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NMX Speaker Profile: 5 Questions With Lynette Young


Last year, Lynette Young set the tone for an awesome event by opening NMX 2014. This year Lynette’s returned to co-present a breakout session with her friend, Hunter Boyle. What follows is a brief Q & A with our good friend, NMX speaker and superfan, Lynette Young.

1. Without repeating your online bio word for word, tell the NMX community who you are and why you're so good at what you do.

Simply put, I work with people (who sometimes work at companies and sometimes work for themselves) to make a positive impact and grow their brand and business profitably online. My background varies from technology to boutique retail shop owner. Everything I’ve done to date has added to skillset I bring my clients in the consultancy and coaching work I do now.

2. What are you speaking about at NMX? Why is this an important topi

My talk “You Want A Raving Fan Base? Here’s How The All-Stars Do It… And You Can, Too!” is actually being co-presented with Hunter Boyle. Coming off of my NMX keynote last year “The Myth of the Overnight Success: How to Build an Iceberg in 25 Years or Less,” I have had many requests to show how to systematically learn from the success of “A-Listers” in the digital marketing industry. Why reinvent the wheel? During this talk Hunter and I will show attendees how to reverse engineer what it takes to become top of your game in this crazy industry we work in. This is the type of industry where we can all learn from each other and help each other succeed. Hunter and I fully intend to share what we and others have road-tested to work!

3. Who are you most looking forward to see speak at NMX and why?

The list is LONG. It would be easier to just point to the complete speaker list! Chris Ducker. CecilyKellogg. Marcy Massura. Missy Ward. Joel Comm. Pat Flynn. Cliff Ravenscraft. Jason Falls. C.C. Chapman. Elsie Escobar. Mignon Fogarty. And of course Rick and Dave!!

4. Beyond work...what is your passion?

I’m working to become the daydream I have in my head: “traveling to exotic locations as a well-paid, quirky vintage-inspired lifestyle, beauty and fashion vlogger.” My personal and professional passions have been painfully separated for as long as I can remember and it’s about time that changed! In all seriousness, I love to travel and have started working to make that happen more.

5. What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

— That in person I’m funny. Or at least that is what people tell me. It always takes me by surprise because there really is no difference in how I portray myself online vs. offline.

6. Bonus! You were given a discount code to share with your online community. Share your code here and tell potential attendees why they should attend NMX!

 Code: lyoung20
 For all the years I’ve been attending New Media Expo I’ve seen the event change attendee’s business and lives. I feel that if you are serious about succeeding using digital media you need to learn from the best – and that is who attends NMX!
Lynnette’s co-presentation with Hunter Boyle is called “You Want A Raving Fan Base? Here’s How The All-Stars Do It (And You Can, Too),” and it’s happening on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 2:15. Register today!
Connect with Lynette on Twitter at @LynetteRadio.

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