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BusinessNext Social 2013 Vegas

Web TV Series Premiere at NMX Keynote: Inventing the Future


The closing keynote at NMX is going to be amazingly unique. On January 8th, we’ll be giving the stage to Robert Tercek and his show, Inventing the Future. The show will premiere live at the conference and is going to be unlike anything the audience has ever seen. “Inventing the Future is not exactly a TV show,” Robert says. “Think of it more like an example of what comes next after TV. It’s a show that is designed, from the ground up, to incorporate social media, gaming, and live interactive features that will give the audience a meaningful way to participate. A little futuristic, maybe? Perfect. That’s what the show is all about.”

The program showcases the newest emerging trends in science, medicine, technology, media, and entertainment with topics ranging from the robot car to the future social network. And, it’s not just the first news show with its own live band, they invented a new musical form: live composition sound design. “We’re so honored that Inventing the Future has selected New Media Expo and BusinessNext Social for its premiere episode,” says NMX CEO Rick Calvert. “This a great example of what our conferences are all about: the marriage of new media content and digital commerce to create a rich, interactive, entertainment experience for audiences and marketers who want to reach a highly-engaged audience.”

Robert Tercek is one of the world’s most prolific creators of interactive content. He has created breakthrough, entertainment experiences on every digital platform, including satellite television, game consoles, broadband Internet, interactive television, and mobile networks. His expertise spans television, telecommunications, and software. In 2009, he was named one of the “25 Executives to Watch” by Digital Media Wire. Variety has named him one of the “Digital Dozen” most influential players in new media. The Industry Standard dubbed him a “TV Anarchist.”

To make this incredible keynote happen, Tercek will transport the entire set for Inventing the Future across country, from Chicago to Nevada. To be a part of this amazing experience, be sure to register for NMX today. We look forward to seeing you in January!

15 Past Presentations by Current NMX (BlogWorld) Speakers


When it comes to our conference content, the NMX/BlogWorld team doesn’t take things lightly. Our speaker selection can sometimes take a while, but that’s because we want to be sure our attendees are getting the most educational bang for their buck. Though some of our speakers are popular influencers in their space that you’ve seen at other conferences, we also look for leaders and experts you may not have heard of who bring a fresh perspective to some of your favorite topics and niches.

We thought it would be a nice way for you to learn about our speakers and their presentation style by viewing some of their previous presentations. What follows are slides from the past to give you a preview of what to expect in the future at New Media Expo ’13:

Slide presentations are presented courtesy of Slide Share.


1. Andy Hayes: “Why Your Website Sucks” from BlogWorld ’10

Andy will be presenting “Live Website Critiques: When You’re Too Close You Won’t See It” at NMX ’13.

2. Bob Dunn: How to Attract More Readers With a User-Friendly WordPress Site from WordCamp Chicago ’11

Bob will be presenting : “How to Laser Focus Your WordPress Blog in 60 Minutes” at NMX ’13.

3. C.C. Chapman: The Best Content Strategy: Tell Your Story and Be Amazing from Brand Camp ’12 Detroit

C.C. Will be presenting “How to Add Photography to Your Marketing Mix” at NMX ’13.

4. Chris Ducker: 10 Effective Tips on Managing Virtual Assistants

Chris will be presenting “45 Things New Media Content Creators Can Outsource to Virtual Assistants” at NMX ’13.

5. Ann Handley: How to Craft Your Company’s Storytelling Voice

Ann will be presenting at BusinessNext: Social at NMX ’13.

6. Justin Levy: Harness the Power of Webinars from Social Fresh West ’12

Justin is presenting as part of BusinessNext Social at NMX ’13.

7. Jay Baer: 18 Social Media Quotes My Wife is Sick of Hearing Me Say

Jay is presenting a Super Session at NMX ’13 called “Youtility: Why Smart Companies Focus on Helping, Not Selling.”

8. Rand Fishkin: Can’t Buy Me Love from Distilled’s Searchlove ’12

Rand is presenting a Super Session called “The Future of SEO: Social Meets Content” at NMX ’13.

9. Amy Vernon: Creating Content That Works from Social Fish.

Amy is presenting “How To Build Your Blog Community: Three Top Bloggers Share Their Secrets” and “Walk The Talk: How To Write For A Global Audience“at NMX ’13.

10. Tim Street: 10 Things You Should Do Before You Upload Your Online Video

Tim is presenting “It’s Alive! Livestreaming Tactics for Success“at NMX ’13.

11. Dr. Natalie Petouoff: Great Social Marketing is About Great Data: The State of Content and Engagement from OMMA Social

Natalie is presenting “How to Build A Personal Brand That Benefits Your Company” at NMX’s BusinessNext.

12. Lee Odden: Optimize – Attract and Engage More Customers: a Social Media Club Webinar

Lee is presenting “Companies That Hit The Bullseye With Their Social Campaigns” at New Media Expo.

13. Tamsen Webster: A Chaos Theory for Change

Tamsen is presenting “A Case Study for Maximizing Influencer Outreach (or Glasses, A Love Story)” at BlogWorld/NMX.

14. Guy Kawasaki 10 Hindsights Accumulated in the Past 35 Years from his Meno College Keynote

Guy is presenting at NMX’s BusinessNext.

15. Michael Brito The Rise of the Social Customer and Their Impact on Business from Meltwater Group’s Customer Event

Michael is presenting “The New Influencers: Brand Advocacy Inside & Out” at NMX’s BusinessNext.

What speakers and presentations are you looking forward to the most at New Media Expo ’13?

BlogWorld’s BusinessNext Social: A Sneak Peek and Some Frequently Asked Questions


We’re receiving a lot of questions lately regarding the BusinessNext aspect of NMX. What follows is a look at what you can expect as an attendee of BusinessNext Social and some responses to frequently asked questions.

What is BusinessNext?

BusinessNext Social is the world’s premier conference for social business, marketing and IT executives.

Attendees come from across the globe to learn how to create highly adaptive, competitive organizations and rapidly grow their businesses by harnessing powerful new strategies, cutting-edge social media and mobile technologies, compelling content marketing and engaged communities.

BusinessNext Social provides an up-close look at how the world’s best companies have replaced stodgy, command-and-control models with highly effective, highly adaptive ones; businesses that have built empowered communities inside the organization and out.

Conference Director Mark Fidelman has lined up a dream team of business luminaries and change-makers who understand how to grow and influence their own networks. Many have experienced first-hand how disruptive technologies and social strategies are accelerating the rise and fall of companies.

BusinessNext Social is designed with varied formats to give attendees ample opportunity to learn hallmark strategies, tactics and secrets from the most successful social businesses and social business influencers, intermixed with ample opportunities to meet face-to-face with social business luminaries, IT venders and influencers.

What will take place at BusinessNext?

Day 1 A series of 20-minute sessions will be featured that inspire social business change, including:

  • Guidance from SlapCompany CEO Stan Slap on how to achieve maximum commitment in manager, employee and customer cultures;
  • Instruction from Backplane CEO Matt Michelsen on how to build digital communities — like the one he built for Lady Gaga — which unite people around interests, affiliates and movements in unprecedented ways;
  • Actionable strategies from harmon.ie CEO Yaacov Cohen on designing the optimal social collaboration experience for employees; and
  • A challenge from Econovation author Steve Faktor to think differently about the next decade of the US economy and respond with big, sustainable innovations
  • And  so much more. See the full lineup at the BusinessNext website.

…all interspersed with live entertainment.

Day 2 Forbes columnists will conduct on-stage interviews with business luminaries — including Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White, angel investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, AllTop.com Co-founder Guy Kawasaki; and Benjamin Moore director Nick Harris – in manner similar to an Actor’s Studio session.

Day 3 Social media strategy sessions fill the day, including how-to advice to master LinkedIn; foster brand advocacy and navigate emerging legal issues and obligations when engaging customers, partners and suppliers through social media channels.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with social business leaders, influencers and IT influencers in small group settings so you can discover, firsthand, relevant scenarios on how to thrive in these increasingly social, mobile and data-driven times.

A new form of speed dating enables you to identify and network with the people who can help you build external digital communities that foster engagement and loyalty; high performance internal digital villages that enable people to share a common view of customers and products; and Darwin’s Funnel, a marketing and channel with a social wrapper that enables marketers to measure the performance of marketing initiatives to speed up lead nurturing and dramatically improve businesses’ ability to convert leads into sales.

BusinessNext attendees also have the opportunity to network with top content creators and online personalities as part of New Media Expo. In addition to networking in the hallways and New Media Lounge, you’ll also take in the latest tools and technology on the Expo floor. New Media Expo and BusinessNext are considered “not to be missed” events for all new media and social media professionals and enthusiasts.

BusinessNext: Frequently Asked Questions

What is BusinessNext Social?

BusinessNext Social is the world’s premier conference for social business, marketing and IT executives. This event is presented by BlogWorld, the leading new media events company, in conjunction with New Media Expo (NMX). Find out more here.

When will BusinessNext Social take place?

Jan. 6-8, 2013, colocated at New Media Expo and right before the Consumer Electronics Show.

Where will BusinessNext Social take place?

Rio Conference Center, Las Vegas, NV. 3700 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89103

How is BusinessNext Social different from BlogWorld or New Media Expo?

BusinessNext Social is geared toward businesses, with conference sessions and presentations for social media business, marketing, advertising, PR and IT professionals. New Media Expo (NMX), formerly called BlogWorld & New Media Expo, is geared toward content creators and is attended by bloggers, podcasters, web TV & video content creators.

BlogWorld, LLC is the company that produces BusinessNext Social and New Media Expo (NMX).

Who attends BusinessNext Social?

CMO’s, VPs of Marketing, Marketing Directors, Advertising and PR professionals, IT executives and social media and marketing professionals all attend BusinessNext Social to learn more about growing their online presence and engaging with customers and community.

What do I get with my BusinessNext Social pass?

BusinessNext Full Access Pass includes:

  • All BusinessNext Social conference sessions
  • Bonus access to all NMX conference sessions within same conference center (blogging, podcasting, web TV & video content creator focused)
  • Food & Beverage (each day: Morning Coffee Break, Lunch, Afternoon Coffee Break)
  • Networking Parties and Receptions
  • Virtual Ticket Conference Recordings
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Free copy of Socialized!, your copy of the book can be picked up on-site at the event (must register by 11/21)

What is the theme of BusinessNext Social 2013?

This year’s theme is: “Great Ideas Worth Executing.”

Who is speaking at BusinessNext Social?

Business icons and influencers including: The Winklevoss Twins of Facebook fame; Dana White, President of the UFC; Guy Kawsaki, Co-Founder of Alltop.com and former chief evangelist of Apple and many more. See the speakers list here.

Who is exhibiting at BusinessNext Social?

BusinessNext is a conference, and all attendees get access to the NMX tradeshow floor, where you’ll find social media and new media resources, products and services. Exhibitors include: WordPress, Yahoo!, Feedblitz, Simul-TV and many more. See full exhibitor list here.

How can I speak at BusinessNext Social?

Speaking opportunities are closed for the 2013 event, but subscribe to the newsletter from the sign-up box on the home page of http://biznextlive.com and you’ll be included when the next event’s call for speakers is sent out.

How can I exhibit at BusinessNext Social?

Exhibiting is easy, get all the info and contact details here.

How can I write a guest blog post for BusinessNext Social?

Email our editor with your blog post idea, and she’ll review and respond soon.

Where can I follow BusinessNext Social on Twitter?


Where can I follow BusinessNext Social on Facebook?

Join the whole New Media Expo community, including BusinessNext Social attendees and speakers.

Does BusinessNext Social have an affiliate program?

Yes, and you can promote both the BusinessNext Social Conference and the NMX conference by contacting our affiliate program manager, Joel, at: joel@gtomanagement.com

Any other questions? Ask them in the comments or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook or reach out to me, Director of Community Deb Ng, at deb@blogworldexpo.com

Michael Brito: Chat Transcript


This month at NMX we launched weekly, lunchtime chats on Facebook. Our first special guest was Michael Brito, SVP of Social Business at Edelman. Michael’s also one of the speakers at our BusinessNext Social Conference in January. His session is titled “The New Influencers: Brand Advocacy Inside and Out.”

Michael’s worked with big brands such as Hewlett-Packard, Intel, and Yahoo!. He is also the author of Smart Business, Social Business: A Playbook for Social Media In Your Organization. If you missed our first, weekly chat with Michael, the transcript is below.

Shane Ketterman I have a question! What are 3 main differences between “influencers” and “advocates” and why is this important?

New Media Expo Michael – Tell us some of the ways brands can inspire customers to act as advocates.
Michael Brito: hi!…sorry I am a few minutes late!
New Media Expo It’s all good – We’re on Facebook time!
Michael Brito when I think about advocacy … a term called Reciprocal Altruism comes to mind… it’s this concept that we as marketers need to “give to the community, without any expectation of receiving anything i return”
Michael Brito if you take that concept and apply it to everything you do from a content perspective, that is how you turn friends, fans and followers into advocates
Michael Brito @Shane .. this one is easy….
Michael Brito Advocates already love the brand and talk about it everywhere. Influencers, for the most part, require incentives…
Shane Ketterman Thanks Michael! Do you think that Influencers and also be Altruistic and is that important?
Michael Brito there are also several tools you can use to help facilitate a brand advocate program …
Michael Brito Gaggle AMP, Social Toaster, Zuberance, Influitive, Social Chorus
New Media Expo What are some things to consider when putting together a customer advocacy progam?
Shane Ketterman I like the distinction actually and in a way – – we are all advocates for something – – I fall in love with things I use and tell others on a continual basis, but companies may not even know that I’m doing it…
David Schwartz Are Edelman clients looking for social media ROI as well as metrics?
Michael Brito @Shane — good point. Usually influencers are advocates of a certain vertical i.e. travel, technology … there are always exceptions
Michael Brito but rarely are they going to talk about just ONE brand. The advocates will .. assuming the level of emotional equity associated with their experiences with it
Megan Enloe Good point Shane. Michael can you share some ways companies can find and reward the people who already love them and are naturally being their advocates?
Mark Fidelman Do you think traditional PR is making the leap to Social? or are they still resisting the move?
Tina Baljian Michael- In the ”what’s in it for me” world, what can a brand do to encourage word of mouth marketing ?
Michael Brito Mark Fidelman .. they have to and if they haven’t yet began the transition, they will surely find themselves irrelevant and losing business.
Michael Brito @David yes, many of our clients report into digital marketing organizations so ROI is extremely important.
Michael Brito @megan usually advocates can be found through a conversation audit. An audit will tell you where the conversation is happening (twitter, blogs, forums, etc.), the sentiment of conversations and also identify the advocates. Also looking at your own facebook/twitter activity is a way to find advocates … they are the ones that are commenting/sharing/RTing, Liking your content the most. Simply MEasured (monitoring company) can also do this.
Dave Taylor Michael, social media is fundamentally about *people*, but that often is at odds with the need of a brand to remain autonomous and anonymous. There’s no Mr. Nike or Ms. Starbucks. The result: we have companies like Panasonic and Wal-Mart creating fake people to tap into social media’s buzz – astroturfing – or brands more identified by their representatives (I’m thinking of Microsoft and Robert Scoble) even when the person’s left the company. How do you counsel companies find a balance with this complex tension and be successful here on FB and elsewhere online?
Michael Brito @David — some ROI metrics also include decreasing call center calls, etc.
Mark Fidelman Michael Brito who inn your opinion has made the transition?
Michael Brito @Dave .. i look at it differetnly. Social media is about content… but that content should be created (paid, owned, earned) in a way that changes behavior. You can’t change behavior unless the brand is “human”. Dell is a great example of a company that has created employee advocacy .. basically enabling their employees to build their personas online. And guess what, they don’t just have one person. They have several hundred as does Intel and IBM Social Business.
Michael Brito so when I think of the Dell brand, I don’t think of Austin or a logo or whatever. I think of the people that work there that I have relationships with…
New Media Expo Michael Brito What can a brand do to seem more human when all customers see is a logo?
Michael Brito creating fake people isn’t smart and I think most companies have learned that this isn;t a best practice. Instead, they are using employees, customers and partners to feed into the content engine.
Michael Brito Mark Fidelman do I really need to answer this? LOL .. of course Edelman but also Ogilvy has done a fantastic job and even some of the smaller PR firms like Shift Communications, Voce, etc.
New Media Expo Beyond Facebook, what are some of the ways brands are reaching out to their communities/customers and achieving good results?
Michael Brito New Media Expo .. as I said in an earlier comments, employee advocacy (which I will talk about in my session) is the key to humanizing a brand. Not just empowering employees, but “enabling” them using content, process and even technology.
Michael Brito New Media Expo they are data mining their Jive/Lithium support communities and many are creating new communities using advocacy platforms like Fancorps, Influitive and Social Chorus.
New Media Expo Michael Brito – I know you had another appointment this afternoon. Thanks so much for joining us for our chat today, and I hope you won’t be a stranger on the NMX Facebook page.
Michael Brito Thank you New Media Expo .. had a great time!
Michael Brito I will stick around for a few more mnutes in case there are any more questions.
New Media Expo Thanks, Michael! Looking forward to your presentation at NMX and feel free to use this space to pitch your latest project.

Mark Fidelman Michael Brito I am very disappointed with most PR firms, where do you feel the industry needs to evolve? Also, Will traditional PR be dead in 5 years?

Michael Brito Mark Fidelman .. traditional PR functions like media relations will never go away. It will change but won’t be dead. The evolution needs to come because the skillset requirements will change. Many traditional PR pros don’t get social, search, paid media, etc. That will change.
If you enjoyed this chat, be sure to check out Michael’s session at the BusinessNext Social conference in January! And, if you’d like to join us for our next lunchtime chat, visit us on Facebook this Wednesday (10/31) at 10am PT/1pm ET as we welcome our special guest Phil Hollows, perhaps best-known for his work at FeedBlitz and author of List Building for Bloggers.

BlogWorld is Producing One Big New Media Expo Event in 2013 Instead of Two


We know lots of you make your conference plans months in advance, so we want to let you know our agenda for 2013. Although we’ve hosted both a West Coast show and an East Coast show for the past two years, beginning in 2013 we’ll be returning to our original conference schedule. That means one big NMX (New Media Expo) conference and trade show in Las Vegas; just one event per year.

We had three reasons for our decision.

First of all, many of  you told us you really wanted one big event where you knew you would see everyone in one place. Initially we thought bringing you an event on each coast would make it more convenient for all, but what we learned is that it just didn’t meet the needs of our community. You told us what you wanted, and we listened.

Second, New York is a very expensive city for hosting a show the size of this one, and those additional costs interfered with our goal of offering content creators a reasonably-priced conference going experience. All of the costs at The Javitz Convention Center (really the only venue we can hold an event our size in New York) were expensive across the board as well. This means everything, from the carpeting and AV, to internet and labor costs. This made our event too expensive for some exhibitors, attendees and us. On top of that the facility simply didn’t meet our standards for a/v technology and quality, and the wi-fi was undependable.

Lastly, we are growing quickly and adding even more events in 2013. This past March, we acquired the world’s largest travel blogging conference, TBEX. We have already produced a North American Show in Keystone Colorado, and followed it with a European event in Costa Brava, Spain this year. Our Keystone event was just 10 days after BlogWorld New York, and it created scheduling challenges for us.

We will be producing at least three new events in 2013 but they will be vertical events like TBEX.

What does all this mean?…It means if you want to get your New Media Expo fix in 2013, it’s time to make plans to come join the fun in Las Vegas at our biggest and best event ever! Since this is the only NMX conference of the year, we’re pulling out all the stops. This will be our largest Expo Hall and our biggest attendance ever. We expect over 4,000 attendees this year! Speakers and attendees are flying in from all over the globe (more than 50 countries, in fact), and it’s downright cheap to attend. Pre-event conference tickets are available at great discount prices, and you can get a comfy suite (yes, I said suite!) at the Rio for just 99 bucks a night! And the conference is being held at the hotel, so that means it’s convenient as can be, no need to pay for cabs or rent a car; it’s all under one roof. You will have more time to spend networking with colleagues and old friends, and making new ones.

An important note, by moving the event to January we are aligned with CES week. The last day of NMX kicks off the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show. This will give the thousands of bloggers and technology professionals in town even more opportunities.

So, if you’ve been watching news and excitement build for the NMX Las Vegas event, and you’ve felt torn waiting for news about an East Coast event next Summer, wait no longer. You snooze, you lose. All your peers–and competitors–will be learning and networking at the Rio in January. Will you be there? Or will you miss the boat?

Register now and save, prices are going up tomorrow night, 10/26, at Midnight!

Announcing Facebook Lunch Time Chats with NMX Speakers


Michael Brito will join us for our first Facebook chat.

New Media Expo attendees often tell us they’d like nothing more than to spend time with our speakers and pick their brains a bit. Our speakers often tell us they’d like nothing more than to hang out with our attendees and learn more about them and answer questions.  I’m happy to report the twain shall meet in the form of weekly Facebook lunch time chats.

Beginning this week, a different speaker will join us on the NMX Facebook page to take part in our weekly chats, which will be held every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. EST. The topic of each chat will also be the topic of each speaker’s NMX or Business Next session so you can get a little sneak preview by asking questions. To start things off, Michael Brito, SVP of Social Business at Edelman, will stop by this Wednesday, October 24th. His topic is “The New Influencers: Brand Advocacy Inside and Out.”

Join us this Wednesday to talk with Michael and join us every Wednesday until mid-December to chat with a different NMX speaker.

In Gratitude: NMX to Offer Weekly Facebook Deals


Today only, we’re offering a 30% discount on any conference pass (except “exhibits only”)  to our loyal Facebook fans as a way to say “thank you” for your loyalty. You stop by our page, you make us laugh, you make us think, and you tell us you’re our fans, we want you to know that it’s appreciated.

Beginning Monday, we’re going to start offering different weekly deals to our Facebook community, but you have to Like our page to see the offers. Each week will yield a different offer which might be a discounted ticket, or a fun perk or service awarded to anyone who purchases a ticket at that time. Deals will change every Monday.

At New Media Expo, we’ll never stop looking for ways to say “thank you.”

Yahoo! and You Too


Stan Slap Kicking off our 2013 BusinessNext Social conference (formerly the Social Media Business Summit) on day one is Stan Slap, president of the international consulting company called, by remarkable coincidence, “slap.” Stan has a history of accomplishments as a CEO with as many as 5,000 employees reporting to him and has served as a director of several companies with their CEOs reporting to him, which he prefers a whole lot more.

Stan has directed the successful expansion for companies ranging from Patagonia to Pennzoil. He designed the plan that helped Oracle sell their strategic intent to 40,000 employees in 167 countries and developed employee re-engagement plans for HSBC, Europe’s largest bank. He has created winning brand strategies for companies from Deloitte to Black Entertainment Television. He has invented many successful advertising campaigns, consulted to leading advertising agencies and personally written slogans for companies from Coca-Cola to Checkpoint Software.

I had the pleasure of working with Stan in 2002-2003, back in the days when he spiked his hair and his book Bury My Heart in Conference Room B was merely a life changing experience. Ten years later, thousands more people are living their values at work, and Bury My Heart in Conference Room B is a New York TimesWall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller.

Stan’s latest thinking – advice to Marissa Mayer on how to go about restoring Yahoo! to its former glory – is featured today on Forbes.  Stan begins:

“I don’t know Yahoo! personally; they’re not one of my company’s clients. But I know how cultures work and how to work them. The turnaround that Marissa Mayer is attempting will be decided by the reactions and actions of its manager, employee and customer cultures – in that order. You may not know Yahoo! either but these are the same three groups that are deciding the success of your own company while you read this sentence. Listen up.

A culture is not simply a bunch of managers, employees and customers. When they form as a culture, each of these groups is far more self-protective, far more intelligent and far more resistant to standard methods of corporate influence.”

In the article, part of Mark Fidelman’s “Socialized and Mobilized” column, Stan outlines Marissa’s main challenges — to foster the manager culture’s willingness to treat the success of the company like a personal cause; to win the trust of an employee culture pre-conditioned to be weary and wary; and to regain its brand status, which has been the subject of sightlessness inducing self-abuse — and how to overcome them. 

To hear more of Stan’s take on business today, be sure to register to see him live and in person on January 6th at the BusinessNext Social conference in Las Vegas (powered by BlogWorld).

Amy Jo Martin and Kare Anderson Join BusinessNext Conference as Co-hosts


We’re excited to announce that Kare Anderson, author, columnist and CEO of Say it Better Center, and Digital Royal University Founder Amy Jo Martin are joining Mark Fidelman as co-hosts of our BusinessNext Social conference (formerly known as the Social Media Business Summit).

Kare Anderson is an Emmy-winning, former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter turned speaker and strategist on quotability, connective behavior, and making places and conferences more meaningful by storyboarding them. She’s been a state senator’s chief of staff, co-founder of nine PACs, founding board member of Annie’s Homegrown and coach to over 30 pre-IPO teams. Kare also writes for ForbesHuffington Post and the Harvard Business Review, and she’s the author of Moving From Me to WeResolving Conflict Sooner, Walk Your Talk and Getting What You Want.

Amy Jo Martin founded Digital Royalty and Digital Royal University to help companies, celebrities, professional sports leagues, teams and athletes build, measure, and monetize their digital universe. Clients include Shaquille O’Neal, FOX Sports, Nike, The X-Factor, Chicago White Sox, UFC and Dana White, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Los Angeles Kings, Jabbawockeeez, and Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com.  Amy herself has nearly 1.3 million Twitter followers (@AmyJoMartin) and she travels the world to speak about the latest trends in social media, how to monetize various social platforms, and how to successfully build a personal brand by utilizing social media.

Kare, Amy, and Mark will guide attendees through the three jam-packed days of TED-style sessions, on-stage interviews, and roundtable discussions with some of the world’s foremost social business leaders and influencers.

“I’m thrilled that Kare and Amy Jo are joining the show,” says Mark. “I couldn’t think of two more qualified people to help attendees make sense of the disruptive technologies and social business strategies that are accelerating the rise and decline of businesses.”

Follow @BizNextEvents to stay abreast of conference and speaker news and promotions. BusinessNext takes place at the same time and same venue as NMX, January 6-8, 2013 at the Rio in Las Vegas and is the go-to event for any company that wants to succeed online.

Mark Fidelman Joins New Media Expo


Mark Fidelman has joined New Media Expo as Conference Director of BusinessNext Social (formerly known as our Social Media Business Summit). Mark is a columnist for Forbes, writing its “Socialized and Mobilized” column and is also the author of the book, SOCIALIZED!. For more than 20 years, he has worked in technology sales and marketing with companies such as A.T. Kearney, EDS, CT Space, Autodesk, and strategic partners Microsoft and IBM. He is internationally-recognized for being at the forefront of subjects such as social and mobile business and mobile social networks.

As most of you know, our conference for business leaders takes place over the same three days as our conference for bloggers, podcasters, and Web TV & video producers. However, the content is geared specifically to help small to large businesses leverage social media communication, technology, and marketing. With Mark on the team, the event will be undergoing some exciting changes. “In addition to educational sessions with actionable take-aways, we’ll be adding new features such as Meet the Pros, where attendees will be able to meet with industry professionals in a small group setting for targeted Q&A sessions. We’ll also be hosting icons and influencers from the new media space and conducting on-stage interviews with them.” Another great thing that will be part of BusinessNext Social is a new form of speed dating where business leaders and brands can connect with online influencers and content creators.

BusinessNext Social will take place at the same time as New Media Expo–in Las Vegas at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino on January 6-8, 2013 (confirmed speaker info below). If you’re a marketing exec, CEO, PR pro, community manager, or simply need to learn how to navigate the social web for business, be sure to register early for the best pricing (current discount pricing valid through this Friday, September 28).

You can connect with Mark on Twitter at @markfidelman.

Confirmed Presenters for BusinessNext Social include:

Matthew Michelsen
Twitter – @MCMichelsen
Website – Backplane

Matthew Michelsen, a serial entrepreneur residing in San Diego, California, is the CEO and Founder of The Backplane, an online platform that allows fans to build all-encompassing e-communities. The Backpane is powered, in part, by one of the largest digital footprints on the web, Lady Gaga’s social media community, (www.littlemonsters.com). Matt is creating a new social web corridor to unite people around interests, affinities, and movements. He has been successful scaling companies in finance, retail, and now media. As a former paratrooper in the United States Army Airborne Division, Matthew’s career began after he received his Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Rhode Island.


Tyler Winklevoss
Twitter – @tylerwinklevoss
Website – Winklevoss Capital

Tyler Winklevoss is a Founder of Winklevoss Capital, a company that focuses on making investments in disruptive technology start-ups. Winklevoss began his early career while studying at Harvard University as a co-founder of the social network ConnectU, originally known as Harvard Connection. Along with his twin brother Cameron, Tyler was at the beginning of web 2.0. On top of co-founding ConnectU, Tyler and his brother attended the 2008 Beijing Olympics as rowing partners. His story, now immortalized on the silver screen in The Social Network involves a roller-coaster journey in tech that began in a Harvard dorm room in 2003 and continues today as an angel investor.


Cameron Winklevoss
Twitter – @winklevoss
Website – Winklevoss Capital

Cameron Winklevoss is a founder of Winklevoss Capital and Olympic athlete that began his early career while attending Harvard University. While at Harvard, Cameron, his twin brother Tyler, and one other student began the popular networking site, ConnectU, previously known as Harvard Connection. This creation put Cameron at the beginning of Web 2.0. In addition to his involvement with ConnectU, Cameron was also a co-founder and the media site publisher of Guest of a Guest, an online media company that covers high society events, people, and places. His newest endeavor as a Venture Capitalist with Winklevoss Capital focuses on early-stage disruptive start-up companies. Cameron became most famous for his depiction in the film, The Social Network.


Scott Abel
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Website – The Content Wrangler

Scott Abel believes content is a business asset that’s worthy of being managed efficiently and effectively. And, he’s not alone. As the man behind the curtain at The Content Wrangler, an internally-renowned content strategy consulting firm, Scott helps organizations think differently about the way they plan, create, manage, and deliver content. All types of content. To all types of people. In many languages. For pretty much any purpose imaginable.


Kare Anderson
Twitter – @kareanderson
Website – Say it Better

Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter, now Forbes columnist, Huffington Post blogger and speaker on communicating-to-connect, being frequently-quoted, and making consumer-serving places and events more memorable by storyboarding them. Kare helps organizations stand out and build esprit de corps by creating employee-driven ambassador programs that strengthen stakeholder relationships. She is the author of Moving From Me to We.


Jacob Morgan
Twitter – @jacobm
Website – Chess Media Group

Jacob is the principal and co-founder of Chess Media Group, a management consulting and strategic advisory firm on employee, customer, and partner collaboration. Jacob is also the author of The Collaborative Organization (McGraw Hill, July 2012) which is the first comprehensive strategy guide to emergent collaboration in the workplace. The book has become a best-seller and is endorsed by leaders such as the former CIO of the USA, CMO of Dell, CEO of Unisys, CIO of ManpowerGroup, CMO of SAP, Chair of the MIT Sloan Management Review, and dozens of others.

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