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Rovio Hints at New Bird for Angry Birds


After 400 million downloads of their popular game Angry Birds, we all know who Rovio is.

Some other fun stats include “130 million monthly users, 30 million daily active users, and 300 million minutes of game play each and every day” according to TechCrunch.

Not bad for a few unhappy birds wouldn’t you say?

Oh, and get this. Their total marketing budget is $0. No, that’s not a typo. It’s $0. Amazing.

For all of you Angry Birds fans, you’ll be happy to know the rumor of a new bird being released is true. It’s been confirmed the company will release a new bird for the game on Halloween. This photo was posted on the Angry Birds Facebook page Monday.

Their message was “The Angry Birds have a big surprise for you! Can you guess what it is? Share this for more clues!”.

I may or may not be excitedly awaiting the release of this bird. Okay, I will. I absolutely can’t wait. What do you think the bird is going to look like?

Rovio’s “Angry Birds” Making Its Way into the Classroom


What started out as just a seriously addicting game to play on your iPhone and iPod, has turned into a franchise gold mine possibly no one saw coming. I’m talking about Angry Birds. We first saw signs of this when they teamed up with the movie “Rio” and apparently, that was just the beginning.

Brace yourself for Angry Birds movies, toys and yes – educational books.

The Wall Street Journal says we can expect the first product to come out this month; a book entitled “Bad Piggies Egg Recipes”. The title “refers to the game’s porcine thieves, who become targets for an enraged group of birds after stealing their eggs.” For those of you who play the game, you know exactly what they’re referring to.

Next up, books in the classroom for kids ages 4 to their teens. The books embrace the Finnish education system concept, which is kids learn best while playing. One of the books teaches geometry lessons featuring an Angry Bird flying through the air.

Given the fact that there are currently 120 million active Angry Birds players, do you think this franchise has a shot of becoming extremely successful as they branch out into other areas?

Angry Birds Coming to a Facebook Wall Near You – in May


Angry Birds Coming to FacebookAngry Birds has taken the app world by storm (my 3-year-old even plays it, … and does better than me), so it only makes sense to add a community aspect on Facebook. Right? Alli just shared ways for bloggers to learn from the success of Farmville, and it seems the people at Rovio already had those points in mind.

Last week, Rovio announced the new on its official Facebook page, saying they will keep fans updated if they “Like” the page. The game will have “completely new aspects to it that just haven’t been experienced in any other platform.” It will also leverage Facebook’s collaborative nature … which means you’ll probably see fans of the game begging you to send them a Mighty Eagle, or assist them with more birds on a level.

It will be interesting to see how Rovio faces off against Zynga and the success of their slew of Facebook games.

How do you think Angry Birds will be different on Facebook?

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