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NMX 12 Days Of Giving: Day 1 – Complimentary VIP Upgrade


12 Days of Giving_December 19

NMX is pleased to once again present our annual 12 Days of Giving event, where we offer a special gift to everyone who registers for a ticket for NMX ’15, taking place in Las Vegas Nevada, April 13 – 16, 2015.

Today we’re offering the gift of an upgrade. Register today for a Content Creator pass and you will receive a complimentary upgrade to a VIP pass, a savings of $300!

This gift includes everyone who upgrades to a content creator pass from an existing Exhibits only pass.

With a VIP pass you will gain access to every session including NMX Business sessions. You’ll also receive priority seating for keynotes, passes to attend the 2015 Podcasting Awards and red carpet, and a complimentary virtual pass

Register today for your upgrade, it’s on us!

P.S. If you already purchased a Content Creator pass and would like to upgrade to a VIP pass, we will have a special offer for you very soon!



The International Academy of Web Television will honor the best shows on the web on April 15th 2015 in Las Vegas as a part of the NMX / NAB Show

The V in TV stands for “visions” according to Carrie Preston (True Blood), the host of last year’s IAWTV Awards Show. Indeed, it is the visionaries of new media that the IAWTV, created by digital content-creators for digital content-creators, was founded to support. The best of this digital content has been honored at the IAWTV Awards Show the last four years.
“I’m really excited about the awards this year,” admits Jonathan Robbins, creator of Clutch and star of Out With Dad and the head of the 2015 IAWTV Awards committee, “The awards get better every year and I want to continue in that direction.” Robbins is glad to have the support of an experienced cast of familiar faces. Continue Reading

Announcing the Podcasting Hall Of Fame


We are very proud to announce that as part of the 10th annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards Ceremony we will include our first ever class of inductees into the Podcasting Hall of Fame.

In a year of big news for #NMX we think this is HUGE NEWS! Leo Norm Noah three 11897830484_a6a497caa0_o

On April 14th 2015 we will induct the first class of honorees into The Podcasting Hall of Fame at the Podcast Awards Show. The event will be held at the Westgate Resort & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada as part of New Media Expo #NMX side-by-side with the NAB Show. and NAB Show.

Continue Reading

Dave Jackson Announced as New Director of Podcasting for New Media Expo #NMX


Please join me in welcoming Dave Jackson as our new Director of Podcasting for New Media Expo #NMX. When we first started looking for a new Director of Podcasting earlier this year I went and asked some of our attendees, speakers and sponsors who they would recommend. There were lots of great candidates but one name kept coming up… David Jackson from SchoolofPodcasting.com.

Dave Jackson Headshot (2)

A Little Bit About Dave

So who is David Jackson?

Other than being a frequent NMX attendee and speaker Dave has spoken at multiple Podcamp events. He is the founder of School of Podcasting where he has over 800,000 1.1 Million downloads. He has more than 20 years of technical training experience.  Dave has walked the walk. From his own successful podcast to personally coaching legions of other successful podcasters. Continue Reading

NMX To Host And Produce 10th Annual Podcast Awards Show At NAB Show


We are very proud to announce the 10th annual Podcast Awards Show will be held April 14th at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. This is the latest big day in a series of big days for all of us at New Media Expo.

Many of you know that we have produced the Podcast Awards Show at New Media Expo for the past two years. In 2013 Leo Laporte served as our host in a meeting room with about 300 people attending. It felt like a family reunion. Everyone knew all the inside jokes and everyone knew each other. Continue Reading

Rewards of 8 years of hard work…NMX 2015 event


Did you see the amazing news about where NMX will be next year? I am beyond excited! That’s why I’m giving you something very special this week. (But you have to read this blog post to find out what it is…)

It’s been a dream of mine to hold our event in conjunction with NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters) since I first launched BlogWorld & New Media Expo in 2006.

We have all been through a lot over the past eight years. Twitter didn’t exist when we first announced BlogWorld & New Media Expo. Continue Reading

When is New Media Expo 2015? Where Will It Be?


We have heard those questions so many times the last couple of months. I apologize for keeping you waiting so long to hear the answers.

Two hours ago I got an email I had been waiting on for eight years. Since I first had the idea to launch New Media Expo I knew that for new media content creators to get the recognition, respect, credibility and compensation they deserved they had to go into the lion’s den and stand shoulder to shoulder with traditional media broadcasters as equals.

I am extremely proud to share this news with you…..

April 13 – 16, 2015 New Media Expo will be co-located with the NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center and Westgate Resort.

You may have heard me call NMX the NAB Show of the future. Just in case you haven’t, let me explain. NAB stands for National Association of Broadcasters. This is the annual tradeshow and conference where TV and radio broadcasters, film makers and marketers who create audio and video come to every year. It is the place where the latest technologies, tools and strategies are shared. Last year 93,000 Continue Reading

Announcing The NMX New Media Lounge at NAB Show 2014


I say we, but I am personally unbelievably excited to announce that NMX we will hosting the New Media Lounge at The NAB Show this April 7-10, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV!

Over the years, you may have heard me say NMX is the NAB Show of the future.  Sometimes I would get a blank stare, and the person would ask me, “What is the NAB Show®?”

First of all, NAB stands for National Association of Broadcasters. The NAB Show is where all the filmmakers, radio and TV stations in the world go to get the stuff they need to create, distribute and monetize their content. Any business that creates traditional audio and video like training videos, Television and radio commercials also attends NAB. Continue Reading

Protect Your Favorite Podcast from the Patent Trolls


There are often very good reasons people and companies must defend their patents. The Patent system protects inventors. When a patent is infringed on, the holder must take action or risk losing their patent. That is how it works when the system is being used properly. Patent Trolls are not using the system as it was designed.

Patent trolls are not in the business of defending their patents. They are in the business of extortion. They purchase broad general patents and then make claims about infringement. They send out letters claiming a patent infringement and asking for “licensing” fees. It is nearly always cheaper to pay the fee than to fight it in court. Often these patent infringement claims would not likely hold up in court but few businesses are able to fund the 1.5 + million it would take to survive a legal battle.  Even Apple gave in and settled

For us non legal folks, that’s known as a shake down.


In 2013 one of these trolls sent letters to several leading podcasters such as HowStuffWorks podcast (Discovery Channel), Marc Maron, Chris Hardwick, Adam Carolla  and more. They claim that a patent for their failed “Magazines on tape” Continue Reading

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