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NMX + NAB Show = 1 Killer Event!



new media lounge at nmx When we made the announcement about  NMX’s co-location with NAB Show, April 13-16, 2015 in Las Vegas, our attendees sent us many congratulatory wishes

However, we receive questions from time to time from members of our community who aren’t familiar with NAB Show, or who are wondering what aspects of NAB Show NMX attendees have access to.

Today we answer some of your questions.

What is NAB Show?

NAB Show stands for “National Association for Broadcasters,” and this is their annual conference. 97,000 attendees from new and traditional media are expected. You’ll meet both veteran and new content creators at NAB show, and they’re just as passionate about what they do as you are.

From NMX CEO Rick Calvert’s blog post announcing the co-location:

The NAB Show is where all the filmmakers, radio and TV stations in the world go to get the stuff they need to create, distribute and monetize their content. Any business that creates traditional audio and video like training videos, Television and radio commercials also attends NAB.

Or as NAB describes themselves: “It’s the world’s largest electronic media show covering filmed entertainment and the development, management and delivery of content across all mediums.”

Their tag line is “Where Content Comes to Life”. From creation to consumption, across multiple platforms and countless nationalities, NAB Show is home to the solutions that transcend traditional broadcasting and embrace content delivery to new devices in new ways. Sound a little familiar?

We think you’ll agree that our community of content creators need to be in a place where content is living and breathing.

Why did NMX and NAB Show co-locate?

In 2007, three years before I began working with NMX, I interviewed Rick about this new “BlogWorld” conference I was hearing so much about about for my former blogging column at About.com. (Sorry the article no longer exists.)

I asked Rick why blogging was so important and what he said always stayed with me. Rick told me that blogging (and all forms of online content) was going to be an important communication platform, and while some people didn’t see the big deal about blogging (8 years ago), he knew it was just the beginning. That blogging, podcasting, video -and all online content – were going to be important platforms, especially for breaking news.

In 2007, Rick told me people would be watching TV via the Internet, and breaking news via blogs and podcasts. In Rick’s vision, new media was the future of broadcasting.

He then told me his goal was to some day locate BlogWorld with NAB show. In other words, Rick told me about this the first time we met, and he worked hard over the next 8 years  to bring his dream to fruition.

From another post Rick wrote regarding NAB and NMX:

This whole co-location with @NABShow has me feeling very nostalgic. There have been a lot of historic moments in our short eight years. Like back in 2007 getting WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg to give our opening Keynote. And then getting Mark Cuban billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and blogger to give the closing Keynote.

The last few years, Podcasting has exploded at @NMX as I always knew it would.  In April 2015 we will host the 10th annual podcasting awards.  It’s hard to believe it has been 10 years! A special shout out of recognition to Todd Cochrane @GeekNews for keeping the podcast awards alive all these years.

Web TV and internet video is right around the corner. We hosted the IAWTV Awards this year and next year it is going to be HUGE!!

We, you, me, everyone involved in this media revolution have been a part of history these last few years. We weren’t just watching from the sidelines, we have been actively participating in it.

That is why the timing was so right for this co-location with @NABShow.

Our NMX tribe needs to rub shoulders with the @NABshow community and see all the companies that come out to showcase their gear, gadgets and technology that traditional media is using.

There were 93,000 people at NAB Show this past April!! Any company there that had anything to do with New Media was buzzing in Vegas.


How will be co-location of NAB Show benefit me as a content creator?

All NMX Content Creator and VIP pass holders have access to the NAB Show expo hall with over 1,000 booths. The sponsors and exhibitors are sharing tools and services of interest to both new and traditional media content creator. Whether you’re a writer, blogger, podcaster, photographer, or video producer, there is something for everyone at NAB Show’s expo.

I asked Rick for a list of a few exhibitors NMX attendees might like to see at NAB. Here is a small sampling:  NewTek (the people who  make every live streamer’s dream toy the Tricaster), B&H Photo (home of all the mics, mixers, recording devices and other tools podcasters need),  Sony, Cannon, Panasonic, Telestream, Livestream, GoPro, Nikoon, Blackmagic, Red, Heil, and Sennheiser.

From NAB Show’s website:

NAB Show® is home to the world’s largest collection of vendors driving the future of media and entertainment. From content creation to consumption, myriad solutions await you on the Show Floor and are organized into eight Exhibit Categories to allow for efficient exploration. Get the first look at new products, discover import/export opportunities, and experience next-generation technologies through interactive exhibits, live demonstrations and technology-focused pavilions. Prepare to meet with C-level executives, trendsetters, and technology gurus responsible for advancing the tools you need to succeed in a digital world.

Content Creator and VIP pass holders also have access to NAB Show’s general or keynote sessions.  From NAB Show’s website:

General Sessions celebrate the industry and set the tone for each day of NAB Show. High-profile speakers bring a 360-view of the state of broadcasting, feature filmmaking, and new media platforms. Attendees will leave General Sessions equipped with the key perspectives they will need as they navigate sessions, the Show Floor, and interact with their colleagues. Open to all attendees.

97,000 content creators are expected to attend NAB Show and many of those attendees will be attending NMX as well. This offers the potential to network with over 100,000 content creator from all areas of new media.

Are you ready to join the media revolution?

Current pricing for NMX ’15, taking place April 13 – 16 in Las Vegas ends January 23. Register today to save $100 on your VIP Pass!

There are one million stories at NMX. Which story will you tell?


One Million Stories at NMX


Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 6.41.01 PM

Every blogger at NMX has a story to tell. Every podcaster, every video producer, every photographer, freelance writer, journalist, Internet marketer, social media professional and crafter at NMX has a story to tell.

 Every speaker at NMX has a story to tell. Every exhibitor, sponsor, and keynoter at NMX has a story to tell.

Every ticket taker and every sound or lighting technician has a story to tell. Janitors, booth babes, and security guards all have a story to tell.

 Every conference director, project manager, and CEO has a story to tell.

You see, NMX isn’t about being a conference. It’s about inspiration. We’re about finding the stories and ideas no one else is talking about. We bring content creators together because we know that when creative people are together, magic happens.

NMX has always been about stories

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 6.41.27 PM

As content creators, it’s up to us to look beyond the sales pitches and swag to find the stories that make us human. NMX isn’t about lists of experts, or top 10 reasons to do something. We’re much more than that. We’re the people who tell the stories. We’re the people who make all that other stuff interesting.

NMX has never been about names. It’s never been about who’s who. It has always been about People. And stories. Period.

I have a challenge…

My challenge to all of the content creators attending NMX is to find the stories that aren’t so obvious. Don’t give a sales pitch to the person sitting next to you in the New Media Lounge. Instead, ask questions. Find out what really makes him or her tick.

Instead of exchanging business cards, exchange ideas. Find stories together. Collaborate. Rock our world.

Instead of meeting someone to find out what he or she can do for you, find out something about that person no one else knows. Use that for your inspiration.

Instead of writing to rehash sessions, find out why a speaker is so passionate about his or her topic.

Instead of taking a photo of an exhibit, capture the true spirit of the people running the booth. Talk to them about what they do – and then create content that tells the story.

NMX is more than a conference. We are passionate about stories. We’re not influence or follower counts, we’re about being human. To us, the nitty gritty details are more important than how many people retweet our content. We like it when you make us laugh, we are touched when you make us cry,  but we truly love it when you make us think.

 Ideas are everywhere.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 6.41.45 PM

I challenge you to walk up to someone you don’t know to find out his or her true story. Not blog titles and URL’s, but the inspiration and the true heart and soul behind the content.

I challenge you to ask an exhibitor about the inspiration behind his product or service. Not what the something does, or how you can work for them, but how and why what they do touches the soul.

I challenge you to ask a speaker about topics not related to his or her sessions. (But not during the session, please, because that would be rude.) Don’t pick brains, share stories. Make a friend.

I challenge you to talk to the NMX team to learn why they believe in what they do. It’s not for the glory, and it’s not for the pay. Everyone has a reason for being here, and it’s not what you think. Are you brave enough to ask?

I challenge you to ask our sound or lighting people for tips.

I challenge you to ask a podcaster for an interview.

I challenge you to ask random people to smile for the camera.

I challenge you to take it beyond networking and beyond selling. I challenge you to learn what makes everyone tick.

Content is everywhere at NMX

I challenge you. Because at NMX we have to walk the walk. We are  a conference for content creators, and if we can’t inspire you we’re not doing our job.

There are a million stories at NMX. Which one will you share?

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