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SoundCloud for iPad Released


SoundCloud provides you with a way to create and share sounds across social networks. There’s SoundCloud for iPhone, for Mac and for Android and now – SoundCloud for iPad.

The company made the announcement today via their blog.

There’s one particular iOS app you all have been asking and patiently waiting for. Everyday, we read your tweets, comments and messages asking us when we’ll be releasing an official iPad app. They say that ‘good things happen to those who wait’ so today, we’re super excited to tell you to it has finally arrived: SoundCloud for iPad. It’s gorgeous.

And here are a few of the highlights of SoundCloud for iPad:

  • More intuitive: Flowing screens to help navigate and discover sounds more easily along with simplified ‘stream’ and ‘activity’ tabs.
  • More waveform: More space to interact with the newly designed waveform allowing you to add comments directly to the waveform and see them scroll as a sound plays.
  • More social: Easier to ‘find & follow’ people and now record dedicated private messages to someone with a single tap.
  • More visual: Larger profile images throughout the app.

You can see the app in action in this video they put together.

Introducing the SoundCloud iPad app from SoundCloud on Vimeo.

Rovio Hints at New Bird for Angry Birds


After 400 million downloads of their popular game Angry Birds, we all know who Rovio is.

Some other fun stats include “130 million monthly users, 30 million daily active users, and 300 million minutes of game play each and every day” according to TechCrunch.

Not bad for a few unhappy birds wouldn’t you say?

Oh, and get this. Their total marketing budget is $0. No, that’s not a typo. It’s $0. Amazing.

For all of you Angry Birds fans, you’ll be happy to know the rumor of a new bird being released is true. It’s been confirmed the company will release a new bird for the game on Halloween. This photo was posted on the Angry Birds Facebook page Monday.

Their message was “The Angry Birds have a big surprise for you! Can you guess what it is? Share this for more clues!”.

I may or may not be excitedly awaiting the release of this bird. Okay, I will. I absolutely can’t wait. What do you think the bird is going to look like?

Your Friends Mark the Spot with Apple’s “Find My Friends” App


Have you ever been in a situation where it would be nice to know exactly where your friends are? Maybe you lost them at a big event or they’re at some party you can’t seem to find.  Apple’s new “Find My Friends” app allows you to locate them. It’s a new location-based service where you can see your friends on a map.

Apple’s description of their Find My Friends app:

Meet up with friends at an outdoor concert. Keep track of the family during a day on the ski slopes. Or see when your out-of-town guest has finally made it past baggage claim. The Find My Friends app is a great way to share your location with people who are important to you.* Friends who share their location with you appear on a map so you can quickly see where they are and what they’re up to. And since Find My Friends works with Contacts and Maps, you can do things like find the quickest route to a surprise party — and avoid running into the birthday girl — all at once.

Now before you raise your eyebrows about stalking issues, the app does allow temporary sharing. I don’t know about you, but there is no way I want all of my friends and family to know where I am all the time. It looks like they’ve done a good job with their temporary sharing, privacy settings and parental restrictions.

Apple also released the “Find My iPhone” app. Lost your phone? No need to panic!


Don’t panic. As soon as you realize one of your Apple devices is missing, iCloud can help you figure out where it is.* Just sign in at icloud.com or use the Find My iPhone app on another device to see your missing iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac on a map.

You can download the apps at the Apple Store.

Can you think of a situation or two where these apps would come in handy?

Facebook for iPad is Here, For Real This Time


Remember the secret Facebook iPad app that leaked in late July? It was hidden inside the code for Facebook’s iPhone app, so of course someone found it and then everyone reported on it. There were all kinds of bugs, which was to be expected for something not even released yet.

Well, after months of speculation, Facebook has released their iPad app and it’s for real this time. See, they even have a dedicated page for it here. Are you saying “It’s about dang time”?

The team at Facebook is calling it a new way to experience Facebook with bigger and better photos, games on the go and more.

Here are a few of the features you’ll enjoy when you download the app:

  • Play games in full screen mode, thanks to Facebook Platform for mobile devices and iOS
  • Fast navigation – tap, pinch or slide to get from one place to another
  • A drop down menu to easily send messages
  • Less on the screen, which allows you to focus on what really matters
  • Big, hi-res photos with easy flip through – like a real photo album
  • Supports HD video

Have you downloaded the Facebook iPad app yet? If so, tell us your thoughts on it in the comment section below.

Find Kid-Friendly Mobile Apps with Famigo


For those of us with kids, we all know our mobile devices aren’t just for adults anymore. In fact, your child might have taught you a thing or two about how to use the latest technology.

There are a lot of fantastic kid-friendly apps out there, but finding them can be a little tricky sometimes. I was recently searching around the Android Marketplace for an app for my 7-year old and ended up giving up. I saw some apps that looked like they had potential, but didn’t know if I was ready to spend my hard-earned money on them.

This is where Famigo comes in. On their website, they say they make smartphones work for families.  Not only do they find and review the apps, but you can also subscribe via email for app recommendations.

You can browse their site for kid-friendly apps in their sections labeled “New”, “Highest Rated”, “Most Popular” and “Staff Favorites”. They also have a Power Search feature which allows you to search for an app based on age, what you want the app for and what you don’t want it for. For example, you might want an app for your 6 year old that is great for tablets and is good for a single player.

Here’s a walk-through of the features of their first product: Family App Review.

Does this sound like a valuable service to you?

Kobo’s New App Adds Social Functions


E-book retailer Kobo announced a new feature to its app which adds a social functionality to the e-book reading experience. It’s called Kobo Pulse and it’s been integrated into the Kobo app to take your reading to a whole new level.

With Kobo Pulse, you can see who’s reading the same book you are, share ideas on passages and books with other readers. The new feature also has Facebook integration using their newly announced Open Graph.

Back in December of 2010, Kobo announced a new product called Reading Life. It collects your reading activities and displays your reading statistics in a series of graphs and charts. It also rewards users with badges when they meet new characters or reach new milestones in their reading. Kobo Pulse has been integrated into this product as well.

The new feature was announced last week at f8, Facebook’s developer conference.

Kobo CEO Michael Serbinis said, “We’re moving into an era where social eReading will change the nature of how and what we read. With Kobo Pulse, readers can get more out of reading. Books are now alive.  The end is no longer the end.  Readers get to participate, adding their voice, which actually lives within the reading experience itself through Pulse.”

Here’s a video walking you through the Kobo experience.

For those of you who are big e-book readers, what do you think of the added social features? Is this something you would find useful and fun?

Remember, Share and Discover Favorite Places with Jollyspot


Coming to the iTunes store on September 16th is a new free appJollyspot. It’s a simple formula:  Google Maps + Your Favorite Places + FB Social Graph = A Social Yelp.

With Jollyspot, you can remember, share and discover favorite places. Most people love to try a new restaurant or cafe, but we’re much more likely to try it if it’s been recommended by a friend. Find a new restaurant, bar, shop, hotel and site anywhere in the world by your friends who have been there and done that.

More about Jollyspot:

It’s simple. We don’t ask you to check-in, earn points or compete.  Discovering the best is not a game, it’s about being inspired.  The Jollyspot database is not pre-seeded with promotions or advertisements.  All information in the app. is populated by you and the people you know.  We believe that word-of-mouth recommendations from people we trust are more valuable than any guidebook, website or forum.

It’s about places you love. Whether spots are high-end or budget, Zagat-rated or hole-in-the-wall, we believe that they’re worth noting (and trying) because you or people in your network love them. It’s not about being premium, it’s about being relevant.

Details matter. Jollyspot aims to be more than just a list of places and reviews.  We believe that the details count.  Tips like the best time to visit a bar, the name of the owner, the best table, the dish that took you to nirvana.  These insights, shared between friends, make a difference.

GetJar Gold Launches Today, Offers Premium Android Applications for Free


There’s been quite a bit of talk lately about Amazon’s free Android app store and it looks like they may have a little bit of competition coming their way.

Third-party mobile application store GetJar is launching GetJar Gold today, which offers premium Android Apps for free.

The service has been in beta testing for the last month and is officially launching their service today. The launch will feature 50 free apps, including Fruit Ninja, Paper Camera, TuneIn Radio Pro, Solo, and Splashtop Remote Desktop. These ads are high quality, ad free and you can download them any time you want.

For those of you wondering how the relationship between the ad developers and GetJar works exactly, here’s an explanation from TechCrunch:

With GetJar, however, the company pays the developers for the applications on a per install basis, which ensures developers get paid. GetJar, in turn, generates revenue by offering sponsored listings within GetJar Gold to other application developers.

The post goes on to explain how the model is similar to Google Adsense where developers will bid on how much they are willing to pay on each install.

Check out the GetJar Gold service on the GetJar website, as well as their stand alone Android application here.

What do you think of the quality of free Android apps available and do you think this is some serious competition for Amazon?

Adobe Launches CreatePDF for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch


You can now create PDF files from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with CreatePDF. Adobe launched the mobile app today for $9.99 at the iTunes store. This is Adobe’s first official crack at enabling PDF creation on iOS devices.

CreatPDF for the iPhone

Here are a few of the features for CreatePDF:

High Quality PDF Creation

  • Creates PDF files that look exactly like the original using the same technology as Adobe Acrobat

Intuitive Interface for PDF Conversion

  • Convert email attachments or files stored in the cloud or any application by opening them within the Adobe CreatePDF application


  • Hand over converted PDF files to other applications, including sending as email attachments with one touch

For those of you on the go and working from your iPad or iPhone, you can use this app for any document that needs to be sent as a PDF. This eliminates the need to be at your desktop, unless you’re doing something more sophisticated.

So far, the reviews have not been so great, although there’s only 2 at the time of this writing. One reviewer was disappointed when she discovered you could create PDF files, but could not open them from an email. She did like the clean interface, but would like it to be able to open the PDF documents.

Do you find this app useful enough to pay $9.99 for or would you rather just wait to send the PDF when you’re back in front of your computer?

Update: In regards to the comment made by the reviewer that she could not open PDF documents from an email, for opening and viewing PDF files on your iOS device, you can currently use the default PDF Preview. Adobe Reader for iOS will be coming later this year.

Twitter Founders Announce New Project – Lift


Twitter founders – Ev Williams, Biz Stone and Jason Goldmanhave announced their latest project together under The Obvious Corporation. Stone revealed back towards the end of June he was leaving Twitter and pursuing other projects as he relaunched The Obvious Corporation.

We now have a glimpse into what their first project is – Lift.

Lift is an app that is being described as a way to help you achieve your goals through positive reinforcement. After signing up, I received this email:

We’re not ready to let people in yet, but when we are, we’ll make sure you get an early invite.

What is Lift? We’re interested in ways new technology can help unlock human potential, especially through the use of positive reinforcement. That’s all we can tell you right now.

So, since we don’t have a ton to tell you about Lift the product, here’s a little bit about Lift the company:

We’re a small San Francisco-based startup. There are three of us full time, Tony Stubblebine (me), Jon Crosby, and Connor Montgomery. We also have some part-time support from the folks at Obvious. If you want to get in touch with us, I’m probably the best person to reach: tony@lift.do

ReadWriteWeb has a little more information about the project back when it was called Mibbles. I’m glad they changed the name.

When Stone made the announcement about re-launching the company, he made it clear they would align themselves with projects that would make the world a better place. Achieving your personal goals with positive reinforcement sounds like a great place to start.

I’ll let you know the details of this project as I find out more. What do you think of The Obvious Corporation’s first project?


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