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"Why Am I The Only Woman Speaker?"


This was a great impromptu type presentation.  Kristina Halvorson was on stage and gave a talk on Web Content.  Then ended her talk and everyone clapped.  I thought wow 15 mninutes that was short. Then she walked back on stage, and said I want to talk about something else.

The title of this post is what the slide said as she told us what she wants to talk about.  This is a great eye opener.  Chris Messina and Ryan Carson are joining her onstage to discus not just the fact that all men are speaking , but they are also talking about diversity.  They are talking now about the "White Boy’s Club".

This is a talk that I want to talk about more and certainly something we are tuned into at Blog World Expo and what we can do about it.  I’m hoping we can get Kristina to agree to talk to us on our radio show.  I will try to flag her down to discuss this very issue.

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