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Meet the Blogger is a weekly feature here at the BlogWorld blog where we feature brand new bloggers. While we often talk to/about experienced bloggers in this field, everyone has something to teach our community. After all, the biggest names in any niche were once newbies to blogging too!

Would you like to be featured on Meet the Blogger? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Bloggers who have been blogging for six months or less.
  • Bloggers who are committed – please have at least ten live high-quality posts before contacting us.

That’s it! If you meet those two criteria points, we’d love to feature you. All niches, points of view, ages, etc. are welcome. In fact, the more diverse topics we can cover, the better!

To learn how to be featured, simply send an email to allison-at-abcontentonline-dot-com with Meet the Blogger as the subject. Please include a link to your blog and a few sentences about yourself in the email!

Past Participants:

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