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One Million Stories at NMX


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Every blogger at NMX has a story to tell. Every podcaster, every video producer, every photographer, freelance writer, journalist, Internet marketer, social media professional and crafter at NMX has a story to tell.

 Every speaker at NMX has a story to tell. Every exhibitor, sponsor, and keynoter at NMX has a story to tell.

Every ticket taker and every sound or lighting technician has a story to tell. Janitors, booth babes, and security guards all have a story to tell.

 Every conference director, project manager, and CEO has a story to tell.

You see, NMX isn’t about being a conference. It’s about inspiration. We’re about finding the stories and ideas no one else is talking about. We bring content creators together because we know that when creative people are together, magic happens.

NMX has always been about stories

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As content creators, it’s up to us to look beyond the sales pitches and swag to find the stories that make us human. NMX isn’t about lists of experts, or top 10 reasons to do something. We’re much more than that. We’re the people who tell the stories. We’re the people who make all that other stuff interesting.

NMX has never been about names. It’s never been about who’s who. It has always been about People. And stories. Period.

I have a challenge…

My challenge to all of the content creators attending NMX is to find the stories that aren’t so obvious. Don’t give a sales pitch to the person sitting next to you in the New Media Lounge. Instead, ask questions. Find out what really makes him or her tick.

Instead of exchanging business cards, exchange ideas. Find stories together. Collaborate. Rock our world.

Instead of meeting someone to find out what he or she can do for you, find out something about that person no one else knows. Use that for your inspiration.

Instead of writing to rehash sessions, find out why a speaker is so passionate about his or her topic.

Instead of taking a photo of an exhibit, capture the true spirit of the people running the booth. Talk to them about what they do – and then create content that tells the story.

NMX is more than a conference. We are passionate about stories. We’re not influence or follower counts, we’re about being human. To us, the nitty gritty details are more important than how many people retweet our content. We like it when you make us laugh, we are touched when you make us cry,  but we truly love it when you make us think.

 Ideas are everywhere.

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I challenge you to walk up to someone you don’t know to find out his or her true story. Not blog titles and URL’s, but the inspiration and the true heart and soul behind the content.

I challenge you to ask an exhibitor about the inspiration behind his product or service. Not what the something does, or how you can work for them, but how and why what they do touches the soul.

I challenge you to ask a speaker about topics not related to his or her sessions. (But not during the session, please, because that would be rude.) Don’t pick brains, share stories. Make a friend.

I challenge you to talk to the NMX team to learn why they believe in what they do. It’s not for the glory, and it’s not for the pay. Everyone has a reason for being here, and it’s not what you think. Are you brave enough to ask?

I challenge you to ask our sound or lighting people for tips.

I challenge you to ask a podcaster for an interview.

I challenge you to ask random people to smile for the camera.

I challenge you to take it beyond networking and beyond selling. I challenge you to learn what makes everyone tick.

Content is everywhere at NMX

I challenge you. Because at NMX we have to walk the walk. We are  a conference for content creators, and if we can’t inspire you we’re not doing our job.

There are a million stories at NMX. Which one will you share?

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