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President Bush opens 2007 Milblog Conference


This morning conference organizer and military spouse Andi of Andi’s World announced that she had a special guest who wanted to offer some opening remarks and address the 2007 Milblog Conference . The room erupted in surprise and cheers as she announced President George W. Bush who then addressed the room via a video feed.

more at Wizbang, and Gateway Pundit who are living blogging the event.

Pentagon Bans Army Milblogs!


See the story here:

Tim here filling in for Rick who is on the road. To introduce myself I am a milblogger and am somewhat shocked at the what the Pentagon has just done. I say somewhat because there is a part of me that is never surprised by anything the military does. What shocks me the most about the situation is that the Pentagon is going in the opposite direction of where we need to go right now. Let me explain.

The world over knows that our enemy (terrorists will suffice) will never be able to beat us on the battlefield. Heck the terrorists even know that. So what do they do? They beat us with propaganda. ‘Terrorists’ are masterminds at using the media to further their cause, and we (USA), seem hell bent on doing all that we can to lose the war on that front. If we can’t convince people in America that that the war on ‘terror’ is the right thing to do, then we will never be able to garner the support needed in order to win on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So what does my theory have to do with the fact that the Pentagon has banned Milblogs? Well during my time blogging while deployed to Iraq I was able to give a real picture of what life was like on the ground. I received countless emails from people the world over thanking me for telling it like it really was. Most people have a strong desire to understand what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan and one of the main sources (up until now) where they got their information was from soldiers like myself. Now that the Pentagon has changed that everyone will once again have to rely upon the MSM for their “news”. So go ahead and voice your opinion if you think soldiers should be given the right to tell the world what is really going on. Believe you me, if the world really knew what it was like on the ground in Iraq they would be behind us 100 percent.

Be sure to check out the Milblog Conference.

Should Olympic Atheletes be allowed to blog?


Interesting story on Brietbart the other day. Olympic Atheletes may be allowed to Blog:

The International Olympic Committee said Wednesday it is considering whether to let athletes post personal diaries on the Internet _ so long as the Olympic village isn’t turned into a “Big Brother” reality TV show.

Under Olympic rules, athletes, coaches and other team officials are barred from functioning as a “journalist or in any other media capacity” during the games. This is meant to protect the rights of the accredited media.

Of course the people who make the Olympics boring don’t get it. Allowing atheletes to blog would be a huge boost for the Olympics popularity and ratings. Spectators would be able to get insights and connect more with intimate details of sports they only casually watch every four years. Not to mention only getting coverage from announcers who know nothing about the sports they are covering.

If the IOC allowed atheletes to blog and the traditional media had their announcers and producers monitor them they would get far more interesting story lines and understand a whole lot more about the sports they are reporting on.

The a subgroup of the IOC press commission gets it:

“Athlete blogs bring a more modern perspective to the global appreciation of the games, particularly for a younger audience, and enhance the universality of the games,” the press group said.

This guy doesn’t:

Athletes’ commission member Bob Ctvrtlik, a former U.S. Olympic volleyball gold medalist, said privacy remained a major concern.

“We don’t want the village turned into a reality TV show during the Olympics,” he said. “We also want to protect rights that have been sold to sponsors. As of yet we don’t have a clear consensus on it.”  

I understand the need to protect sponsors dollars and exposure but protect old school media? That is silly and short sighted. Hopefully the IOC makes the right decision for their own good.

In other news this BlogWorld team member may have won his recent Tae Kwan Do tournament but is a long way from qualifying for the olympics.

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