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The Craft of Writing


Session: The Craft of Writing
Speaker: Bill Torgerson

I use a metaphor gifted to me by a former professor to think about my professional life. It goes, “Writing Floats on a Sea of Conversation.” For me, the metaphor suggests we sometimes think/write/work better in the company of others, even if that “company” takes the form of a text such as a website or video. What follows unpacks some of the conversation I have in mind for my presentation on The Craft of Writing:

I come to the Blogworld Convention as someone who thinks a lot about the craft of writing and as someone who is beginning to think of all the ways I might engage virtual audiences with digital texts. A year ago, I’d barely heard of hash tags and RSS feeds and a QR code might as well have been the name of a newly discovered sun for all I knew about the subject. The Blogworld group is a lively and professional one, and I look forward to continuing all the conversations that have carried me along over the past year and all the new ones that will begin in November.

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