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AppAddictive Helps You Demystify Facebook Pages


According to AppAddictive, a new New York City startup, Facebook pages will soon replace most web site’s main functions.

Whether you are a blogger, business owner, a band or a brand, having a Facebook page is essential to growing your business. Big companies spend big bucks to make sure their Facebook pages are handled well and that they are acquiring fans – who are as precious as gold.

AppAddictive’s platform helps you have a page almost as good as big brands like Coca-Cola or DKNY. No coding abilities or the funds to hire someone? No problem. Their apps offer you the following things for your Facebook page which are easy to set up:

1. Customized Landing (Home) Page
2. Video Galleries pulled from YouTube
3. Offer your products for sale directly from your Facebook Page
4. Sign up users to your email list and many more!

The team behind AppAddictive is in the process of raising $1 million dollars for its free platform. According to The Next Web, CEO and founder Mike Onghai says they have already raised $250,000 and are looking for more strategic partnerships.

You can read more about the company here and sign up here. What do you think – does this sound like a valuable tool for your Facebook pages?

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