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In Case You Were Wondering Why…


Here is a reason or 10 why you should end up in Vegas!


Thanks Nicole I needed that one today!

If you want to let Nicole know how cool this is, feel free to stop and tell her yourself if you are in Las Vegas at BlogWorld& New Media Expo.  Nicole is a speaker that will be moderating a panel about Twitter!  She is a true Rock Star that we are glad to have be a part of the fun this year.  I get the first dance Nicole!

It Profits To Be A Non-Profit At BlogWorld!


****Update***  You Only Need A Weekend Pass To Attend The Non Profit Track***

Let’s face it, money is tight.  If you are a large corporation or a hobbyist, an employee or an employer, you know of what I speak.  This is not more prevelant that in the non-profit world.  They have budgets that would make most of us cringe, yet they seem to continue on carrying the torch for their causes.  They are passionate to keep up their good deeds and find ways to make their lack of money stretch to meet their needs.  The folks at eBay and PayPal, in conjunction with BlogWorld & New Media Expo are easing the pain of budgetary constraints a little.  paypal_logo

logoEbay_x45 They are allowing those in a non-profit organization to attend our event at half off the regular price.  That is right, 50% right off the top of the ticket price to go to Blog World!  In order to qualify you can apply by sending an email to blogworld@kompolt.com and applying for a special code that can be used when you register.  This allows you to get whatever package you choose at half price. Obviously you have to be a non-profit to qualify.

We understand what the non-profits have to go through to get to experience the same benefits as their “for profit” brethren, we and Ebay and Paypal want to help level the playing field a little.  Get over and apply for your special code to get 50% off your ticket.  I’ll make sure it is worth your time and effort!  Thank you eBay and Paypal for making this possible!

Chad Vader Breaks The Internet and Turns To Blog World Expo For Help


If you have not seen this video of Chad Vader now is a good time to check it out.  We have had quite a chuckle here watching and sending it out via Twitter.  Our special thanks to Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda for their hard work in putting it together and allowing us to have a bit of fun.  You can see their session on YouTube Success on Friday, October 16, 2009 at 4:30 p.m.   If you have not yet registered to be a part of the event, I will send Chad to your house and break your Internet!


Thanks also to our other speakers, Chris Brogan, Cali Lewis and Guy Kawasaki for letting us poke some fun.

The Speakers Lineup Taking Shape For 2009: A Quick Update


keynote1 All this week I have been working with the staff here to get the lineup of speakers put together for the event and we are just now after pouring through the many submissions and proposals sending out the emails of those that have been accepted as part of our curriculum and those that were not chosen to be speakers at the show.  I also have a long list of people I will be contacting in the next few days to interview and discuss with them their proposals to further determine if they will or will not be accepted.  This is a long process to say the least.  We had a very large number of proposals and have a small amount of places for those proposals to fit.  To all of those that have proposed a role in our event, first of all thank you, and second we appreciate your patience.

2008 twitter-session-with-erin-kotecki-vest-stowe-boyd-blogworld-2008
We are alerting all of you that are definitely part of the program and those that could not be accepted, and we are even alerting you if you are still in my pile of “maybe” for lack of a better term.  Those emails are being sent out as I type this post.  I wanted to have something here that might explain why you received the email you did and make you aware of the fact that our lineup is in an early stage of development.  I can answer questions here or via email as well, so please feel free to contact me.  If you have not received an email of acceptance or an email telling you your proposal was not accepted it is because I am still in the process of either contacting you or working to get space for the session or waiting on another session to be developed to allow us to decide.

I am very excited with the sessions, the content of the conference and what we have in store for the attendees at our event.  You can follow my Twitter stream to get further info at @Genuine you can follow the blogworld feed @blogworld or email me at jim at blogworldexpo dot com.

To all of you that have been accepted as speakers this year CONGRATULATIONS! Now please start spreading the word. Blog, Tweet, Podcast and upload videos to YouTube and let folks know you are speaking at BlogWorld & New Media Expo This year! Link back to this post and we will do the same and retweet your announcements.

To everyone who submitted a speaking proposal this year regardless of if you were accepted or not; THANK YOU! I look forward to meeting everyone of you at BlogWorl d & New Media Expo this year.

MySpace Cutting Jobs & Downsizing International Work


myspace_logo Uh oh for MySpace.  Looks like the former King of Social Networking just got knocked back to Prince.  As Facebook has officially passed MySpace by when it comes to popularity and traffic, MySpace looks like it’s being forced to act accordingly and has reportedly made moves to reposition themselves.

According to recent reports, MySpace has actually had to cut quite a few jobs, starting with their international work.  The reports said:

“MySpace announced plans to restructure its international operations, focusing the social network on a smaller number of countries. The plan would see the international workforce drop to 150 people from the current 450 and the company closing four offices outside its home country the US. Upon completion of the proposed plan, London, Berlin and Sydney would become the primary regional hubs for MySpace’s international operations. Existing offices in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, and Spain will be put under review for possible restructure. MySpace China, a locally owned, operated and managed company, and MySpace’s joint venture in Japan would not be affected by the proposed plan.”

Considering the fact that about half of MySpace’s user base comes from outside of the USA, and that percentage will most likely continue to climb as Facebook and Twitter gain popularity, this is not exactly a good thing.  Could we be witnessing the slow decline of MySpace?  Is this the death rattle?  Time will tell.

That actually makes me curious…how many of you out there still maintain a MySpace?  By maintain, I mean, not just have one but actually log into it, and use it?  We’d love to know…

Speaking Submissions Deadline Came and Went – Now The Hard Part – Choosing


keynote1 Now the real work for me begins.  I am getting inundated with questions from everyone that has submitted speaking submissions as to whether their submission was chosen.  To be frank, I am not done reading the more than, enter large number here, submissions that were submitted and I have yet to complete the tracks that we are having this year.  I wanted to let everyone know that I am meeting this week with Rick Calvert and the rest of the team to get the draft of the final speakers and sessions completed.

Let me say this I thought that the submissions were all good for what we expect the conference to be this year and I am having a hard time deciding on the speakers that I must say “No” to and that also makes the decision making process tough.  I can assure the attendees that they are going to get the best possible lineup of experts, gurus, leaders in the field, or however we can possible label them.  No, that does not include Oprah (Sorry Oprah you didn’t make the cut.).

If any of you have any questions please feel free to email me at jim at blogworldexpo.com and I will get a response to you.

Should Oprah Be Allowed To Speak At BlogWorld?


Wow people can really get their shorts in a twist really quickly in the Blogosphere or in this case the Twittersphere.

Tonight Twitter and the tech blogs were buzzing with talk about Ashton Kutcher’s little challenge to CNN to see who could be the first to get to one million followers on Twitter. Larry King Responded.  Many of the “real Tweeple” were put off with the entire event.

Then our Social Media Director Jim Turner Tweeted this:

So how hard would it be to have Oprah keynote blogworld on the “New Media”?

I then replied:

@Genuine let ask her. @oprah now that you are on Twitter, would you like to come give a keynote at the worlds largest social media event?

Several people were immediately up in arms.  Here is a sampling of the replies:

Kencamp: @blogworld 2 cents worth – BWE is a maybe for us, but Oprah speaking would blow credibility of it all and lead me to opt out I think.

LisaHoffman: @Genuine Guess it depends on who you’re trying to attract. I thought BlogWorld was aimed at SM fans and practitioners, not celeb groupies.

adamkmiec: @blogworld you’ve got to be kidding me

CathyWebSavvyPR: @LisaHoffmann Probably not a good choice for Blogworld. Fun, entertaining, zany, smart? but not keynot. if celeb MCHammer takes it seriously

DougMeacham: @MackCollier Having Oprah speak as an “expert” could damage blogworld expo’s cred w/practitioners but mayB they’re looking 4 a new customer

BethHarte: @Genuine If Oprah Keynotes BlogWorld, I am staying home… Because if she’s a SM expert that means I don’t have enough coin to ever be one.

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. Social Media insiders tend to be a little clubby and insular but I sincerely hope the folks above and others who might have a similar knee jerk reaction reconsider their opinion.

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Rappin At SXSW? How About Blog World Expo "I Wanna Be A Rock Star?"


This has gone around the blogosphere out on Twitter and a number of other places.  Rebecca Corliss did an awesome job of putting together this recap of SXSW in Austin, Texas.  Some of the rock stars in blogging, podcasting and conference attendees are in the video.

What I would like to see now is a video done for Blog World and New Media Expo to the tune of “Rockstar“.  I’m thinking it could be titled “Blogstar”.  I want to be a Blogstar, don’t you?

Rappin At SXSW? How About Blog World Expo “I Wanna Be A Rock Star?”


This has gone around the blogosphere out on Twitter and a number of other places.  Rebecca Corliss did an awesome job of putting together this recap of SXSW in Austin, Texas.  Some of the rock stars in blogging, podcasting and conference attendees are in the video.

What I would like to see now is a video done for Blog World and New Media Expo to the tune of “Rockstar“.  I’m thinking it could be titled “Blogstar”.  I want to be a Blogstar, don’t you?

"Why Am I The Only Woman Speaker?"


This was a great impromptu type presentation.  Kristina Halvorson was on stage and gave a talk on Web Content.  Then ended her talk and everyone clapped.  I thought wow 15 mninutes that was short. Then she walked back on stage, and said I want to talk about something else.

The title of this post is what the slide said as she told us what she wants to talk about.  This is a great eye opener.  Chris Messina and Ryan Carson are joining her onstage to discus not just the fact that all men are speaking , but they are also talking about diversity.  They are talking now about the "White Boy’s Club".

This is a talk that I want to talk about more and certainly something we are tuned into at Blog World Expo and what we can do about it.  I’m hoping we can get Kristina to agree to talk to us on our radio show.  I will try to flag her down to discuss this very issue.

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