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NMX Vegas 2013

More NMX Speakers Added


The event team here at NMX has confirmed another group of amazing speakers for our conference in January (our first group of speakers are here)! Remember, NMX is back in Las Vegas next year and will be bringing you the best blogging, podcasting, and webTV/video content out there.

To help you learn more about these speakers (and to find all their social media profiles!), be sure to click on their names below. You can also click on the session titles to learn more about the key takeaways from their presentations.

Here are the speakers who have just been added to the roster:


Andy Hayes

Live Website Critiques: When You’re Too Close, You Can’t See It


Bennet Kelley

Blog Wars: The Changing Legal Landscape for Bloggers


Peter Pollock

How to Improve Your Blog with Tools Your Web Host Already Gives You


Debba Haupert

25 Ways to be More Re-Pinnable: Engaging Content and the Power of Pinterest


Pat Flynn

Proven Methods to Use Free in Your Business to Get More Traffic, More Subscribers, and More Customers


Patrice Williams

5 Things You Can do Now to Move from Blogger to Brand


Cesar Abeid

The Benefits Of Being The First To Podcast Within Your Niche


Erik Fisher

What You Need To Know To Reach Your Audience On Facebook: Understand Facebook Edgerank For Content Creators


Leslie Samuel

How To Podcast Like A Pro And Never Edit – Say Goodbye To Post Production


Rob Greenlee

Learn About The Largest And Fastest Growing “Must Be On” Distribution Platforms In 2013


Jonathan Shank

How To Use A Virtual Assistant To Produce Your Podcast


Gordon Firemark

Ten Legal Cases Every Podcaster, Blogger or Media Producer Should Know About


Rachel Gerson

Exploit Google Analytics to Discover the Opportunities You’re Missing


Amanda Blain

Advanced Techniques: How To Tie Google Plus And Your Blog Together For Increased Exposure In the Search Engines And More Traffic


Craig Jarrow

Productivity Power Panel: Learn the Tools, Tactics, & Workflows of Highly Productive Bloggers


Jon Morrow

The Anatomy of a 100,000 Visitor Post: A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Viral Posts That Get Massive Traffic And Shares


Elyse Ellis

Link Parties, Blog Hops And Other Little-Known Techniques To Grow And Promote Your Blog


David Risley

Blog Monetization Overview: What Are Your Options To Make Money With A Blog?


Phil Hollows

The 7 Deadly Sins of List Building


Dr. David Perlmutter

Journalism 101 For Bloggers


Jessica Northey

How To Build Your Blog Community: Three Top Bloggers Share Their Secrets


Perry Lawrence

Video Podcasting – What You Need to Know


Jaime Tardy

How to Create Amazing Interviews for your Podcast


Craig Duswalt

How to Create New Content & Think Outside the Box When Podcasting


Lou Mongello

7 Ways to Find, Sign and Profit from Sponsors for your Brand


Rob Walch

Audio Podcasting – Doing it all from your iPad


Darrell Darnell

Tips and Techniques for Building a Successful Fan Podcast


Bob Dunn

How to Laser-focus Your WordPress Blog In 60 Minutes


Mitch Canter

Advanced Blog Design: The Latest Tools, Trends & Best Practices You Can Implement Today!


Aaron Hockley

You’re a Better Photographer Than You Realize: Photography Tips for New Media


Gary Arndt

How To Compete Against Billion Dollar Media Empires And Win


Remember, the earlier you buy your ticket to NMX in Las Vegas on January 6-8, 2013 – the more you save!  Get your pass this week before prices go up on Saturday, September 22!


New Attendee Orientation Announced for NMX


Last year at the conference formerly known as BlogWorld, members of the NMX team had the honor and pleasure of spending most of our time in the New Media Lounge where we could talk with attendees, answer questions, take comments and even offer tips about getting the most out of one’s conference experience. This got us to thinking…what if we offered our brand new attendees the opportunity to have their questions answered ahead of time? What if we got to show them around a bit so they didn’t feel so  “new” when the conference starts?

What if?

A new attendee orientation is born.

On Sunday, January 6th, 2013, at 9:00 a.m., we will be holding a new attendee orientation in the New Media Lounge.  While there, new attendees will:

  • Learn about NMX from the NMX founders.
  • Receive a description of the different educational content from track leaders and conference directors.
  • Get a map of the show floor, plus tips for making the most of the exhibits from the NMX sales team.
  • Take a tour of the Rio’s conference facility.
  • Receive tips and best practices for making the most of networking, learning and having a positive conference experience from NMX’s community director (Yours Truly).
  • Have questions answered by the NMX team.

Reaching out to new attendees throughout the event

In addition to the orientation, we’d like new attendees to know we’ll have their backs throughout NMX.

Ambassadors: We’re going to be appointing a couple of attendee ambassadors. These ambassadors are long-time alumni who are passionate about NMX and will be available throughout the conference to answer questions and give directions or advice.

Wristbands: New attendees will receive wristbands in addition to their badges. We are going to encourage all attendees, speakers, exhibitors to seek out new attendees to make sure they’re having the best experience possible.

New Media Lounge: Members of the NMX team are going to be keeping office in the New Media Lounge. We’ll be there to answer questions and also to learn more about all our attendees. We’ll be receiving your feedback, hearing your ideas and listing any concerns.

How to attend the new attendee orientation

As space is limited, the orientation is only open to new attendees who are already registered or will be registering to attend NMX. There is no cost to attend but we’ll gladly accepts smiles, handshakes and hugs.

Please sign up for the new attendee orientation by using this form.

Any questions? Comments? What do you hope to learn from a new attendee orientation? Share in the comments. In the meantime, you might be interested in this post by Aaron Hockley with conference tips for introverts.

NMX Speakers Announced


Although NMX in Las Vegas may be months away, the team here is fast at work to make it the best conference yet. We have some neat, new things we’ll be rolling out for January and we’ll give you updates as we finalize details. Today, however, we want to tell you about our first batch of confirmed speakers and their session topics.


Bill Belew

4 Concrete Steps to Get 1,000,000 Relevant Unique Visitors to Your Blog


C.C. Chapman

How To Add Photography Into Your Marketing Mix


David Copeland

Ten Blog Posts That Got Shared, Informed Readers, Generated Clicks and Kicked Ass In 2012


Dino Dogan

How To Build a Community of Fanatics


David Gass

How Much Can I Sell My Blog For?


Patti Londre

The Art of Becoming a Leader In Your Niche


Peter VanRysdam

Defining and Maximizing Conversions Through Better Usability


To help you learn more about these speakers, be sure to click on their names above. We’ve also included all the many ways you can connect with them (e.g. blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). No reason to wait until the conference to start networking; why not start now!

Haven’t registered for the big event yet? Discounted tickets are available until September 15th, so don’t delay. After that, all passes will go up. So be sure to lock in the best price by registering early.

See you in Las Vegas!


Top 7 Reasons to Speak at New Media Expo



Talk with anyone who’s spoken at one of our events and they’ll tell you the benefits of presenting at the world’s largest conference for bloggers, podcasters, Web TV producers, and social media innovators. But, in case you’re too busy to track them down, we’ve assembled the top seven reasons here for you. Remember, if you’d like to submit a speaker proposal, there’s still time.

1. Amplification of speaker’s reputation, authority, and profile in the industry

Presenting to the live, far-reaching audience who shares with millions of people is extremely powerful. Word gets around. Did you know attendees tweeting from our last event in Las Vegas made over 330 MILLION impressions in just 3 days? And that’s just Twitter, that statistic doesn’t include blog, Facebook, Google+, podcasts, or videos. This event is a great, big megaphone that can help speakers amplify their messages, brands, and reputations.

2. Meet the Press

Journalists cover this event from ABC, NBC, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Inc. and more, hoping to scoop other news sources on new ideas breaking at this big, industry event. It is a prime opportunity for speakers to make publicity opportunities happen.

3. New Business Leads

This conference has the unique benefit of putting speakers and their businesses face to face with their target markets. There is no amount of marketing in the world that can duplicate this quality interaction. Sharing a sharply-prepared educational session with succinct takeaways is better than a marketing pitch. It provides valuable insight that builds demand for a speaker’s knowledge beyond the event. Speakers frequently find new business opportunities from companies who’ve sent delegates to attend sessions. Furthermore, speakers often strengthen relationships and confidence with existing customers when they command a large and engaged audience at the conference.

4. Funding or Selling Your Company

Speakers have sold their blogs, businesses, and raised capital as a result of meeting attendees after their presentations at our past events. Investors have been known to come looking to acquire a company or media property with a certain expertise. Speakers sell companies and raise funding each year at this event.

5. Get Discovered and Hired

Companies are in attendance at our shows who may want to hire you for a better job than you have now. Our speakers get snapped up for new jobs every year. Speakers with bustling sessions who put out the word prior to the event frequently get the largest crowds—and the biggest opportunities.

6. Get a Book Deal

At every event, publishers are in the session audiences, looking for the industry’s brightest minds. And guess what happens? Our event speakers get book deals. No kidding. The publishers know the highest caliber new media and social media minds on the planet present at this conference, so they look for the most popular, packed sessions, and they sit in and watch those speakers. Every show, new book deals happen. (And we’ll set up a book signing at the next New Media Expo conference when your book comes out!)

7. Help the Industry Grow and Content Creators Succeed

This event started back in 2006 as the place where we could all learn how to make better online content, grow our audiences, and monetize in sustainable ways. This is the place where the new media industry is thriving, growing, and it was built for all of us. This is where we come together as an industry; where we succeed together.

If you’ve ever attended one of our events, you know the power of our conferences. And, if you’re looking to get up on stage, there’s no better time to throw you hat into the ring than now. Fill out a speaker submission form today!

Come Speak at NMX Las Vegas


I am happy to announce that our speaker submission form for New Media Expo Las Vegas 2013 is now live; with some great new features. Along with our name change from BlogWorld & New Media Expo to New Media Expo (NMX), there are some new features to the speaker submission form, as well as the entire conference schedule, that you should know about.

What’s New

New Media Expo (NMX) focuses on the Blogging, Podcasting, and WebTV industries. Within each of these industries we will have tracks discussing content, community, and commerce as it relates to helping educate content creators achieve their goals. We will also discuss tools and, of course, represent our various niche communities.

As such, there are now questions that identify what industry you are a part of, the track you want to speak in (content, community, commerce), and the specific topic within each track (for example, mobile, monetization, etc.). You will also be asked to identify an education level for your presentation, as we are seeking a percentage of beginning, intermediate, and advanced sessions.

Part of the excitement of these new features, is that we will now be able to show attendees sessions based on their own unique goals. For example, here are some options an attendee would see to help them come up with their own personal conference schedule:

  • I am a blogger who wants to build a business, what sessions should I take?
  • I am a podcaster who wants to grow my community, what sessions should I take?
  • I am a blogger who wants to create better content, what sessions should I take?
  • I want to learn how to create better content in the WebTV industry, what sessions should I take?
  • I am new to blogging, podcasting, and WebTV, what are the beginner sessions I can take?

These are just a few samples of the options attendees will see when trying to locate sessions to attend. This will help attendees enjoy an educational experience that is organized, goal-based, and flexible.


Here are a few questions you might have. If there’s anything else you need to know to aid in the submission process, please feel free to leave your questions in the comment box below.

Where are the tracks that I’m used to seeing?

The tracks are now called Content, Community, and Commerce. The ones you used to see such as Monetization, Content Creation, Mobile, Traffic & Distribution, etc. are now topics within these three main tracks.

What about the niches? Are they still represented?

Absolutely.  We will have rooms dedicated to our special niche communities such as parenting, milblogging, education, etc.

Apply Now

Here is a link to the new submission form, which will be live until July 31st, 2012. We look forward to receiving your submissions and can’t wait to see you at the show in Las Vegas on January 6th – 8th, 2013 at the RIO Hotel & Convention Center.

Learn About NMX


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