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WINNER! Blog World Gives Free Badge To SXSW Interactive Attendee


One of the better parts of this job is giving out the cool news.  As you know we ran a contest over the weekend to give away a free badge and pass to SXSW Interactive to a person that entered and told us why they thought they should be chosen to join us in Austin, Texas. We have finally chosen a winner!

We had difficulty choosing the person we thought best exemplified the idea behind the contest which is why I am just now announcing it about an hour later than I intended.  The entries were all so good that we couldn’t narrow it down.    We had to give other prizes away as well.  The result? The runners up, Brian Layman and  Corvida Raven will receive a 50% coupon or code for passes to Blog World and New Media Expo coming up on October in Las Vegas. 

The person that did win the badge to head to Austin is none other than Angela Bull.  Angela, I want you to be my duet partner at the Karaoke Bar!  Here is the winning entry.  Angela you did a great job!

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Blog World To Give Away Free Badge to SXSW Interactive


We here at Blog World and New Media Expo love to attend events and meet people and get out into our community.  The folks over at SXSW Interactive have allowed us to do all of that and benefit one of our readers at the same time!  We are going to give away a free pass or badge to the upcoming SXSW Interactive event in Austin, Texas from March 13, – 17, 2009.  What does the badge include?  You can read it all for yourself but it is a $495 value!

So how can you win the badge?  Good question. 

It is actually going to be very simple.  All you need to do is tell us why you want to go and why we should pick you to go with us!  It is really that simple.  We want you there but we need to know why we should pick you!  The most innovative blog post, YouTube video, podcast or any other use of new media can be used.  Just link or tag your entry to the Blog World and New Media Expo site the SXSW Interactive site and leave us a comment here to let us know you wish to enter and refer us to your blog post, your YouTube Video, your podcast or whatever form you are using to tell us why you think you deserve the SXSW Interactive pass.  We will determine the winner from the entries submitted.  Entries will be taken until Sunday night March 1, 2009, at midnight PST time.  Get your entry in and let us kn ow why you want to be give a free pass to what has been called "Spring Break For Geeks" event in Austin, Texas.

We are going to announce the winner on our site on Monday March 2, 2009 at 6 p.m. pacific time.  We will be providing the winner their very own pass to the event and we can even interview the winner on our live radio show on that date as well.

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Live Blogging At The Blog World & New Media Expo 07


If you plan to attend the Blog World & New Media Expo, are you planning to live blog your experience?  I ask this because I learned something new in the convention and trade show business today.  While discussing a completely non-related convention with its planners and directors, I was trying to find out if I could live blog the event for a client.  “You want to do what?”, was the response as I made my way through the maze of red tape before I was finally told I would probably not be able to cover the event in this way.  It seems that they consider live blogging or posting the experience live through a blog, “siutcasing.” 

Suitcasing refers to businesses or sales people working the show floor selling their services or products without actually purchasing a show booth.  I tried to explain that I wasn’t there as a sales person or there to sell anything on behalf of my client, I was there to report on my client’s blog the experience of attending the show and who was there, what was the buzz, and what were the hot presentations and what was the breaking industry news.  I was a citizen journalist.  Somehow I don’t think they understood the idea behind a blog, or what posting was or how that played into their “No Suitcasing” policy.  I think it is safe to say that the Blog World & New Media Expo welcomes as many bloggers as possible to create a buzz about the show experience.  If you intend to live blog the event let us know and we can do a page of all of those that are posting their experience.  I would love to hear about those that will be podcasting from the show, livecasting the event and reporting on their experience!  I’ll let you know how it turns out with the other conference and whether I actually have to gain press credentials.  Bloggers get no respect!

Join Us Today For A Discussion with Larry Genkin of Blogger & Podcaster Magazine


mag5 Today we will be airing our radio show live at Blog Talk Radio and we will be discussing the upcoming Blog World & New Media Expo with Larry Genkin of Blogger & Podcaster Magazine, a sponsor of the expo, and one of the exhibitors of the show. 

We will be doing more interviews as we get the people lined up for the show.  Future interviewees include people like The CEO of Blog Talk Radio, Alan Levy, a speaker and friend appearing at the show and author of Blog Wild! A Guide For Small Business Blogging, Andy Wibbels.  We plan to have other guests on that will be presenting at the show, sponsoring or as exhibitors. These are sneak previews of what is in store for everyone as we near the vent.  Make sure you get registered to meet these people at the show!

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