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Attracting Attendees to Your Convention Booth

Ivory Soap at BlogHer

The BlogWorld team headed to BlogHer this past weekend, as you may have already read in my post about swag-grabbing. One of the things that really impressed me was how sponsors at this conference went above and beyond with their expo hall booths. If you’re considering exhibiting at BlogWorld Expo this fall (or any time in the future), this post is for you – take a look at just a few of the really cool exhibitors at BlogHer:

Ivory Soap at BlogHer
Ivory Soap didn’t actually have a booth at BlogHer (as far as I know – but I’m pretty sure I saw every booth there). What they did, though, was create something really cool that was sure to be photographed. I saw lots of people stop to take a picture of the soap sculpture, which was right by the door and registration desks. Every time someone posts a picture like the one here, it’s a mini advertisement for Ivory!

Twizzlers at BlogHer

Like Ivory, Twizzlers did something super different that made a great photo op. They actually had cool Twizzlers sculptures set up around the convention center and the hotel. Again, every picture like this is a miniature advertisement for Twizzlers.

Pepsi at BlogHer

Another great photo op was inside the expo hall itself – this one by Pepsi.

Tropicana at BlogHer

Tropicana not only had a visually appealing booth that used eye-catching colors, but they also attracted attendees by offering a free service – manicures. They were giving out free samples of their juice as well I believe, but unlike some of the other booths, which had expensive products for free, Tropicana didn’t have to spend much to purchase nail polish. And, while the girls got their nails done, it allowed the booth representatives to make a real connection with attendees while talking about Tropicana’s products.

Skinny Cow at BlogHer

At Skinny Cow’s booth, they did have free samples of their products, but like Tropicana, they also have a free service to give away – false eyelashes. This also gave reps the chance to talk to attendees about their products on a more personal level. Plus, people were crowding around the booth all weekend to see what was going on.

Sam's Club at BlogHer

Sam’s Club didn’t have a service they gave away or even products for our swag bags, but what they did have was an interactive booth where attendees could try on jewelry. The interactive aspect gave people something to do beyond just standing there while a company pitched their products.

Pringles at BlogHer

Who doesn’t love (and notice) a giant blow-up Pringle man? Yes, there really was someone in that costume, hence the out-of-costume girl also in the picture – she was leading him around since he really couldn’t see very well. Goofy stuff always attracts attendees to your booth.

Carpet One at BlogHer

I had never heard of Carpet One before, but after visiting their Spill Bar at BlogHer, I won’t forget it. Their carpet is stain resistant, and when you sat down at the bar, they let you mix a cocktail and spill it on a sample of carpet to see how stain-proof it really is. Demoing your products is a great way to get people to not only visit your booth, but to actually remember you.

Kudos at BlogHer

The lesson you can learn from the Kudos booth is this: hire great people to man your booth. Of course, three guys dressed up like construction workers is perfect for a female-centric conference, but beyond being super cute, the guys were really engaging and spoke about the product well. Plus, like the Pringles guy, the dressed up workers were goofy, so it attracted attendees.

Samsung at BlogHer

Samsung was smart and not only gave attendees the opportunity to check out their newest products, but they also hosted the recharging station. It was something a lot of the bloggers there really needed, and even those without laptops and phones to change took the opportunity to sit down on one of their couches for a few minutes. Be useful to attendees and they’ll appreciate what you’re providing (and it gives you the chance to talk about your company).

The Knorr booth was cool because they actually set up a stage and did cooking demonstrations where attendees were invited to participate. They had samples of their products available to taste as well as to take home, and the benches gave people a place to sit and watch the demos. Their booth was also very visually appealing.

So what is the take-away message? If you’re exhibiting at BlogWorld Expo or any other conference, some things to keep in mind include:

  • Think about creating some kind of display that is a photo op
  • Try to give people something to do while you pitch your products to keep them in your booth longer – interaction is key
  • Swag is awesome, but giving away a “service” that people want or need works well too
  • Hire people who can represent your company well
  • Goofy is good – attract attention by doing something different
  • Demoing products works well, especially if people can get involved
  • Make your booth visually appealing

Be creative with your booth ideas! Beyond buying your actual spot, you don’t have to spend tons of money on your exhibit – just think outside the box a little. Talk to the conference sales team – most are beyond happy to accommodate your ideas, no matter how creative.

Planning Your Podcast At Blog World Expo? We Just Made It Easy!


Our new identity this year is to also be the trade show for not just the blogging world, but after our merger with the podcasting and video world of the New Media Expo in 2008, we want to include the podcasters as well.  palegroove_studios We have been trying to find ways to allow our podcasters that will be attending our event not to miss a beat and to be allowed to record their own podcasts on the show floor “live”.  We have accomplished that this year with the folks at Podcast Tuneup who are bringing some university students and with Kris Smith of Palegroove Studios. We are setting up 4 separate podcasting stations where you as a podcaster can set up a time to record your own session live from BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.  You wont have to miss a beat and can do your own shows and get them up on your own site.

PCTU We are scheduling 30 minutes at a time and if you need more than 30 minutes just let us know so we can accommodate your schedule.  We will have staff and equipment ready for you to use beginning Friday morning when the show begins and ending on Saturday when the exhibit floor closes.  Set up your time to record live from the Exhibit Floor! You can sign up in the form provided, or you can contact Kris Smith at 646.657.8484, to schedule your time.  Kris is also available to handle you technical questions and any information you need to get your podcast recorded, uploaded and broadcast to your community!

If you want to tell all of your fans that you will be broadcasting live from BlogWorld & New Media Expo, now is your chance.  They can watch you conduct your show, participate as guests or how ever it makes sense for you!  It’s your show!

The Milblog Lounge


Come one, come all to the Army Milblog Lounge! I am pleased to announce that the U.S. Army has stepped forward and as a result, we have a 20×20 area in the exhibit hall, half of which will be configured as a comfortable area for discussions on milblogging and topics of interest to the milbloggers, from technology to music to more. In the days ahead, we hope to be telling you of events that will be taking place in the lounge portion, and the other portion is going to be more than merely interesting. But more on that later. If you need an area to record an interview or such, drop us a line and we may be able to make this area available to you for that. Otherwise, feel free to drop by and meet some of the milblooggers present. Remember, we are not all raving neanderthals of uncertain disposition (that’s just Uncle Jimbo *G*). You will find a variety of interests and a variety of interesting individuals. So, come join us at the Army Milblog Lounge in the Exhibit Hall

Exhibitor Review: Lijit


LijitLijit is a search replacement for your blog. And it’s a good one at that. Not only does Lijit give you awesome search results it also allows you to see who around is talking about the same thing on their blogs. The more someone talks about a product the higher their relevance in other similar searches. This allows you to become an “expert” in the subject that you’re blogging about. Lijit also gives you the option of displaying the search results on your own site or they can host it for you. Either one you choose will provide you with a search result that is far greater than the standard WordPress search. Some of the other Lijit features include facebook integration, other social network integration so you can increase your network size and see a potential increase in readership. The great folks over at Lijit are constantly rolling out new features for you to add to the widget that’s on your blog. One of the best things about Lijit are the stats that they make available to you. They’re robust and quite useful. If you’ve been looking for a different kind of search for your blog then look no further than Lijit

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