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Using Blogs To Build Traffic For Your Podcast


That is the topic of Scott Bourne’s talk at NAB. Here is the big take away:

If all you do is build a blog and create show notes from your podcast you will build your audience. If you learn that one thing today then you will have gotten your money’s worth.

Scott has several other good tips:

  • Use your blog to build relationships and convert your audience into a community.
  • Sell ads on your blog to ad revenue to your podcast.
  • 4 – 5% of your readers are bold enough to comment.
  • Create an archetype to be provocative drive traffic
  • Visit KDPaine’s Media Measurement blog to find out which keywords will help drive traffic to your blog and podcast.
  • Pick 10 keywords no more to be effective and avoid risk of being branded a spammer. Then focus on three to really own.

Interesting note here. Just like Tim from French Maids, Scott says he has been involved with traditional media since he was 16 years old but has never had more fun or felt more connected to his audience than he has since he has been blogging and podcasting. 

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