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Have you ever wanted to launch your very own podcast but struggle to understand the steps necessary to
get launched and be successful? Fret not, New Media Expo has teamed up with Daniel M.Clark to release
the Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Podcaster. In it Daniel dives deep into the things you must know to create
and launch your podcasting career. The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Podcaster is the latest release in
New Media Expo’s Ultimate Guide Series and teaches you how to:

  • Choose a topic that works well in podcasting format
  • Purchase the best equipment for your price range
  • Record and edit your show like a pro
  • Upload your show and get listed in directories like iTunes and Zune
  • Promote your podcast to find listeners who will come back week after week

It’s a must read and it’s yours free.

Download now for instant access.

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