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Extra Gadgets to Create Content


Creating content is my primary focus for my blog. I take a photo every single day and post about it. I’ve done so for very close to Six Straight Years! It will be the start of year seven on April 9, 2011. With over 2150+ straight photos my relationship with this project could possibly start to get a little stale. So, like any relationship hitting a seven year itch I decided to spice things up is with some toys.

Over the past six years I’ve spent quite a bit of money on cameras, camera attachments, lenses and even a GPS photo tracking device. The thing is, I just don’t use these products that often. I buy them, use them once or twice and put them away on a shelf. For the month of March, before the start of year seven, I’m dusting off those toys and using them each day in my Photo-A-Day Project.

You can enhance your photos with some very inexpensive products. From DSLRs to Camera Phones there are after market products that you can get to do some very cool things. For instance, I picked up some cheap lens attachments for my camera phone. I picked up a fisheye lens and a combination macro/wide angle lens that mounts magnetically on my camera phone. Since I always have my camera phone on me I have many opportunities to take a variety of photos with that camera and just changing the aspect of the photo makes it more interesting. This change can give you some good content for your blog.

You can write a Comparison/Contrast post
Whenever you get a new toy for your camera doing a post where you talk about how that differs from using the standard camera can be interesting. Showing people the dramatic differences in each shot can spark your imagination to take better photos and those photos can inspire your readers to comment on them. I try to do this when I use a new lens. I take a photo with the standard lens as a control image. Then I switch lenses and take photos from that same position of the same subject.

Taken with the Motorola DROID, standard camera setting, standard lens

Taken with the Motorola DROID, standard camera setting, wide angle lens

Taken with the Motorola DROID, standard camera setting, macro lens

Taken with the Motorola DROID, standard camera setting, fisheye lens

You can write a Software Enhancement post
If that wasn’t enough you can download any number of software programs to turn your camera phone into another type of camera. I use a program called Retro Camera on my DROID and with that I can make my photos look like 5 different types of cameras. So if you take your after market lenses and software programs you can come up with an infinite number of photos of the same subject. And in essence you can come up with an infinite number of posts on those combinations.

Taken with the Motorola DROID, Retro Camera Software Program – The Barbl setting, standard lens

Taken with the Motorola DROID, Retro Camera Software Program – The Barbl setting, Fisheye

You can write a review post about your toys.
I’ve heard more than enough bloggers asking how they get compensated for doing reviews on their blogs. I say to them to take a look at the products they already own and make their own review of those products. Do a creative one where you explore every conceivable aspect of that product and then link it to amazon.com. Do a useful review and you could start earning some money from that review from the referral as an amazon associate. People are looking for answers on how things work before they buy so write up your review, answer questions, welcome comments and additional questions. When you get more questions incorporate them and the answers into your review. Continue to enhance those reviews so you become the source for people interested in those products.

So, when you are thinking about creating content the main point is to find some ways to change things up once in a while. With a $20 set of lenses I can immediately think about a yearlong project, a number of review posts and a way to add more enhancement to your blog. What other topics for content creation can you think of based on adding a little something extra to an existing project?

The iPad 2 – I Want it For Only One Reason. The Camera


I have an iPad. I use it for a multitude of applications, including blogging. But the one thing that drives me crazy is the lack of a camera. I include an image in every single post, and it would be so much easier to snap a photo with the iPad instead of having to use a work-around!

Of course I want the new iPad. Not for the memory or the thinner design (I actually prefer a bulky, sturdy version for my 3-year-old who likes to throw it across the room). Just for the camera.

But, for those of you who care about the other aspects, here are the details on the new iPad 2:

  • Main CPU is a dual core A5 processor – up to 2 times faster than the original iPad.
  • New graphics processor that’s 9 times faster than the original iPad.
  • Built-in cameras for photos and video: One for frontal FaceTime videoconferencing and one on the back.
  • Built-in gyroscope, like the iPhone 4.
  • Thickness: 8.8 mm (down from 13.4 mm)
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds (down from 1.5 pounds)

The price and color options will remain the same. And it

So when is it coming out? March 11th and the 3G model will be available on both AT&T and Verizon networks.

Will you be grabbing one?

Sources: MacWorld, NY Times and Mashable

Image Manipulation Tricks For Bloggers!


… by Aaron Hockley

You’re a blogger and probably aren’t a professional graphic artist, but you know how important it is to include images with your blog posts. Stock photos are often boring so you want to show off some of your own photos. Let’s take a look at four options for image manipulation that don’t involve the huge learning curve or capital investment of full-blown Photoshop.

  • Picnik (online, free) – Picnik is a decent image editor that can crop, resize, and perform global color adjustments to images online. If you use Flickr, you’ll find Picnik integration is built-in (on the Actions menu above a photo, choose Edit Photo in Picnik.
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements (Windows, Mac, $72) – unlike its $700 big brother, Photoshop Elements doesn’t attempt to edit the kitchen sink. That said, if you’re a casual photographer preparing images for the web, odds are that you’ll be able to do everything you’ll want from this basic version of Photoshop. Based on the full Photoshop application, Photoshop Elements packs tons of useful features. Cropping, color adjustments, layers, cloning, image stitching and more can all be found. If you’re going to do much with photos, I strongly recommend Photoshop Elements as the best all-around image editing tool for casual photographers.
  • GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program (Windows, Mac, Linux, free) – The GIMP is a powerful open source image editing program that’s evolved in a fashion that provides a substantial portion of the functionality of Adobe Photoshop. While it’s powerful, I see two things that might turn someone off about GIMP. The first is that (just like the full version of Photoshop) all of that power involves a pretty steep learning curve. The second is that as an open source project that wants to be like Photoshop, you’ll find that it’s just different enough that most Photoshop tutorials won’t directly translate or apply (which helps contribute to that steep learning curve).
  • Paint.NET (Windows, free) – Paint.NET is another open source image editing program – this one based on Microsoft’s .NET software development framework. If you’re a Windows user, check it out since it offers a great set of features for that platform. While it doesn’t have quite as many features or polish as Photoshop Elements, for the types of tasks that bloggers often need (resizing, cropping, perhaps a black and white conversion, sharpening) you’ll probably find that Paint.NET can meet most of your needs.

What tools have you used? What are the best ways you’ve found to get images ready for your blog?

Aaron Hockley is a Portland-area photographer who also blogs about the photography ry and speaks about the intersection of social media and photography. Follow Aaron on Twitter.

Photographs Can Equal Repeat Visitors!


… by Teresa Boardman

The humble still image is a powerful social object. People simply love photographs of just about anything. Flickr, the popular image sharing web site, flourishes because it is a social network based on photography. The images range from on-the-spot shots taken with camera phones to professional quality images taken with high end DLSR cameras, and everything in between.

The internet is visual and Google loves images. Yet as I attend WordCamps and bar camps for bloggers there is rarely a session that has anything to do with still photography. There are often sessions for how to use video in blog posts but rarely still photography.

This year at BlogWorld there were a couple of sessions that were related to travel photography and I attended them all and learned from the travel industry. They know that to effectively advertise hotels and travel destinations they need amazing photographs and they know how to leverage photographs to attract customers.

It isn’t just the travel industry that can benefit from photography – it can be used to sell any idea or business! Yet still images are often of poor quality or missing from business blogs and web sites. Businesses can benefit from high quality photography and use it to attract patrons.

It is hard to understand why someone would pay a designer to design a site but will not take the time to find some great photos for it or hire someone to take them. Chances are, anyone visiting the site will notice the photographs before they see the design or read the content, and it is the photos that will grab their attention and keep them on the site.

Photographs are like glue on a blogs, they can keep readers on the site and they are like magnets that keep people coming back.

If you are involved in organizing a bar camp or word camp or conferences for bloggers consider offering sessions on photography, photo blogging, and mobile blogging and how to use Flickr. Photographs can be the foundation of a solid social media marketing plan. It has worked well for me for years. The people who read my blogs may forget what they read but they remember the photographs and they remember me because of them.

Take advantage of the humble low tech and inexpensive still image as a way to attract blog readers. Photographs are social and they are media. Maybe in 2011 there will be more photography related sessions at the BlogWorld and New Media Expo.

Teresa Boardman Realtor/Broker with St. Paul Home Realty.  Serial blogger, writer and photographer and founder of the award winning St. Paul Real Estate Blog in 2005.  Her blog started as an experiment in online marketing and is used today as an example of the best practices in real estate blogging. Boardman also writes a weekly column for Inman News and is the author of the St. Paul Photo Blog.

Creative Commons 101: Using Images on Your Blog


… by Aaron Hockley

It’s widely accepted that including images with blog posts is a great way to draw and retain attention; finding relevant images that can be used while respecting the artist’s copyright can sometimes be a challenge. One good source for images are the millions of images licensed under Creative Commons licenses.

What is Creative Commons

In many countries (including the United States), copyright laws automatically protect a piece of work at the time it is created. You own the copyright to your photos as soon as you press the shutter button. With some limited exceptions, using a photograph or other material requires permission from the copyright holder. Creative Commons consists of a set of content licenses in which the creator retains some rights to the material but makes the material available for a given set of usages without requiring specific permission for each use.

A Creative Commons license can be interpreted as “This photo (or other material) can be used for _____ and in exchange I ask for _____.”

Common Creative Commons Terms

Most Creative Commons licenses require Attribution, which means that credit needs to be given to the creator of the work. While the license technically says the creator can specify the form of attribution, the convention online is to include a line of text that says something like “Photo by Steve Stevenson” with the text being a link back to the photographer (either their main website or the location where they posted the photo).

Some Creative Commons licenses specify No Derivatives which means that the photo may be used as-is but cannot be “remixed”, edited, or used as part of another work. Some licenses specify that the image is Share Alike which means that it can be remixed/edited but that the resulting work must also be licensed under the same Creative Commons license.

The other term to be aware of is that some licenses specify the image may only be used for Non Commercial usage. This can be a bit of a gray area for bloggers – is it commercial use if you accept advertising and make money from your blog? I generally play it safe and if I’m going to use Creative Commons images I only use ones licensed for commercial use. After all, my blog is a business.

Finding Creative Commons Images

You can use Flickr’s Advanced Search to find images for free use on your blog. Head over there, put in the term you’d like to search for, then scroll down and check the box to indicate you want to find only Creative Commons-licensed content. As I mentioned above, I also tick the box for content to be used commercially.

Creative Commons images can be a great way to add interesting images to your blog at no cost. As long as you respect the license (commercial vs. non-commercial) and include a link back with attribution you shouldn’t run into any hassles.

What experiences have you had with Creative Commons images? Do you find them to be helpful?

Aaron Hockley is a Portland-area photographer who also blogs about the photography industry and speaks about the intersection of social media and photography. Follow Aaron on Twitter.

Shoot Your Food


Shooting your food can be a great way to draw people into your blog. The experience of eating is universal and so it is almost universally appealing. You can easily create content every day just by documenting your food. I wouldn’t completely recommend that, but it’s possible. Some blogs focus on the importance of beautifully shot dishes, or disastrous results with cake decorating.

When you’re shooting your food think of what would appeal to your audience. Do they want to know how the food was prepared? Do you want to instruct them on how to create the same meal? Or do you just want to show how the delicious your meal was? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you shoot your food.

Kickin' Shrimp... PAD #1056

Some of my favorite food blogs give me instruction and recipes. They are very detailed and provide photos, or videos to supplement the written instructions. I think this is a great enhancement to a blog especially if you’re teaching someone how to use a recipe or to prepare a meal. So it is important that your content is accessible and appealing to your readers.

My favorite food blog is the Average Betty blog. I really love the way that Sarah (AKA Average Betty) not only shows me how to create something through video but also includes photos of the finished dish. The videos are entertaining informative clear and concise. With the written recipe there are photos of the different steps to take to create a dish as well as photos of how the dish should look in the end.

I made one of Average Betty’s Recipes the Hoffapenos.

When you are deciding what type of photo to take of your food you need to consider lighting, composition, and and how it will make your reader’s mouths water. I traveled for almost 7 years straight all across the country and into Canada and across the pond to London. In that time I took photographs of many of my meals. I got a lot of ribbing from many of my friends. Photographing your food is often the punch line to people joking about how bloggers just talk about what they ate that day. But the joke’s on them because many blogs have popped up around food. I see many photography projects based on what people ate that day. And whenever I attend a blogging convention half of the people at the table whip out their cameras to take a photo of their meal before they eat.

Havana on my Mind

Eating food, talking about food, seeing videos of food it is something that I can definitely get behind. If you are thinking of a way to create some content on your blog go to a food site look at the recipe and then try to prepare that meal yourself. Photograph the steps you make to prepare the meal, video portions of the preparation, photograph the finished product, and then interview the people eating the food. I did this with one of Average Betty’s recipes, the Hoffapenos and we be came friends when I linked to her and chatted with her. One of the highlights of Blog World Expo was actually getting to meet my friend Sarah.

BenSpark and Average Betty at BlogWorld 2010

One of the highest search terms for my blog is for that of Fry Sauce. Fry Sauce is basically a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise with additional spices or other ingredients. One day I was looking for something to photograph for my Photo-A-Day project. I was at a restaurant and took a photograph of a bottle of A1 Steak Sauce and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. I posted that to my site and asked my readers what they put on their burgers, hot dogs, french fries and so on. One reader was incredulous that I did not include Fry Sauce. I had never heard of what it was and so I did some research.

Steak Sauce, Hot Sauce, What Sauce...
The photo that started it all.

I began to experiment on my own to discover what the appeal was for Fry Sauce. Not only to discover the true deliciousness of Fry Sauce but I turned it into content for my blog. I held a contest for the Ultimate Fry Sauce. I asked for 10 people to submit recipes. I then prepared all 10 recipes. That was a lot of ketchup and mayonnaise. I do not want to see or smell fry sauce for a month. However, through this contest I generated blog posts, videos, photos and attracted a number of new readers. Resulting about from a simple day where I shot a photo of a couple bottles of sauce.

Lazy Susan was Busy Tonight...

And here is the video I made about the contest.

Can you see how food blogging can get you some great content?

Andrew Bennett has been blogging for the past seven years. During that time he’s taken over 2000+ photos on as many consecutive days and has attended every Blog World so far. When he’s not on Twitter (@BenSpark) he can be found at BenSpark.com. You can contact him at benspark@benspark.com.

More Than Words: Better Blogging with Photos


Aaron Hockley
Photography Tips for a New Media World

Room: Tradewinds A & B/10
Friday, October 15 2010

Time: 11:00am-12:00pm

You’ve heard the tips from various sources about how photos can be used to liven up your blog posts. Whether they’re supporting material for a text post or standing on their own as content, photos and other graphics give a bit of pop to the otherwise mostly-textual web.

Today’s point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras offer great resolution and all sorts of features for prices that are lower than ever. You’ve decided (rightly so) that taking your own photos means you’ll have more authentic and unique content than if you find images elsewhere for your site…

… but then you realize that your photos might suck.

It’s okay. You’re headed in the right direction, and it’s not hard to polish off your social media photo skills. Here are a few tips to up your game:

  • Before shooting: Don’t obsess about camera gear. 99% of the cameras are better than 99% of the photographers. Whether you have a point-and-shoot, a fancy DSLR, or a camera phone, you have what you need to get started creating images. Since you’re here reading the BlogWorld blog, I suspect that you’re amongst the digitally-savvy… your iPhone or Android smartphone probably has a camera capable of great images.
  • When shooting: Fill the frame. Get close so that your subject fills most of the viewfinder. There’s an old photo adage that says when you think you’re close enough, get closer. For photos embedded into blog posts this is even more true – you’ll want your subject to take up all of the screen real estate that it can.
  • When embedding: Bigger is better. You went to the effort to create a nice photograph; don’t lessen the impact by only showing a 100 pixel thumbnail. There’s a reason why Flickr’s “small” size is 240 pixels – I consider that the minimum for effective use in a blog post.
  • When inviting engagement: Instead of just posting a photo as supporting material on your blog or Facebook page, put up an interesting picture and ask readers to come up with a caption. Folks can invent some hilarious captions and you’re sure to get a variety of responses. You can do it as a contest with a prize or not… either way you’ll get people talking about your article and picture.

If you’re interested in more tips both for photography and how to use photos on your blog and social media outposts, join me along with Kris Krug for our BlogWorld session called Photography Tips for a New Media World. Kris will be diving into a bunch of advice and secrets for creating better photos and I’ll be talking about getting those photos online and how to best integrate them with social media to drive interest and engagement.

Aaron Hockley is a photographer and blogger who has been involved with social media since 2002. He attends and speaks at various new media conferences and is often quoted and consulted on the use of social media by the photography industry. Follow along with Aaron on Twitter (@hockley) or keep up with his latest musings at Picture Pundit. He can be reached by email at aaron@hockleyphoto.com.

BlogWorld Flickr Photo of the Week: Chris Brogan and Charnell Lucich


We’re starting a new feature – BlogWorld Flickr Photo of the Week! If you have a photo and story you’d like to share, please email me with a link to the photo and your story. Don’t forget to join our BlogWorld Flickr Group too!

Chris Brogan, Charnell Lucich

This week’s photo is from Kevin Blalock:

Social media was a little unfamiliar to me and I never really got a good grasp of it until I attended the BlogWorld Expo in 2008 for the first time. I had heard about social media here and there, and had seen the buzz online. I even registered an account on Twitter, yet I still couldn’t figure it out.

This first trip to BlogWorld was a great experience for me as I wandered around the floor. I watched people connecting, learning about each others business, and hearing tips and tricks about social media in general and how it can be used in a positive way.

The key piece of knowledge for me was learning about blogging. Blogging was another buzz term that I figured only artists and poets used to document their daily life or something. To my excitement, asking many silly questions resulted in many very helpful answers from the other attendees and exhibitors. I quickly learned what exactly all this social media and blogging stuff was all about!

The experience this first year made me want to learn more and get involved myself. Now, I will be the first to say I am not the best at keeping my blog up to date on a regular basis, but I am working on it. I have a new project/business that gives me a reason to blog now, other than just the things I have been up to in my personal life.

Because of what I have learned by attending BlogWorld Expo, not only do I know how to leverage the tools of social media such as blogging; I can now share what I have learned and hopefully teach others as the wonderful people of BlogWorld have done for me.

Part of the BlogWorld experience is getting to meet many great people. One such person is the man who took the time to allow me to take a photo of himself and Charnell Lucich, Chris Brogan. Since leaving BlogWorld 2008, I started following him on Twitter and keeping up with his social media presence.

To my delight, Chris was once again at BlogWorld 2009 and was signing his then new book release titled “Trust Agents”. One minute, I was with Charnell Lucich who keeps up with Chris religiously, and is one of his biggest fans. The next minute she was in front of his table talking with him. So, I ran over to say hi as well since it is very rare that you do not see him surrounded by fans!

This brings me to the greatest part about BlogWorld. We all know who Chris Brogan is; and to be honest with you, I was expecting a better than thou attitude. Let me tell you, Chris is one of the most down to earth people I have ever met. He sat there looking us in the eyes talking to us, focused on the conversation and really made me feel that he was truly interested in our conversation.

I am really looking forward to attending BlogWorld 2010 in October. I look forward to seeing the friends I have made over the past two years as well as making new ones. To me, this is what BlogWorld is all about.

Kevin Blalock
Blalock Photography
Email: kevin@blalockphotography.com
Twitter: @kevinblalock

Top 5 WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins:


I think its important to have some visual aspect on your blog posts – whether it’s a photo, photo gallery, or video. But what do you do if you want to share a ton of images? The last thing you want is a running stream of photos down the page – it’s hard to navigate and takes too much time to load your post. You could use thumbnails, or the standard WordPress gallery – or you can implement a plugin that will take your photo gallery experience to an entirely new level!

Here are my top 5 WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins:

Featured Content Gallery Image

Featured Content Gallery Plugin
FCG is a very popular plugin, allowing you a wealth of options in your image display. Choose your images and display categories, pages or posts with custom overlay text and a thumbnail carousel. Custom options include gallery size, color, style and more.

Flickr RSS

This plugin allows you to easily display Flickr photos on your site via a customizable option panel. It supports user, set, favorite, group and community photostreams.

Lightbox 2
One of my favorite plugins for visual appeal, Lightbox allows you to visually expand your image and gallery over the existing page. Use this tool to customize the effects used on photos that you include in your blog, including background color, opacity and more.

NextGen – This plugin comes with a variety of options – including the ability to add watermarks to your photos, create slideshows, add photos to your sidebar, and more.

Page Flip Image Gallery
Create a gallery with page flipping effects for a more catalog feel to your gallery.

Do you use any fancy plugins for your image galleries?

Nikki Katz is the Managing Editor for the BlogWorld Blog. Feel free to follow her Twitter @nikki_blogworld and @katzni

Image Credit: Featured Content Gallery

The Latino Blogosphere


BlogWorld 2009 had the innovative idea of hosting a multicultural panel.  A clear sign of vision and pulse of the current situation in the U.S.A.  I had the honor to be invited by Jose Villa from Sensis to represent the fastest growing group both online and offline: The Latino(a)s!  During the session, I was often asked about the Latino blogosphere.  What do we blog about? Which language do we use? Where are we? And so forth.  This post is an attempt to answer  these questions.

I’ve been breaking my head to “define” the Latino(a) blogosphere.  However, the best I can tell you is that Latinos and Latinas blog about every possible subject, we write in Spanish, English, and Spanglish and we are literally everywhere! If you want to go deeper, I dare you to just come and see!  You will find here a partial list of the best blogs written by Latino(a)s.  Feel free to pay a visit and connect with the bloggers on Twitter.   You can also find directories of more Latino bloggers listed here: Blogadera, Blogs by Latinas, Latina Bloggers Facebook Group, AARP Segunda Juventud, Twiteros, and Blogged’s List of Latino Bloggers.

Now on with the list of some of my favorite Latino bloggers:


AKACOCOLOPEZ – Art blog of Kristina Maria Lopez


De Gama Web Studio – Learn Social Networking

BluPint – Latino-owned boutique digital marketing agency, recently doing business in Mexico.

Fernando Varela – Official blog of v5, LLC, a company which specializes in online marketing for Fernando Varela and other clients.

Latina Owned Businesses – Latina business owners can list their businesses here.

Tiene Chic – The journey of Alicia Morga, CEO of Consorte Media

NSHMBA New York – Blog of the New York chapter of the NSHMBA, striving to be the premier Hispanic MBA professional business network.

Vista Hispano – An online destination focused on providing insights into the trends and changing dynamics of the Hispanic Market.

Zapateria Orozco – Nicole’s blog for her shoe store. You’ll find great information on shoes for men, women, and kids.

Think Multicultural – Covers the multicultural marketing and advertising world through the transformative lenses for the digital media.

Joselin Mane – Streamlining business success by systematizing social media tools and technology


Reach For More – Blog about education, literature, bilingualism, and Latino heritage.

Milton Ramirez – A Blog about learning, knowledge, tech and social media

Consulta con JCB – a weekely  vblog/podcast sobre diversos temas de interes, analizados desde un punto de vista legal y sobretodo practico

Mi Caminar – Crecimiento, motivación, inspiración y paz interior

Carta Grande – A blog about HR coaching and practical tips for career advancement


Hispanosphere – News and commentary blog on Latino/Hispanic issues.

Latina Lista – A niche news blog on politics, foreign affairs, culture, and social justice issues.

New America Noticias – Broadcasting news from Latino media outlets throughout the United States.

Orlando Latino – Covers news and information of interest to Latinos in Orlando and beyond.


A Book Without A Cover – Focuses on topics including women’s justice, radical women of color, gender, politics, and activism.

Cristina Mella – Latino living, decoracion, estilo y hogar

Author’s Diary – News and views from the author of America Libre and El Nuevo Alamo

Bronx Latino – Lifestyle blog aimed at highlighting the people and culture of the Bronx from a Latino perspective.

Cuponeando – Frugal blog sharing information about deals and freebies in Spanish.

Hispanic Affairs

LATISM – A blog about Latinos in Social Media. The largest organization of social media professionals of Hispanic origin.

Sofrito For Your Soul – Sofrito For Your Soul is an online magazine that promotes the evolution of Latino culture in the United States.

Speak Hispanic – Showing you the way into Hispanic minds, One Random Fact at a time

Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet – Personal blog of Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet, focusing on Latino Movement, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Strategy, Health IT, Financial/Banking IT,  and Influential Presentations.

Hispanic Trending – Latino marketing and advertising consulting trends

Tiki Tiki Blog – Stories, essays, videos, and photos of living Latino in the United States.

Being Latino – A communication platform designed to educate, entertain and connect.

The Hispanic Fanatic – About culture, family, friends, immigration, language, media, politics and more

Latina Geek – Where a geeky chica meets a computadora

DarsanaRoldan.com – Activating the power of collaboration for one love, one wealth, one world.

hisPANIC – A blog about “us” en los estados unidos and then some.

Por La Causa – Blog about Latino American interest, informative with a dash of entertainment.

KMPblog – About events happening in NYC, shows, movies, and reviews.

LatinoInTX – Texas and border affairs from a Latino standpoint.

Latino Sexuality – A sex positive resource for Latinos about sexuality and reproductive health.

Latinos y Latinas Online Blogera – Focuses on Latinos/Latinas, pop culture, trends, policy issues, and more.

Mi Bodega – The voice of urban intelligence; the first urban intelligence agency in the world.

Sententia Vera – Blog on multilingualism and multiculturalism, specifically Spanish, bilingual, and translated literature and the Mexican-American culture.

That Happened to Me – Blog focusing on single women and women in business.

The Fat Apple – A fashion/lifestyle blog from the perspective of a plus-size Afro/Latina/Central American woman living in New York City.

Urbane Perspective – Urbane Perspective is an online lifestyle magazine for women of color, Latina, Black, and Asian.

uwishunu – Written by a group of in-the-know Philadelphians, uwishunu (pronounced “You Wish You Knew”) is your online source for an insider’s look at the Philadelphia scene.


Latina on a Mission – The title speaks by itself, Latina on a mission to inspire and empower with style

Be Chic – Online magazine and lifestyle channel covering fashion, beauty, entertainment, arts, and culture


Ian’s Music Blog – Blog of Editor In Chief of Austin Vida.com


Modern Mami – Parenting blog by a Latina working mother, focusing on specialized concerns working mothers have achieving work/life balance.

The Online Mom – Protecting children online. Tech tools for parents.

Todo Bebe – Una comunidad de madres Latinas que producen artículos, videos y el programa: Viva La Familia TV

NY City Mama – The adventures of a NYC mama of three boys

My Big, Fat Cuban Family – All about a Cuban-American family life in Southern California.

Pediatra Amigo – Blog by pediatrician and neurologist on children’s well-being, health, and topics on pregnancy and general parenting.

Spanglish Baby – Expert and peer advice, informative articles, forums, and community for parents raising bilinguals.

La Mamita Mala – A Queens born and bred newyorican poeta, activista, blogger, single mami and twitterputa

Spanglish Baby Finds – Reviews of the coolest products and services made with bilingual and/or Latino kids in mind.

Hecho Para Mama – Motherhood from a Latina perspective

Dr. Mommy Helps Moms – For health, wealth and sanity

Mommy 2 Mommy – Una comunidad, Many voices


Against the Flow – Blog about everything from politics to observations about everyday life.

New York Chica – Ramblings of a woman trying to survive this crazy life

Aina Montero – Chronicles the life of a Quito-based elite international escort and personal concierge.

An Eclectic Soul – Personal blog about travel, photography, spirituality, media, social media, marketing, art, and words.

Bilingual in the Boonies – Living la vida Cubanita in Tennessee.

Her Deep Thoughts – A site based on the nonsense of the Licenciada’s mind

Courage Factor – Blog about stepping out of your comfort zone, challenging your cultural beliefs, and becoming the best you possible.

Kety Esquivel – New media and Web 2.0

Carolyn in Carolina – Personal blog of a Latino city girl living in the country.

Eastside Writer – Personal blog of a writer with interests in arts, beer, and photography.

Inside My Head – Talks about how honesty is the only way to find personal freedom and happiness through life and culture.

Mischief & Impermanent Bliss – Tackles topics on social activism, music, arts, culture –  with a special fondness for Peruvian and indigenous.

Not a Dimwit – Blog about the personal journey of a writer toward writing a first novel.

DC Agenda – Apuntes, video-clips, fotos y recortes documentando las vivencias y aprendizaje de Reina

One Latina’s Journey – Here you’ll find Belle’s personal blog, covering her life as a single mom, college student, and full-time employee.

The Jose Vilson – Award winning blog from a NYC teacher, writer, activist discussing topics from an Afro-Latino perspective.

Trust Miguel – Latino student employee blogs about life at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas.

Una Mentira Perfecta – A perfect lie is about a Latina who will make you laugh, think, cry and maybe not even believe,

Under the Tucson Sun – Personal blog of a Latina vegetarian, daily yoga practicing Latina, wife, mom, and dog owner.


Clarisel’s Photo Place – A photoblog dedicated to the photography and news of Clarisel Gonzalez.

Manuel A Rios Photography – A photoblog of one Latino’s perspective of people, places, and events.

Puerto Rican Sun – A cultural and photoblog focusing on Puerto Ricans and the Diaspora.

Only Just a Shot Away – Blog of professional photojournalist Ricky Flores, who has documented life of Puerto Ricans in the South Bronx in the 80’s and 90’s.


Vivir Latino – dedicated to featuring all the latest politics, culture, entertainment of interest to the diverse and influential Latino and Latina community in the U.S.

Velez’s View – Visit Phil Velez’s personal blog for information on Latinos and politics.

Culture Kitchen – Daily servings of political dissent

The Unapologetic Mexican – Unapologetically serving up sol-sizzling amor y resistencia since May 1st, 2006


LatinMinds – Think tank within a large Hispanic ad agency called GlobalHue Latino, fascinated with the DNA of culture and obsessed with social media.

El Blog – Navigating the new markets, and trying to understand the constant weirdness of living in a changing new world.

New Media Brief – Building communities one word at a time

Louis Pagan – The journey about a “Latino Rebranded” and everything relating Latinos and new media.

V5 LLC –A blog about the company and what it does for their clients through social media

Learn Social Networking – Includes topics such as How to Build Community, Hispanic Fluentials, Latina(o)s in Social Media, Digital Marketing, SEO, and Twitter/Facebook.

All Things That Rise – About people, technology and evolution

Social Nerdia – A blog about the convergence of tech + marketing + social media, and the people/sub-cultures that make it possible.

Successfool.com – The official guide to becoming awesome online.


Premier Social Media – A blog about social media for business executives and consultants

LuisDanS Weblog – Luis blogs about new technologies on emerging markets while working at Microsoft Latin America.

All Things That Rise – A journey of people, technology and evolution

Mobile Test Kitchen – Where mobile apps get cooked


BronzeWord Latino Authors – Assists writers to achieve their publishing goals and authors to promote their books

Latino Book News – Circulates news on the book industry, agents, articles, Latino/a events, Latino/a books and authors.

NikiBenitez.com – Latina writer explores life through the art of poetry, fiction, prose, and screenplays.

The Latino Reporter – A blog for student journalists from the classroom to the newsroom.

I’m thrilled to represent this amazing community of social media professionals.  I encourage you to pay a visit to these blogs and join the conversation.  The fun is guaranteed.

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