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Your Blog: An Asset Worth Protecting? (Sponsored Post)


BloggerShield_Logo_RGB While many journalists and other types of media professionals have had the opportunity to secure insurance protection for their profession, bloggers have been ignored…until now. BloggerShield™, a brand new liability insurance product created exclusively for bloggers, is now available.

Unlike journalists, whose content often includes more reporting and less personal opinion, bloggers are typically valued for their point of view or their own personal brand. Often times, bloggers have a dedicated following, become social influencers, and are relied upon for information, insights, or even product promotions and reviews. With this power to influence, bloggers become vulnerable to an array of liability exposures as well as the potential backlash of critics.

Any reader may go so far as to use legal recourse to pause, halt, or counter one’s blogging activities. A blogger may experience this in the form of having a claim or lawsuit brought against them for defamation, slander, copyright infringement, or privacy violation. Regardless of the circumstances and the validity of a claim or lawsuit, bloggers are still faced with managing any legal action taken against them and keeping their blog and personal assets protected in the process. In addition, many bloggers are still unclear as to what their liability exposures are until it’s too late.

Let’s take a look at a few recent cases in which bloggers have found themselves facing litigation:

Woman Awarded $338,000 in Damages for Defamation as a Result of Anonymous Submissions

On July 11, 2013, jurors awarded Sarah Jones $338,000 in damages for defamation against gossip website thedirty.com. This high profile case arose out of two anonymous submissions posted in 2009 that claimed that Jones, a former cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals, had sex with every Bengals player and was afflicted with sexually transmitted diseases.

Nik Richie, the operator for the website, argued that he was protected under the Federal Communications Decency Act which provides immunity to website operators for content that comes from third parties. However, Jones argued that the protections did not apply as thedirty.com admitted to screening and adding comments before posting third party submissions. The jury agreed with Jones, finding that Richie acted with malice or reckless disregard in posting the submissions.

The posts were unrelated to Jones’ previous guilty plea to charges that she had sex with an underage former student. For more on the case, prior history can be found at Jones v. Dirty World Entm’t Recordings, LLC, 766 F. Supp. 2d 828 (E.D. Ky. 2011).

Blog Article Results in Libel Suit

On July 19, the District of Columbia Superior Court denied a motion to dismiss brought under DC’s 2010 Anti-SLAPP statute.  Separate but similar motions were filed by defendants National Review and the conservative think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute after climate scientist Michael Mann brought a libel suit over an article published last summer on the organization’s blog, Openmarket.org.

Mann accused the publication of defaming him by accusing him of fraud in his research and by drawing comparisons between Penn State’s investigations into his research and the school’s previous investigations of assistant football coach and convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky.

In denying the motions, Judge Natalia Combs Greene found that the statements in the blog had crossed the line from protected opinion to factual assertions. Accordingly, Judge Greene wrote, “there is a strong probability that the NR Defendants disregarded the falsity of their statements and did so with reckless disregard.”

For more on this story, the case has been filed in the District of Columbia Superior Court under the docket number 2012 CA 0008263 B.

Anonymous Blogger Compelled to Identify Himself for Making Defamatory Statements

A New York trial court recently directed Google Inc. to identify an anonymous blogger who had been criticizing New York attorney Frederick Shulman on blogspot.com, a Google owned company.  In his affirmation before New York Supreme Court, Shulman argued that Google should be compelled pursuant to the New York rules governing pre-action discovery to disclose the identity of the blogger posting defamatory statements to stopfrederickschulman.blogspot.com and frederickschulmancrookedattorney.com. Shulman further argued that “in the era of internet savvy individuals . . . the damage continues to mount with each day these web blogs continue to remain visible to the public.”

Justice Debra A. James found that Shulman had sufficiently shown a meritorious cause of action for defamation and the necessity of the information. Accordingly, the Court ordered Google, barring objections, to disclose reasonably available creation IP addresses as well as the name(s) and email addresses(es) used to register the blogs.

Counsel for Schulman has since disclosed that Google has cooperated with the order and that ongoing litigation is expected.

For more on this story, see In re The Matter of Schulman, Frederick Esq. v. The Go Daddy Group, Inc., et. al. at New York County, Index Number 155629/13.

So what can bloggers do to stay protected from lawsuit?

Most bloggers have some idea as to standard blogging best practices, i.e., using proper disclosures, correctly citing sources, etc. However, in many cases, this is simply not enough to stay protected from the consequences of legal action.

With the formation of BloggerShield™, a new insurance coverage created specifically for bloggers, protection is now available to bloggers. BloggerShield™ is a form of liability insurance designed to help mitigate loss and cover legal fees associated with issues arising out of a claim or lawsuit for one’s blogging activities. To learn more about blog liability exposures and BloggerShield™ Insurance, please visit www.bloggershield.com or call 888-228-7988.

5 Tips to Get Personal on the World Wide Web


The .ME team getting personal. Photo Credit: domain.me.

You know that devastating feeling when you’ve poured your heart, soul and coffee-infused brain into a piece of writing, just to find out that it’s been read by your mom (hey, mom!), aunt Gertrude, her book club and your cat  – and this last bit is purely based on speculation. Not only does it happen to the best of us, but it happens to most of us: very few Internet Gods have been able to achieve a following so strong that even (hilarious and amazing) taxidermy adventures can garner as much attention as a U.S. presidential debate – yes, I’m looking at you, Jenny Lawson.

This may be due to the fact that we’re all just small fish in the big Internet pond, and that it’s really hard to stand out in the blogging crowd. Or perhaps you’re writing about proper ways of brewing tea. Either way, one of the essential tricks to get people’s attention, in the blogging world just like in life, is to show your personality. You don’t have to just trust us on this; just take a look at the personal approach of pretty much any relevant brand ever. Yes, this one. This one, too. See, all the cool kids are doing it and, as an individual, so should you! There are really no excuses; instead, I’ll give you a few tips:

1. Personalize the look of your blog.

It’s not that much of an investment to pick a neat WordPress template, and make it your own. Because, let’s face it, every time I see a page that looks like it’s been pulled out of a blank notebook and glued onto the Interwebs, no matter how awesome the content, it just makes me a tad bit sad. I know you can do better! So customize, customize, customize – if the guys and girls on Project Runway can make it work, so can you

2. Personalize your blog’s domain name.

We’re past the point when .com was the be all and end all of internet domain names. There are so many cool ones around that’ll make you stick out – in a good way. A .me domain name, for example, is as personal as you can get, and chances are the one you’re looking for is available. Plus, you can make it work like whoa – CoffeeIsOn.Me, if you’re a coffee aficionado, or BrewingTeaWith.Me, if you’re that tea person. If you’re not up for a .me, there are many others to choose from (did someone say .im?)

3. Get an email address with your name, because you can (therefore should).

How cool would it be to have me@name.me as your email address? Very cool. Again, you can chose among a variety of extensions and between several registrars offering this service – currently, Blacknight’s promotion is one to consider.

4. Find your niche and stick with it!

Show some genuine interest and knowledge about a certain topic (alright, fine, it can be about tea brewing), and you’re bound to find a following in the community.  A great example of this is Mike Vardy, writer, podcaster, speaker and productivity enthusiast (“productivityist”), whose personal blog vardy.me is among my favorites.

5. Find your voice. Apply liberally.

This is one of the hardest and most important parts of a good online presence and sometimes takes years to master. Just when you’ve achieved that perfect blend of wit and sarcasm in real life, here comes the Internet with its funny ways to pose another challenge. However, once you master that unique voice, and are channeling the REAL you – not projecting an imaginary persona, your readers will know and will respond to that. That recognizable voice may even become your main online feature – again, looking at you, Ms. Lawson. All you have to do? Practice. It’s often hard to address an imaginary, and undoubtedly varied group of people who don’t know how awesome (and not weird at all) you are. I found that pretending to write to a friend – or to your cat – helps.

The take away points: be sincere, develop your own style and do everything in your power to channel your inner “me.” If it takes a few formal tweaks to your blog or your email – so be it. Your cat will be proud of you. And more importantly, you’ll find the right audience that’ll appreciate the writing and the person behind it!

Build a Community Around Your Content


… by Greg Marlin

So you have a great blog, one with vast amount of good content and visits. But when you look at your page views per user counts, they are paltry at best. You look wistfully at the PV counts on sites with crappy content but a reason to keep people around, and wonder what you can do differently.

There are only so many times the same avid reader can read all of the articles on your site. But wait, I have comments! Comments are linear, as they can only be made on each individual post. It’s kind of like having a conversation with your friends and rigidly forcing them to stay on topic…not very fun is it?

So What’s the Solution?

You need to build a community around your content, thus giving your audience a reason to hang around. I write more about this on the Vanilla blog on “Building An Online Community Around Your Content” but the crazy thing is your audience is probably dying for you to do just that! The shared interest in what you have to say gives them more in common with each other than the fact they bumped into each other at a party and are now Facebook friends. What’s even more striking is you’ve already solved one of the hardest parts of building an online community – seeding it with great content.

How do You Build a Community?

The best way to build a community that will stand out and give your readers a reason to stay, is by tying it directly to your content in the form of conversations. You have already given them the what to talk about (or at least to start the conversation), now you are giving the where on your site. That’s through a forum. A Forum!? Those clunky old bulletin boards that look like websites circa 1997 and are a beast to manage? No, the new ones that take a fresh approach to the power of forums, are easy to set-up and manage and integrate tightly with your site through theme design, modular architecture, advanced user management and single-sign-on authentication.
When the Online Community Report surveyed top community managers on what community tool they used most it was discussion forums. So take a look at forums as a way to realize the full value of your content and build a community on your site.

Greg is Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at VanillaForums.com. He has a background in strategic planning, alliances, marketing and sales. As part of his role at Vanilla, he is active in researching, analyzing and reporting on community management best practices, both to inform Vanilla’s product development and also to provide advice to customer communities. Having owned and managed his own content and community websites, he is also aware of some of the unique challenges facing content producers. His major hobby of the moment is training for his first full-distance Ironman triathlon.

Company Bio

VanillaForums.com powers content and customer communities, designed with the community manager’s job in mind. Its flexible design system makes it possible for customers to customize community sites to fit their vision (not that of the forum software company), including exactly matching the look and feel of an existing site. The modular core architecture enables the platform to be added to fit exacting needs and the open authentication plugin system allows the community to connect through Single-Sign-On to any website or application, as well as to external networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and OpenID. And since Vanilla Forums is open-source customers can rely on a wide network of developers who actively use and test the software and add plugins to the community, and customers can build additional plugins themselves.

Win an iPad From YouCast!!


YouCast, a sponsor of BlogWorld 2010’s Tech Karaoke event, creates integrated social media campaigns for BRANDS and provides INFLUENCERS with unique, quality content and promotions.

BlogWorld INFLUENCERS: Join the YouCast Influencer Network by tonight at midnight and automatically be entered for a chance to win an iPad!
Help us learn more about your blogging interests here – so we can connect you with the brands that best fit.

Brands include; Turner Networks, Pepsi, Mandalay Films, CBS Films, Pepsi, OMD, WPP, Energizer, Novartis, GE, Ad Council, Ventura Foods

BRANDS can also sign up and enter code #bwe10 to automatically be registered for $1,000 off your next marketing campaign with YouCast.

YouCast is a highly specialized digital marketing company with established expertise in social media marketing including Influencer Marketing, Digital Word of Mouth, Social Media Reputation Management, Social Media Strategy.  With a range of products and innovative marketing solutions for major brands and advertisers, YouCast incorporates key components of SEO, Media Buying and PR into a winning formula/secret sauce that results on managed and tracked distribution of Brand Assets & Communications into the Earned Media space.

The YouCast Vision:
Provide advertisers with the ability to activate and communicate with thousands of proven influencers across multiple channels for multiple brands, while measuring and optimizing the impact on the brand and campaign on a real time basis.  Provide Influencers with a source of powerful content and publisher growth opportunities from both a traffic and a revenue point of view.

Creating Brand Influencer Networks:

  • Developed proprietary technologies that allow the company to produce superior and more cost effective campaigns for its clients.
  • Part CMS, part Influencer Management, part ad network, the YouCast Influencer DataStream delivers to advertisers the ability to track, re-target and build audience beyond the network hub or owned media properties.
  • Developing Brand Influencer Networks that allow for highly targeted campaigns enlisting segmented teams of Influencers who can drive sales and conversions with their significant power of referral.

YouCast has the expertise to reach the right consumer with the right message — to pinpoint niche communities, influencers and social networks where the target market will seek information and make decisions.

YouCast has access to the target consumers in Social Media through our Influencer Network and proven earned media marketing processes.


Top 5 reasons to live blog BWE with Posterous for the iPhone


1) What happens in Vegas shouldn’t stay in Vegas. Whether you’re seeing Carrot Top or Darren Rowse, it’s your duty as a blogger to share your thoughts and impressions with those poor unfortunates who couldn’t make it to BWE.

2) Break the big stories first. Sharing with the new Posterous for the iPhone app is fast. Just touch post, add any combination of text, photos and videos, and you’re ready to share. You can also add tags, share your location, or mark a post as private straight from the app.

3) Most of the fun happens after 5 pm. Capture spontaneous karaoke jam sessions as they happen, take vanity shots of yourself partying with A-listers, and then upload it all on the spot.

4) So you can sleep at night. Capture and post everything on the fly so you can pass out as soon as you get back to your hotel room instead of staying up to blog until the wee hours. Then do it all over again.

5) Post once, share everywhere. With built-in autopost support, just post once and your content is automatically shared to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, plus your pick of over 20 other sites.

Plixi Bringing Collective Photo Event Stream to Blog World


In a world where real time matters and people are trying to share photos while on the go in a meaningful way; Plixi delivers real time photo sharing. Plixi is pleased to announce that they are the official photo sharing service for Blog World 2010 Las Vegas.

Real time collective photo streams will be displayed on Plixi of photos uploaded to Plixi with the hashtag #bwe10!

Photos from the event with #bwe10 will be placed on a collective photo events stream for you and your friends to see at the Plixi booth, #425, or on their PC, Mac or mobile device.

TweetPhoto recently has changed its name to Plixi. All of the stuff that you loved about TweetPhoto basically stays the same, we just added a bunch of cool features like user created places and events and a lot more. We have changed the name to more accurately reflect what our service does and how it is much more than just Twitter. People, Places, Events and Photos… Connecting you to your friends and allowing you to share photos in new and exciting ways socially.

If you used TweetPhoto in the past or you are new to the service you will need to create a Plixi account under 15 seconds by simply authenticating with Twitter or Facebook and choosing a Plixi password here http://plixi.com/signup

Lots of people want to share photos from their mobile phone so that their friends can see what they are doing right then. Our upcoming iPhone app will make that a snap. We are aiming for a better way to instantly share photos and we offer functionality that you won’t find in Facebook or most other photo sharing sites. Here are just a few of the new features that we have added to the new Plixi.

  • Events/Places. These are user created and have a location. (e.g., Tiffany’s Birthday Party, Blog World Break Out Session, Mash Bash Las Vegas). These events/places allow for everyone’s photos from the party to show in one place online. Think of it as a group collection of shared memories of an event. One event where lots of different people add photos, perfect for parties, meetups, concerts, college life, sporting events among others.
  • Photo Tagging. Tag your friends in photos quickly
  • Grid or Stream View across the site.
  • Webcam snapshots
  • Enhanced social interactions with voting, favoriting, commenting on photos.
  • Real Time notifications and alerts via website & email when something important happens.
  • See much more of what your friends are doing. Easily view a persons photos, events they added photos to, favorites and photos they voted on.

There is a lot more to discover… so create your account and get a closer look at what is going on from people you care about.

‘The QR Code Trip’ @BlogWorld


… by Tom Hoehn – Director, Worldwide Interactive Marketing/Kodak

Bring your QR code game face to BlogWorld because we have cooked up some fun for you.

The social media team’s at Ford, Kodak and PepsiCo have banded together to bring an interesting activity to BlogWorld called ‘The QR Code Trip.’ Attendees will be able to enter a contest by activating QR codes to find the answers to questions from the three brands. Entrants will also be asked to Follow/Like the companyís sites on Twitter and Facebook. There will be two daily prizes and one grand prize chosen from the pool of entries.

We thought that this would be a fun way for BWE’ers to use new media to engage with our brands. Entry forms will be available in each of our booths; Ford #127, Kodak #301, and PepsiCo #101.

I know the Kodak team is looking forward to coming back to BlogWorld. It is always nice to meet people IRL that we interact with throughout the year. Make sure you stop in to say; ‘Hi’ to @KodakCB (Jenny Cisney), @KodakEvents (Tina Clark), and me (@TomHoehn). See you in Vegas!

Take Time to Refresh & Recharge at the Social Health Track


… by Andrea Higham, Director of the Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future

We all know a nurse and have either personally been cared for or have a loved one who has been cared for by a nurse.  Nurses are truly society’s caregivers and as such, they’re critical to our health and well-being.  For the past eight years, the Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future has been dedicated to showcasing the value and positive image of nurses through programs that thank and recognize nurses.  Through funding scholarships for nurses to further their education and providing awards that recognize their tireless efforts to care for patients, the Campaign shows thanks for the nursing community.

The Campaign was recently awarded the prestigious President’s Award for Transforming the Image of Nursing by the National League for Nursing (NLN).  As part of maintaining that positive image, we recognize that nurses play an important role in our nation’s evolving healthcare system.  Later this year, we’ll be launching an outreach initiative targeted to recruit and retain advanced practice nurses.

Each year, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to our nation’s caregivers… and we’d like to extend that goodwill to all of you!  We all need to recharge our batteries and refresh our minds from time to time (especially nurses), so we’re providing those attending the Social Health Track on October 14 a chance to “refresh & recharge.”  During the Social Health Track, you can take time out of your busy day to recharge your batteries – both literally and figuratively – through electronic charging stations, mini-massages and refreshments.

Because we can all benefit from quick ways to “refresh & recharge” during the day, Social Health Track attendees will also receive a card with ergonomic tips.  Keep the card with you throughout the Expo and even once you’re back home blogging away at your computer.

We hope to see you there!

Visit our website: www.campaignfornursing.com
Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/jnjnursingnotes

Interview With Media Pass: Adding Subscriptions To Your Blog


I recently had the chance to talk with Matthew Mitchell, CEO and co-founder of MediaPass (one of our BlogWorld 2010 Sponsors) to talk about how their subscription program works and how you can use Media Pass as a new monetization strategy for your blog!

How/when did you come up with the idea for MediaPass?
The short answer is that it wasn’t just my idea. MediaPass wouldn’t exist if not for the vision of one of our lead investors and Chairman, Jeffrey Tinsley. He and I have many years of experience in the online subscription world with MyLife. We both knew that asking users to pay for some content always outyields a purely advertising-based revenue model. After bringing MyLife and Jeff’s previous business, Great Domains, to over $70M in annual subscription revenue, a couple publishers came to us for counsel on getting their paid subscription strategy and implementation right. Jeff in particular advised a website called Docstoc on strategy and really encouraged them to get paid elements up in the right way. Docstoc increased their revenue seven-fold almost immediately.

We realized it might be possible to automate our subscription experience, so to speak. The goal was to build something for blogs and other online publishers that eliminates the financial burden and time commitment of incorporating and operating paid subscriptions. The real challenge was trying to accomplish our primary goal: making it as easy to use as Google Adsense. We wanted to turn something extremely complex into something easy to use. It took a year of development but we made it work and accomplished all of the goals we originally had for the product.

Can you briefly describe how a blogger makes money incorporating MediaPass onto their site?
Requiring a paid subscription for some content always outyields having a revenue model that is 100% ad based. So a blogger makes money using MediaPass because they are able to participate in that increased revenue and do so in a way that’s even more sophisticated than large publishers who spend seven figures building subscription functionality internally.

How does MediaPass get paid?

We charge nothing up front and we don’t make any money unless the publisher does. We take a percentage of the subscription revenue, a percentage that scales down with volume.

How quickly can a blogger implement MediaPass on their site?
Five minutes.

How technical is the implementation – can anyone do it?
No technical experience is needed. If a blog has any type of advertising on their site they already know how to implement MediaPass. And even if they don’t have any, it’s still extremely simple.

How easy is to flag specific pages/posts as part of the subscription? Is it on an individual basis or can someone associate an entire category in their blog?
Publishers choose which pages/posts they want to be subscription content. Much like Google Adsense, we generate a unique snippet of code for them at registration. They simply put that code on any page they want to require a subscription to view the content.

Do you think the product works best for any particular niche of blogs/content?
There is a huge range of monetization using MediaPass. The metric we use most to show the strength of monetization is effective CPM. Since CPM is widely used and understood by bloggers as a metric for advertising monetization, we use it so they have a barometer for how their subscription pages compare to the ads they’re running. That being said, the eCPM’s on our subscription page range from $25 to $200. Blogs such as parenting, health, cooking, how to, finance, medical and others will probably see eCPM’s over $100 while blogs like, say, gossip may be only be around $40.

Do you have suggestions for a blogger with an existing audience – and how they transition some of their content to subscription without upsetting their readers?
Don’t put a paywall in front of your entire site.

Really? Sorry, just didn’t expect that from someone I would assume is pro paywall.
Actually, in most ways we don’t even consider ourselves purely a subscription company. We want to maximize the revenue for publishers and blogs. We’re a monetization company. We just happen to know from experience that charging for some content is required to maximize revenue. There are plenty of easy tools for blogs to make money from online ads but no easy way to charge for their content. So we’re filling that void.

Also, most passionate bloggers didn’t start blogging for financial rewards. If that is what drove them, they would have picked a different profession or hobby. They don’t want to lose their audience and putting a wall in front of their entire blog will surely do that. Ask the Times of London. If done correctly, there is no reason why they should lose much – or really any – traffic.

You mentioned the Times of London. What about them?
How much time do you have? They put a paywall in front of almost their entire site and lost a material amount of traffic. Like any good company, theirs was a purely financial decision. One that will probably pay off. But I still don’t think that walling off their whole site was the best way to maximize revenue and it certainly wasn’t the best way to retain and increase traffic.

Do you have any examples of how other websites are using MediaPass?
We built MediaPass to be used in a variety of ways because we wanted, needed really, to have our offering appeal to a broad range of publishers. Our publishers use us to charge for their archived content or just certain sections of their site. Some hand pick content that they intuitively know their users will pay for. Publishers can even create a new premium section that didn’t exist before, which is one of many ways to ensure their subscription revenue is all incremental. We even have one publisher that only asks for a subscription when a user hits their advertising frequency caps. There are dozens of strategies.

Do you handle the customer service for readers paying, stopping their subscription, etc?
Yes. We handle all customer service components. We built this so that a publishers and bloggers don’t need to do anything but continue to put out the content their readers enjoy, and the customer is one of the many things we handle on their behalf. By the way, our customer service reps are all in the U.S. and have knowledge and visibility into all the blogs so they can easily support all customer issues. Sorry, had to put my marketing hat on there.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers?
Well, marketing hat back on and being passionate about what we’re doing here…. I think all blogs should give us a try. There is an appropriate mix of free and paid content for almost all blogs. It doesn’t cost you anything and there is no commitment.

And thanks for the opportunity to tell the MediaPass story.

The DOs and DON’Ts for a New Generation of The Macallan Drinkers!


The MacallanAs we all gather at BlogWorld to celebrate the new and the innovative, it’s important to not leave behind our well-seasoned traditions—like those steeped in Scotch. Though The Macallan® Single Malt Scotch Whisky has a long history dating back to 1824, there are countless and ever-evolving ways to enjoy and update a timeless classic.

While many Scotch enthusiasts will tout the primacy of drinking a single malt neat, that doesn’t need to be staunchly true for everyone. In the spirit of innovation, we’ve come up with the following DOs and DON’Ts for a new generation of The Macallan drinkers:

DO be adventurous. Even if you wrinkle your nose at your dad’s single malt, forge ahead—there are tons of flavors for you to taste and experience.

DON’T hesitate to throw out staid rules for drinking Scotch and order it how you like it.

DO mix it. At least once. Scotch cocktails are unbelievable. The Blood and Sand cocktail (don’t let the name scare you) is one of our favorites. But we do draw the line at taking shots of The Macallan.

DON’T be afraid to pair fine spirits with dinner in lieu of wine. A few drops of water can open up the whisky to pair perfectly with a variety of foods.

DO sip it poolside. The Macallan 10 Years Old with soda or ginger ale is surprisingly refreshing on a hot Las Vegas afternoon.

DON’T forget to savor your drink – fine spirits are meant to be appreciated.

DO enjoy with dessert. The Macallan 18 and chocolate make a truly decadent pairing.

DON’T wait until you’re lounging in a leather chair to order a nice single malt. The Macallan complements any situation, from drinks with the boss to drinks on a date.

DO spread the word. Online or in-person, special and unique experiences are simply better when they’re shared.

Help us add to the list by reaching out on Twitter using the hashtag #Macallan or on Facebook. We look forward to toasting with you in Las Vegas!

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