interactions from across the web, Livefyre is able to activate search engines to crawl through your site. Finally, original content is rewarded with valuable SEO credit for sparking conversations that spread throughout the Internet. In our book, that’s a huge win.”

That is a huge win. I’ve installed Livefyre on my toy bog and am going to test it for the next week. I’ll be sure and give a report back on my thoughts. What do you think? Is this a commenting system that appeals to you?

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