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What is BlogWorld?


We receive questions about BlogWorld every day. This is a good thing because it means people are interested in our conference and our community. Besides, we jump at the opportunity any time we can have a comversation with current and potential community members.

We recently posted our Frequently Asked Questions on both our conference website and our Facebook page as a way to respond to our community. However,  space is limited when we have so many questions to answer, so we also felt it would be a good idea to break them all down here and answer them one by one, in depth.

Over the upcoming weeks we’re going to do exactly that. Today’s  question may seem very basic and obvious.

However, in addition to being the most popular question we receive, it’s also the most important.

What is BlogWorld?

Everyone has an idea of what they think BlogWorld is. We’ve heard that it’s a social media conference, or that it’s a tech conference, blogging conference, and even an interactive conference. The truth is, it’s none of the above.

First and foremost, BlogWorld is a conference for content creators. It’s for anyone who creates, distributes, markets and monetizes any kind of content over the web. If you blog, podcast or create kickass videos, BlogWorld will not only help you out with the best tips and techniques for putting out the most professional and well-recceived content posible, but you’ll also learn how to make that content grow and earn. It’s the first conference of it’s kind and considered the largest content and social media conference in the world.

Our attendees can’t decide if it’s the top notch educational sessions or the networking with both movers and shakers and up and comers in social media and content creation that keep them coming back.  Whether it’s in the hallways, the New Media Lounge or one of several networking events we put on for each conference, if you’re looking to meet potential clients and collaborators, you’ll find no shortage of either at BlogWorld.

Learn at BlogWorld

Our educational sessions feature standout lessons and workshops from noted professionals in their respective fields. Current tracks include, but are in no way limited to  The Business of Blogging, Content Creation, Community, Podcasting, Web TV, Monetization, Content Marketing and Mobile.

BlogWorld also features the Social Media Business Summit. SMBS is sort of a conference within a conference. Featuring the top names in social media, SMBS features content and networking for businesses and brands looking to get more out of social media and expand their online presence. As our speakers are the best at what they do, SMBS is also a place for quality networking, deal making, and brainstorming.

Lots of Bells and Whistles

Our show floor features exhibits from the brands behind the top tools and technology in the space. BlogWorld is where these brands come to reach out to and grow their own communities and it’s where attendees learn about resources to help grow their own brands and businesses.

Speakers and attendees alike have landed book deals, interviews, jobs and media opportunities after spending time at BlogWorld. Job scouts, talent scouts and representatives from book publishing companies alike come to BlogWorld to seek out new talent. They hang out in our lounges, schmooze at our parties, and sit in on our educational sessions.

Our community is made up of every type of content creation imaginable. From food, travel and parent bloggers, to podasters and video hosts, when we say we touch every aspect of content creation, distribution, promotion, marketing and monetization, we’re not exaggerating.

Currently we host two events. In 2012 our “East Coast” event is held in New York City at the Jacob Javits Center from June 5th – 7th. Our 2013 events will commence in the West in  Las Vegas January from 6 – 8th, at the Rio Hotel and Casino, with  East Coast dates for the spring to be announced.

What is BlogWorld? It’s a place for any person, business or brand to grow their presence on the web and make the most of the online tools available to them.


BlogWorld is the future of content, community and commerce.


Interested in learning more? Drop by the BlogWorld home page for a run down of speakers, sessions and registration information.



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