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Why do you blog?


That’s the question of our first poll. Please take a moment of your time to answer it. The reason we put the question up there is we want to develop the education program to focus on the topics that our attendees will be most interested in. So please let us know why you put so much time and effort in to your blog, podcast, internet radio broadcast, or social networking efforts.

As for me I’m guessing my experience was similar to a lot of people. I started on a message board talking about a computer game I played far too much of, then another message board when I was travelling to Europe and looking for suggestions on places to see, then blogs came on my radar screen. It was just for fun, but I realized pretty quickly just powerful new media could be.

One link from a major blogger might earn you a big day or two but if you posting real content people are interested in, some of those one hit wonder readers are going to come back and you are going to start building your own loyal readers.

So why do you blog? Are you trying to advocate some social or political position and influence other peoples decision making or motivate them to take action? Or maybe trying to promote your company’s product or service? Maybe promoting your self as an authority in your field. Are you trying to generate income either directly or indirectly? (The Pew internet study completely missed indirect blogging sales imo) Maybe you want to improve your writing skills in general. I can’t think of a better way to practice where you are getting real feedback from real people who are interested in the same topic your discussing.

By the way something that is completely overlooked is how you learn to research a given subject that you blog on frequently. If your blog is dedicated to a particular topic in a relatively short amount of time you will become something of an expert on the subject.

So please take a moment and answer the poll and tell us why you spend as much time and effort as you do creating new media content. Or share your story about how you started, and progressed in the comments section below.

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