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022 The Podcast Report – Live From NMX 2013


Hey everyone, Cliff Ravenscraft here. I’m back with another episode of The Podcast Report with my co-host, Megan Enloe.

As I am typing the show notes for this episode, NMX 2013 is now in the rear view mirror. I am absolutely thrilled with how the podcasting track turned out this year. I actually had some folks tell me that they had attended the conference because they wanted to learn how to get started with blogging and actually left the conference with a desire to start with an audio podcast instead.

In this episode, Megan and I were joined by Rick Calvert, CEO and co-founder of New Media Expo. I think you will be able to tell, by the excitement in our voices, that we were all thrilled with how well things had gone for the show this year.

If you did not make it to NMX this year, I hope that you’ll start planning, now, to attend the NMX 2014 event that will be hosted back in in Vegas next year.

This episode will wrap it up for this season of The Podcast Report. It is my intention to fire up The Podcast Report just a few months before the next event, to give you a behind the scenes look into what is going on with the Podcasting Track for our next event.

I am so thankful for all the members of the podcasting community that showed up for this year’s event. You all rock!

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10 Podcasting Pet Peeves (and Solutions)


I recently participated in an episode of The Podcasters’ Roundtable, hosted by Ray Ortega. The topic of the evening was Podcasting Pet Peeves, and as I was prepping for the show, I thought, hey! NMX article! With seven participants, I knew I wouldn’t get to mention all of the peeves I was coming up with, and I didn’t want my irritations and annoyances to go unmentioned. You deserve to know what my pet peeves are, after all.


Trust me, you do.

Note: A few items on the list here were brought up by other participants on the show, but this is my original list. Here we go!

Podcasting Pet Peeves

1. Poor production values. Shows with no editing, no music, no levels (volume) correction…if you can’t be bothered to put a little effort into the quality of your show, don’t be surprised if your audience dwindles away. It doesn’t take much effort, honestly. A great source for free, “podsafe” music is MusicAlley.com.

B. Overuse of profanity. I have nothing against profanity in and of itself. But I’ll turn off a show with no regrets if every third word of every sentence is profane. Look, it’s a scalpel, not a sledgehammer. A well-timed profanity can have a profound impact on a sentence. Don’t overdo it. And above all, be grammatically correct. If you don’t know how to use a word, don’t use it until you learn.

III. Consultants and how-to folks telling you… that there’s only one way to do things. There are soooo many ways to produce a podcast. There is no one right way. Oh, there are lots of wrong ways, but anyone who tells you that you have to do things only one certain way—especially if that person is charging you consulting money—should not be taken seriously.

Four. Consultants and how-to folks telling you…that if you’re not going to get the best equipment right away, you might as well not bother podcasting. DO NOT buy a $300 microphone before you’ve recorded your first show. Anyone that tells you to start off buying a lot of expensive equipment is probably also selling that equipment. It’s unnecessary. Start with a $30 USB headset from Walmart.

5. Putting on a Voice. I want to hear you talk like yourself, not like someone else—unless you can pull it off consistently. Most people can’t, I’ve found. By the end of the show, they sound more like themselves than the character they tried to create at the beginning.

Seis. Straying too far from the premise. If your show is about kangaroos and you spend the first 10 minutes talking about the new iPad you got, that’s bad. If your premise is that you’re funny, but you’re really not…well, that’s also straying from the premise. Be yourself, inject your personality and don’t be afraid to go on short tangents periodically, but stick to the premise.

Never deviate from the kangaroo.

VII. Too many ads, especially at the beginning of the show. If you’re running ads for five “sponsors” that takes up a full three minutes before your show begins, you’re doing it wrong. I’m turning you off, and I’m not the only one, believe me. Spread them out in the show. Take a thirty second break every 20 minutes. Don’t do them all at once.

H. Interviewers throwing softball questions. It’s not that I think every interview subject should be asked deep, intimate questions the whole time, but if all you do for 30 minutes is ask how the weather is where they are and plug their new project, that’s a terrible interview. Your guest is interesting, or else you wouldn’t have booked him-or-her. Show the audience just how interesting.

Nine. Not equating podcasting to other forms of media like TV and radio. Sure, it’s a younger medium. Sure, it’s not consumed by nearly as many people. Okay, there’s not nearly as much money in it. But it’s growing, and it’s not going away. It’s every bit as valid as other media.

X. Calling podcasting online radio. Radio is a discrete technology that has as much in common with podcasting as movies do with television. They share some common, broad elements, but they are separate technologies. Other complaints about it aside, I dislike Blog Talk Radio for this reason. Doubly so, in fact, because what they do doesn’t really have anything directly to do with blogging, either.

I’m very interested in what you consider a podcasting pet peeve, from the perspective of either a listener or a producer! Let’s talk pet peeves and solutions in the comments below!

Announcing the 2012 Podcasting Awards Winners


NMX is proud to have been the host for The 2012 Podcasting Awards. This awards ceremony, which was founded by Todd Cochrane (@geeknews), celebrates the best in podcasting. This  year, it was hosted by Leo Laporte from TWiT. Here are the 2012 winners:

Congratulations to all nominees and winners!

Also, an interesting challenge was set forth at the awards ceremony. At the end, Todd spoke about donating to the awards to keep them going for next year, and one podcaster (from Ardent Atheist I believe, though the packed room meant it was hard to see), shouted out a pledge to donate $100 and challenged every other podcast in the room to do the same.

Inspired by his pledge, Leo himself offered to write a check for half of the awards operating costs (about $3,500) if the podcasters would donate the other half in the next month. So look for a donation button to be coming soon on The Podcasting Awards website!

Jordan Cooper talks about Using Humor in Your Content


Using humor in your content creation efforts can help set you apart from the crowd. But being funny isn’t easy. And, it’s not something that everyone is comfortable trying.

In this exclusive NMX video interview with Jordan Cooper of Blenderhead Media, Jordan talks about how humor affects sharing, the dangers of being funny, creating a core group of fans, and his top tips for using comedy.

Want to learn more about creating content that will resonate with people? Come join us at NMX in Las Vegas to learn from the pros!

021 The Podcast Report – See You In Vegas!


Hey everyone, Cliff Ravenscraft here. I’m back with another episode of The Podcast Report with my co-host, Megan Enloe.

Farnoosh Brock Is Warming Up Vegas For Us!

This is the last Podcast Report episode before the show starts this Sunday in Las Vegas. Our guest on the show this week, Farnoosh Brock, is already there, waiting for us, in Vegas.

Farnoosh has a strong connection to the conference. It was when she attended the 2010 show in Vegas that she had made the decision that she would leave her career and go out on her own. She has done that and has already achieved so much through her blogging, podcasting, and various other online efforts.

You can follow what Farnoosh is up to on her site. Of course we hope that you’ll consider attending the panel session that she’ll be participating in called “How To Effectively Communicate To A Global Audience.

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Marcus Sheridan talks about Content Marketing


One of my favorite people in the social media space right now is Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion. He’s reinvented his life–thanks to content marketing–and is an insightful blogger and enthusiastic podcaster.

In this exclusive NMX video interview, Marcus talks about the value of your business providing content, how to translate your social media efforts into sales, the value of listening and answering questions, how numbers can be deceiving, and growing your audience by introducing a different medium.

Want to learn more about using social media for your business? Join us at BusinessNext Social in Las Vegas this month.

Zach Logan talks about Fan Podcasts


Fan podcasts are growing in popularity. How do you start one? Where do you find listeners?

In this exclusive NMX video interview, past NMX speaker Zach Logan of One Piece Podcast shares his thoughts on finding a topic, getting involved with the community, the importance of consistency, and promoting your podcast.

Interested in learning how to podcast or trying to take your efforts to the next level? Check out our podcasting track at NMX this January.

020 The Podcast Report – Leslie Samuel


Hey everyone, Cliff Ravenscraft here. I’m back with another episode of The Podcast Report with my co-host, Megan Enloe.

Leslie Samuel’s Online Content Paves Way For Dream Job!

In this episode of The Podcast Report, Megan and I talk with Leslie Samuel from LearningWithLeslie.com and Interactive-Biology.com. Leslie’s story is full of so much valuable insight and inspiration.

Leslie is going to be doing a session titled “How To Podcast Like A Pro And Never Edit – Say Goodbye To Post Production.” His session will be on Tuesday, January 8th, at 10:30am. I highly encourage you to find Leslie in the conference halls to ask him for more insights about how he’s generating income from his online efforts.

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Anne-Sophie Reinhardt talks about Global Podcast Audiences


You may record your podcast in your own little corner of the world, but your audience can be anywhere. Your podcast can have fans in any country and it’s important to keep in mind the global audience that you may attract.

In this exclusive NMX video interview, Anne-Sophie Reinhardt (past NMX speaker) of A Mind Media talks about dealing with time zones, cultural differences, language choices, and building community.

Want to learn more about podcasting? Check out the podcasting track at NMX in Las Vegas! There’s still time to register.

How to Start and Market Your Podcast in 2013


Have you been thinking about starting a podcast in 2013?

Things have changed dramatically in the past few years in podcasting. While the process to start one is pretty much the same, the resources available to help are astounding.

When I started podcasting in early 2011, there were not a lot of resources on how to start a podcast. Not only that, there wasn’t a lot of information on how to make that podcast successful.

Here is what I found to be the BEST resources in starting your podcast. From what to do technically to how to market it.

Why a Podcast?

You may have thought about starting a podcast before, and maybe that’s why you are coming to NMX. Or maybe you have never thought podcasting might be for you.

But I can tell you there seems to be a trend; a wave that seems to be happening. It’s not just me that’s recognizing it.

Superheroes like Chris Brogan saying, “I believe that the audio medium is still really powerful. I think it’s because of how intimate it can feel. I believe there’s really something to be said for this, and that you might find some great success in considering an audio show.”

Rock star Pat Flynn surveyed his  audience and found that “The podcast has become the #1 way people who read my blog found out about me – that’s above search, social media and links from other websites.”

The awesome SmallBizTrends blog has an article on how “Podcasting is Becoming More Popular.” It says:

“The U.S. podcasting audience is ballooning, and eMarketer projects that growth will continue at least through 2013. By then, there will be 37.6 million people who download podcasts monthly, more than double the 2008 figure of 17.4 million. As a percentage of Internet users, podcast downloaders are expected to grow from 9% in 2008 to 17% in 2013.”

If you are convinced and are thinking about starting, let me show you the best resources I’ve found to start and market the heck out of your podcast.

3 Ways to Get Started:

How to Start a Podcast: Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

Includes: How podcasting works, choosing equipment and software, recording tips, and the technical aspects of getting it online and on iTunes and other places.

NMX Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Podcaster

Very similar to the above link, including choosing a topic and equipment, and how to get it up and online. But it’s in an easy-to-read ebook format!

Inspirational Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft: The Rise to the Top

If you started looking through the previous two links and were a little overwhelmed by the complexity of starting. Listen to this: it will have have cemented your motivation! And truly podcasting is VERY simple after you get things up and going.

(It takes me less 1.5 hours per week for my interviews, and it has taken me longer than that for this guest post!)

Questions to Answer Before You Start:

How Do You Determine The Potential Size of A Podcast Audience? – Podcast Answer Man

Find out before you start if anyone is going to be listening. It’s also not just about the amount of people, but the quality of people that really buy into your topic!

Is it Better to Create Video or Audio Shows? An interview with Cliff Ravenscraft – The Rise to the Top

This is a hot debate. Is audio or video best? Learn what two amazing content creators think. (My two cents on this, if you are scared of video, do audio first to warm up to the idea. If you aren’t scared of video then do it, because you can always create audio from it too!)

How Do You Choose Your Niche? – Locker Gnome

This is a VERY important topic. It’s no longer about going broad and trying to serve everyone. You aren’t trying to capture everyone. You are trying to capture your select audience. This will help.

What Podcast Listeners Really Want from Your Show Notes – NMX

Show notes are the note that accompany the podcast. I learned a lot from this article on what an audience wants, and I wish I knew this when I was first starting!

Marketing Your Podcast:

How to Get Your Podcast into “New and Noteworthy” in iTunes – Eventual Millionaire

My video podcast is currently in the “New and Noteworthy” section of iTunes Business. I also asked a lot of other current N&N podcasters how they did it. If you want to land on the “New and Noteworthy” list when you launch, read this!

How To Grow Your Audience And Market Your Podcast! – Podcast Answer Man

Just creating your podcast isn’t enough. You do need to know how to market it. Listen to Cliff Ravenscraft explain how to market and grow your audience!

How to Market Your Podcast – Chris Penn

Chris Penn is a pioneer of podcasting. This link will show you his mind map on how to market your podcast. It’s very dense, but it’s so good. Make sure you take some time with this one!

Improving Your Podcast:

9 Questions To Improve Your Podcast – NMX

Reviewing your work is utterly important. Save this for after you start your show to make sure you are doing what you set out to do. And for those of us with a podcast already, we should be doing this! It even includes awesome worksheets to make sure you are delivering what you intent to with your podcast.

6 Podcasting Tips From the Pros – Social Media Examiner

Great tips from great podcasters. It’s a short article that will help give your show that professional quality you are looking for.

Um… Er… Ah… 7 Speech Tips for Podcasters – NMX

Everyone that speaks to an audience needs to be paying attention to how they speak! You can have amazing content, but if you cannot deliver it in a clear way, no one will listen!

How to Make Money with Your Podcast: 

9 Successful Techniques for Making Money from Podcasting – Mashable

Finally, if you are looking to generate revenue with your podcast (and unless it’s just a hobby, you should be!) this article has nine ways that people are successfully generating revenue. Choose at least one before you launch!

If a podcast is on your list of things you want to accomplish in 2013, make sure you bookmark this AND make sure you show up for the podcasting track at NMX! It will save you a lot of time and heartache. (Take it from someone who did it the hard way!) And if you want to do an interview show, make sure you come to my session at NMX, “How to Create Amazing Interviews for your Podcast!”

What is stopping you from starting a podcast?

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