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September 8, 2010: New Monetization Track Announcements


New Monetization Panel Announcements

How to Build a Successful Blog Business by Answering Questions

Dave Taylor
Dave Taylor

Too many bloggers miss the key shift that you need to make for your blog to become a business: instead of writing about what you want to talk about, you need to write about what your readers, your online community, want to read. It’s subtle, but incredibly important if you want to drive big traffic and generate meaningful revenue. Long-time blogger Dave Taylor will talk about how he’s grown AskDaveTaylor.com into his primary revenue stream, his iPhone and iPad apps, and how answering questions is easy, rewarding and lucrative. If you want to learn a better way to monetize your blog through compelling content, this is a must-attend session!

The Manifesto Money Trail

Scott Ginsberg
Scott Ginsberg

How to craft and launch a manifesto that drives readers into a content funnel and leads them to a sale. I’ve done this twice. First when launching my book, Career Renegade, I used a manifesto to launch the blog and drive pre-orders with a gated upsell at the end of the manifesto. Then, again, when launching my Tribal Author brand with a manifesto that led the launch of the the TribalAuthor.com blog, then drove readers to live book-marketing events and my soon-to-come virtual trainings.


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The Latest Blog & Social Media News on the BlogWorld Blog & Around the Net

Is Email Taking Over Your Life?

Answering emails is a part of the territory if you’re a professional blogger, or really any kind of online professional. Sometime, though, I think I overdo it. Do I really need to check my email so often?

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Is Your Blog Thunder or Lightning?

The “perfect storm” for a blogger is a combination of traffic, community, and sales. You want bodies in the door. You want them commenting and interacting. You want them buying items from you. It isn’t easy to work to this level, but answering one question can help you figure out where you need to improve as a blogger: Is your blog thunder or lightning?

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Investigative Tips For Bloggers

Each and every blogger has the capacity to produce the original content that other media outlets and bloggers link to. Included in this post are some of the tips Gregory Ferenstein will be discussing in my upcoming panel at Blogworld with Jay Rosen and Wired.com Editor-in-Chief, Evan Hansen.

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Real Estate Blogging 101

The starting point for real estate bloggers (or any blogger for that matter) is enthusiasm for the subject …

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FastCompany: How I Landed a No. 1 Album on iTunes Using Social Media

Ryan Marshall reveals: On Monday, my little label-less record, DO FUN STUFF, benefitting a charity for a genetic disorder nobody had ever heard of, was sitting at No. 1 in the Children’s Music genre on iTunes. The iTunes.

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SmartBlog on Social Media: What every blog needs to be great

43% of voters on the most recent poll say voice is most important to a blog’s success! But voice is a tricky thing for a writer. It can be a calling card or a fatal flaw that one refuses to correct in the name of style.

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Social Media Business Summit

The Social Media Business Summit is the world’s largest social media business conference! If you are a marketing professional or business owner, don’t miss the exclusive Social Media Business Summit conference presented by BlogWorld & New Media Expo.  A world class opportunity to understand how to leverage Social and New Media to supercharge your company’s online presence and social community engagement, marketing campaigns and initiatives and even enterprise-wide communication with the latest online tools! Each year, this comprehensive 3-day conference features more leading Social Media experts than any other event. It’s a one-stop, cost-effective way to jump-start your online marketing strategy and hit the ground running with business growth for the new year!

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Panels include The Brand of You: How to Build a Profitable Social Media Based Business, Social Media & ROI, How to Create a Social Media Policy, How to Turn Friends Into Fans and Customers, Real Time Revolution, and much more!

More Social Media Business Summit Information and Track Information

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