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NMX Speaker Spotlight: 5 With Questions Cecily Kellogg

Cecily Kellogg

Cecily Kellogg

This isn’t Cecily Kellogg’s first rodeo at NMX speaker. In 2011, Cecily was a panelist at BlogWorld Los Angeles. Since then, she’s moved on from parent blogging to build a successful career as content marketer, which is what she’ll be talking about at NMX ’15 in April.

Behold today’s speaker spotlight.

5 Questions with Cecily Kellogg

1. Without repeating your online bio word for word, tell the NMX community who you are and why you're so good at what you do.

It wouldn’t seem like a poet would end up in content marketing, but that’s what happened to me. It turns out my years as a poet were great training for content creation. I learned how to say a lot with just a few words, a skill that has helped me craft content that people actually read. After achieving a small measure of success with my personal blog I became a full time writer in 2007, and today I run a small agency that provides marketing and written content to a variety of clients.

2. What are you speaking about at NMX? Why is this an important topic?

At NMX I’ll be talking about creating a content marketing strategy for your blog. Businesses are required to establish specific goals for their content.  The determine what a conversion will be, they use old school sales techniques, and they require content to produce results. Bloggers can benefit from this same approach, even if a “conversion” for them is something as simple as leaving a comment or sharing a post. I’ll be teaching bloggers how to integrate a business-style content strategy to grow their blog and help them find success – while staying true to their blog’s heart.

3. Who are you most looking forward to see speak at NMX and why?

I’m really excited about seeing some favorite folks speak such as C.C. Chapman, Lynette Young, Jason Falls, Missy Ward, and Kelby Carr. But I’m also really looking forward to hearing Marcy Massura and Maggie Patterson, women I admire but haven’t heard speak yet.

4. Beyond work...what is your passion?

Outside of work, I find joy in my family. My daughter is a budding rock star, plays junior roller derby, and has helped me reconnect with my inner artist. My husband makes me laugh and is the most amazing writer. When the weather doesn’t suck, I love exploring and hiking in the woods.

5. What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

When people meet me, I think they are surprised to realize I’m not all that tough. I’m also really super short, which shocks people, and fatter than my carefully taken photos suggest. 🙂
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