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January 2015

NMX: You’re Right, It’s Not the Same


Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.02.15 PM

I recently took a short break from working as Conference Director and Community Manager for NMX. The reasons for the break aren’t as important as the reasons I returned – because as a content creator I believe in this conference, what it stands for, and the creative people who make up the NMX team and community. I returned for them, I returned for you, and, yes, I returned for me.

During the time I was away, I received a lot of feedback about NMX. Most of the feedback was positive with a “but” thrown in. “But it’s not the same,” as when it began in 2007.

No, NMX isn’t the same, and that is a good thing!?

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.02.38 PM

New Media and online content creation have evolved and we have to evolve with it. We can’t stay the same. “Same” is boring. ‘”Same” is a failure to adapt. Why would anyone want to go to the same conference over and over again, particularly in a new media world that is constantly changing?

NMX is not the same because our attendees aren’t the same, nor is our focus. When BlogWorld & New Media Expo was first announced in July of 2006 no one had ever heard of Twitter because it wasn’t public yet. Myspace was the big social network and of course Instagram, Google + Pinterest, Snapchat and others were years away from coming to life.

In 2007 bloggers dominated NMX and the mainstream news. We were known as “BlogWorld.” Heck, I still call it BlogWorld…but we were always much more than that. From the very beginning we were talking about podcasting, web video and social media. All forms of content creation were represented in the exhibit hall and the conference.

From the very beginning Rick told me and anyone else who would listen that podcasting and video were going to eventually become huge parts of the show and the corporate marketers and PR pros would fade back into the PRSA’s and marketing worlds they came from. Over the years we evolved and our community of attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors evolved with us. The one thing that remains constant is that NMX exists to serve content creators. So, no. We’re not the same.

Many online brands that are popular today launched at BlogWorld, including a couple of now-popular social media events. Many of the successful (and Internet famous) content creators and social media professionals you look up to today made a name for themselves speaking at BlogWorld/NMX.

Nothing makes us happier than to know we had a part of in someone’s success. If everything stayed the same, we couldn’t continue to introduce new people, products, and services so we can help them succeed as well. Of Course NMX is different now. We hope to always be different, because our attendees are too interesting and creative to be interested in the “same.”

We’re a different conference because our focus is different

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.03.37 PM

We hear NMX described as a “blogging conference,” “tech conference,” “podcasting conference,” “social media conference,” or “content marketing conference.” The truth is, we’re none of the above and we never were. Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing weren’t even buzzwords when NMX was born.

  • We’re not a blogging conference because we cover all aspects of online content creation. Blogging is very important and will always have a huge spotlight at NMX. Back in 2010 one of our favorite speakers Lee Odden has explained it this way Blogs are the hub of social media and everything else makes up the spokes. If you just change the word blog to content you have an perfect description of how we view the world of new media. NMX is about all content on the web.
  • We’re not a podcasting conference, either. Like blogging, podcasting has an important focus at NMX, but our sessions for content creators go far beyond podcasting. We see podcasting as one of the three critical legs of the new media chair; blogging, podcasting and web video. They are inextricably linked – particularly for any independent content creator who is trying to compete and succeed in a world full of content.
  • We’re not a tech conference. Our community is tech-savvy for sure. They enjoy gadgets, wearable technology and keep up with all the latest tech news. They are definitely “early adopters”. However, while technology plays an important part in our event, and while our attendees love to see our exhibitors and sponsors who are technology-based, technology is not our primary focus. If you rely on the latest technology to create, distribute, consume and monetize your content you will find it at NMX.
  • We are not a social media conference. Social media plays an important part in content creation, but social isn’t who we are or what we are about – Social media makes up the spokes we use to bring our audience to our content.

NMX really isn’t difficult to pinpoint or nail down. We are a conference for new media content creators. If you blog, podcast, create web video, or take beautiful photographs, you belong at NMX.

We’re a different conference because we keep it affordable

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.04.08 PM

We understand that many members of our community are independent content creators, which means they are in business for themselves, or that their employers don’t have the budget to send them. That’s why we do everything we can to keep NMX affordable. That means we can’t pay tens of thousands of dollars to bring in A-list celebrities. Every big name speaker you have ever seen at NMX is there because they love new media as much as you do.  We don’t focus on shock and awe, we focus on smart people sharing smart ideas.

We hope you agree that meeting people at a table in the new media lounge is far more beneficial than yelling at someone over loud music.

We’re a different conference because we don’t mind if you share

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.08.53 PM

If you look at YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare, Instagram and other platforms you’ll see hundreds of past NMX sessions, and we don’t mind. We like to think of NMX as the Grateful Dead of conferences. We don’t mind when attendees take video or audio at our sessions and keynotes. We encourage it, because that means more exposure for our speakers and our event. That is the new media way. Besides, it’s a great way to share some knowledge with our friends who couldn’t be there. As a conference for content creators it would be pretty lame if we encouraged everyone to create and share their content far and wide except from our event.

We’re different because it’s not about what you have to sell, but what you have to teach

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.08.23 PM

If you want to speak at NMX you have to have a better reason than “I wrote a book” or “I want people to learn about my product or service.” One thing we take seriously is that there is no selling from the podium. On the extremely rare occasions a sales person gets through, you can bet that person will never be back. In fact, we have an agreement with NMX attendees – if anyone gets up and starts selling during a presentation, you can heckle them all you want. Selling is for the Expo hall, not our sessions.

We’re a different conference because we value knowledge and passion over influence

When we look for people to speak at NMX, we’re looking for teachers and story tellers, not “influencers” or self appointed “experts.” For us, knowledge, passion, and creativity trumps influence every time.

Many of the well known speakers you see on the speaking circuit today  got their start at NMX. We’re proud to say we knew they were smart before they became famous for being smart. So we’re happy to introduce some speakers you might not be familiar with, because nothing makes us prouder than to watch them launch amazing careers from the NMX stage.

Now, this isn’t to say we don’t value influence because we do. However, if we do bring in someone with a well known name you can bet your bottom dollar it’s because we felt they had something important to teach – not because we thought they might put butts in the seats.

There Is No Other Event Like NMX.

When Rick first had the idea for NMX it was because he had been searching for an event like it for months and it didn’t exist. He wanted to attend an event full of bloggers, podcasters and web video creators just like him. He wanted to learn from them, meet people who were as passionate about new media who he was and who he didn’t have to explain what a blog was. No one understands that more than me.

When I attended the first BlogWorld 2007, I was very shy and had never traveled by myself anywhere, but I took a brave, big step and flew to Las Vegas because I felt the same passion for blogging that Rick did. When he spoke about his passion and his need for this conference, I got it. Sometimes I feel as if some of the people in my life don’t understand why I am so passionate about NMX, but I can truly say that everyone at NMX from the speakers to the attendees are MY people. I am so happy to be here. I can geek out about blogging to my heart’s content and no one thinks I’m weird.

Over the years the buzz words have changed but no other event has even come close to creating what NMX is. Do you remember when Twitter first came on the scene? Several Twitter conferences popped up overnight. People told us we should change the name to TwitterWorld. We stuck to our vision and our core belief that blogging, podcasting and web video were born to be together and that they all depend on each other. We still believe that today.

Why should you attend NMX if it’s so different?

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.07.51 PM

Let’s break it down:

  • Familiar faces, but not the same old, same old: You’ll meet both old and new friends at NMX, but it’s never the same thing each year.
  • Affordability: We do everything we can to keep NMX affordable for our attendees.
  • Networking: You won’t meet any brighter or more creative people than those who are attending NMX. You will find opportunities all around you.
  • Sponsors and exhibitors: Our sales team works hard to hand pick sponsors and exhibitors who best represent our mission and our responsibility to all online content creators. Whether it’s the tools and technology you need to succeed as a content creator, or in life itself, there’s ROI for everyone at NMX.
  • Attendees who are invested in the experience: Most attendees at NMX pay for their passes out of their own pockets rather than have costs covered by an employer. This means they’re more invested in the experience, and are 100% focused on learning and networking.
  • Red carpet events: All Content Creator and VIP pass holders are invited to attend the 10th Annual Podcast Awards and 4th IAWTV Annual IAWTV Awards and red carpet events.
  • Parties, mixers, and other networking events: Rub elbows with well known content creators as well as creative up and comers.
  • People who want to work with content creators: Many brands are looking to hire content creators, and they’re coming to NMX.
  • Blogging Lifetime Achievement Award: In which we will present an award to someone who has really made a mark in the world of blogging.
  • People who are looking to grow their online presence: Are you looking to up your game and grow traffic and boost your online presence? You’ll learn how at NMX!


Surprises in store…

I’m not at liberty to divulge any secrets about our opening keynote. Suffice  it to say it will be like nothing you’ve seen before at NMX or any other recent conference. Once photos and videos are shared online, you’ll want to make sure everyone knew you were there.

I’ll tell you this –  where we’re going, we won’t need roads.

One million stories at NMX…and none of them are the same

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.11.04 PM

NMX isn’t just a conference. It’s inspiration. Everywhere you look is an idea. Everyone you meet has a tale to tell or something interesting to share. A ticket to NNX is a ticket to the world.

There are one million stories at NMX…which story will you tell?

Dennis Miller & Emily Morse to Host the 10th Annual Podcast Awards at NMX


NMX is pleased to announce Dennis Miller and Emily Morse as hosts for the 10th Annual Podcast Awards being held at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino on Tuesday, April 14th starting at 6:30pm. The awards are attended by world renowned podcasters and other online influencers and fans.

This is a pairing that isn’t to be missed.

Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller

The King of Rants, Dennis Miller is a comedian, actor, nationally syndicated radio host, and podcaster.

Dennis rose to fame as a cast member of Saturday Night Live, a gig that led to talk show hosting opportunities on both television and radio. One of Comedy Central’s 100 Greatest Standup Comedians of All Time, he’s best known for going off on ranty tangents about politics and pop culture, much to the delight of his fans

Catch Dennis’ podcast, Miller Time, on the Podcast One network, send him a Tweet at @DennisDMZ to let him know you’ll see him at the Podcast Awards.

Emily Morse

Emily Morse

Emily Morse is a noted sex and relationship expert, talk show host,  television personality, and long time podcaster.

Whether you know her from her podcast, her Bravo TV show Miss Advised, or frequent stints on Loveline Radio, you’re sure to agree Emily knows a thing or two about sex. In fact, Emily was voted the #1 dating and sex expert by DatingAdvice.com and the #1 dating and sex expert to follow on Twitter. In fact, Emily attended the very first Podcast Expo and Podcast Awards 10 years ago!

Catch Emily’s podcast Sex With Emily on Podcast One, and don’t forget to reach out to her on Twitter at @SexWithEmily to let her know you’re looking forward to the Podcast Awards.

Nominations are now open for the 10th Annual Podcast Awards

The polls are open! Stop by the Podcast Awards website and to cast your vote for your favorite podcasts in niches such as Business, Comedy, Entertainment, and Education.

Register for NMX ’15 today!



Nominations for the 10th Annual Podcast Awards Opens January 19th



podcasting at nmx

by David Jackson – Podcasting Director for NMX

Nominations for the 10th Annual Podcast Awards Open January 19th

The 10th Annual Podcast Awards are being held in Las Vegas at New Media Expo.  Each year podcast audiences nominate and vote for their favorite shows. Both the nominating and voting are done over a period of time. Multiple days of nominations and voting means a podcaster with a small engaged audience can have just as many votes as a show with a large audience (but little engagement). It’s not about downloads – it’s about connection, engagement, and influence.

Nominations close February 2nd.

If you look at the past winners of the People’s Choice award, you will see a the Fantasy Football podcast (from ESPN) taking home the prize.Keith and the Girl (a comedy podcast started in their apartment) took home the award in 2007.

Here is a quick overview how your show can be nominated:

There will be approximately a 10-14 day period in which New Media Expo will review all of the nominations. The review process will include the following:

  • Verification Podcast fits in Category Nominated
  • Verification that the Podcast has 10 Shows Produced
  • Verification the Podcaster has been creating shows on or before January 1st 2015
  • Verification that the Podcaster has a visible RSS 2.0 feed with Enclosures on his home page.
  • A confidential non-releasable grading sheet has been created, nominated podcast will be graded:
  • Number of Nominations 40%
  • Quality of Website Design 15%
  • Quality of Sound 15%
  • Quality of Podcast Delivery and Show Format 10%
  • Relevance of Content 20%

Nominations are open from January 19th through February 2nd.

The top 10 finalists in each category will be announced on February 23rd.

Once the top 10 nominees in each category are selected by the review committee and added to the website, the final voting will commence.

Voting will be open for 15 days ending on March 10th. Every member of the audience can vote once a day. A verification e-mail with a clickable link will be e-mailed to you so that you will have to verify the vote.

Click here for full details on the rules and regulations.

NMX + NAB Show = 1 Killer Event!



new media lounge at nmx When we made the announcement about  NMX’s co-location with NAB Show, April 13-16, 2015 in Las Vegas, our attendees sent us many congratulatory wishes

However, we receive questions from time to time from members of our community who aren’t familiar with NAB Show, or who are wondering what aspects of NAB Show NMX attendees have access to.

Today we answer some of your questions.

What is NAB Show?

NAB Show stands for “National Association for Broadcasters,” and this is their annual conference. 97,000 attendees from new and traditional media are expected. You’ll meet both veteran and new content creators at NAB show, and they’re just as passionate about what they do as you are.

From NMX CEO Rick Calvert’s blog post announcing the co-location:

The NAB Show is where all the filmmakers, radio and TV stations in the world go to get the stuff they need to create, distribute and monetize their content. Any business that creates traditional audio and video like training videos, Television and radio commercials also attends NAB.

Or as NAB describes themselves: “It’s the world’s largest electronic media show covering filmed entertainment and the development, management and delivery of content across all mediums.”

Their tag line is “Where Content Comes to Life”. From creation to consumption, across multiple platforms and countless nationalities, NAB Show is home to the solutions that transcend traditional broadcasting and embrace content delivery to new devices in new ways. Sound a little familiar?

We think you’ll agree that our community of content creators need to be in a place where content is living and breathing.

Why did NMX and NAB Show co-locate?

In 2007, three years before I began working with NMX, I interviewed Rick about this new “BlogWorld” conference I was hearing so much about about for my former blogging column at About.com. (Sorry the article no longer exists.)

I asked Rick why blogging was so important and what he said always stayed with me. Rick told me that blogging (and all forms of online content) was going to be an important communication platform, and while some people didn’t see the big deal about blogging (8 years ago), he knew it was just the beginning. That blogging, podcasting, video -and all online content – were going to be important platforms, especially for breaking news.

In 2007, Rick told me people would be watching TV via the Internet, and breaking news via blogs and podcasts. In Rick’s vision, new media was the future of broadcasting.

He then told me his goal was to some day locate BlogWorld with NAB show. In other words, Rick told me about this the first time we met, and he worked hard over the next 8 years  to bring his dream to fruition.

From another post Rick wrote regarding NAB and NMX:

This whole co-location with @NABShow has me feeling very nostalgic. There have been a lot of historic moments in our short eight years. Like back in 2007 getting WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg to give our opening Keynote. And then getting Mark Cuban billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and blogger to give the closing Keynote.

The last few years, Podcasting has exploded at @NMX as I always knew it would.  In April 2015 we will host the 10th annual podcasting awards.  It’s hard to believe it has been 10 years! A special shout out of recognition to Todd Cochrane @GeekNews for keeping the podcast awards alive all these years.

Web TV and internet video is right around the corner. We hosted the IAWTV Awards this year and next year it is going to be HUGE!!

We, you, me, everyone involved in this media revolution have been a part of history these last few years. We weren’t just watching from the sidelines, we have been actively participating in it.

That is why the timing was so right for this co-location with @NABShow.

Our NMX tribe needs to rub shoulders with the @NABshow community and see all the companies that come out to showcase their gear, gadgets and technology that traditional media is using.

There were 93,000 people at NAB Show this past April!! Any company there that had anything to do with New Media was buzzing in Vegas.


How will be co-location of NAB Show benefit me as a content creator?

All NMX Content Creator and VIP pass holders have access to the NAB Show expo hall with over 1,000 booths. The sponsors and exhibitors are sharing tools and services of interest to both new and traditional media content creator. Whether you’re a writer, blogger, podcaster, photographer, or video producer, there is something for everyone at NAB Show’s expo.

I asked Rick for a list of a few exhibitors NMX attendees might like to see at NAB. Here is a small sampling:  NewTek (the people who  make every live streamer’s dream toy the Tricaster), B&H Photo (home of all the mics, mixers, recording devices and other tools podcasters need),  Sony, Cannon, Panasonic, Telestream, Livestream, GoPro, Nikoon, Blackmagic, Red, Heil, and Sennheiser.

From NAB Show’s website:

NAB Show® is home to the world’s largest collection of vendors driving the future of media and entertainment. From content creation to consumption, myriad solutions await you on the Show Floor and are organized into eight Exhibit Categories to allow for efficient exploration. Get the first look at new products, discover import/export opportunities, and experience next-generation technologies through interactive exhibits, live demonstrations and technology-focused pavilions. Prepare to meet with C-level executives, trendsetters, and technology gurus responsible for advancing the tools you need to succeed in a digital world.

Content Creator and VIP pass holders also have access to NAB Show’s general or keynote sessions.  From NAB Show’s website:

General Sessions celebrate the industry and set the tone for each day of NAB Show. High-profile speakers bring a 360-view of the state of broadcasting, feature filmmaking, and new media platforms. Attendees will leave General Sessions equipped with the key perspectives they will need as they navigate sessions, the Show Floor, and interact with their colleagues. Open to all attendees.

97,000 content creators are expected to attend NAB Show and many of those attendees will be attending NMX as well. This offers the potential to network with over 100,000 content creator from all areas of new media.

Are you ready to join the media revolution?

Current pricing for NMX ’15, taking place April 13 – 16 in Las Vegas ends January 23. Register today to save $100 on your VIP Pass!

There are one million stories at NMX. Which story will you tell?


Adam Carolla and Norman Pattiz To Keynote at NMX


NMX is pleased to announce  two of our most popular speakers are returning. Podcasting superstars Adam Carolla and Norm Patitz are joining NMX ’15 as keynote speakers.

Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla headshot

When it comes to NMX, this isn’t Adam Carolla’s first rodeo. He’s joined us on stage as a keynoter at other NMX events and remains one of our most requested speakers..

With a career spanning traditional media with television shows on Comedy Central, and MTV, as well as his influence in radio working with personalities such as Jimmy Kimmel and Dr. Drew Pinsky,  Adam made the successful transition to podcasting and that’s what he is best known for today. In fact, Adam Carolla holds the Guinness World Record for Most Downloaded Podcast for The Adam Carolla Show.

Norman Pattiz

Norm Pattiz headshot

Joining Adam Carolla on the keynote stage is Norm Pattiz, who isn’t afraid to make bold statements about the future of radio and podcasting. Though he is one of the pioneers of syndicated radio, last year Norm told NMX attendees podcasting was going to be even bigger than syndicated radio. And he should know. Norm is a National Radio Hall of Fame inductee, founder of Westwood One Radio Networks and founder of Podcast One

This also isn’t Norm’s first time keynoting at NMX , and we’re hoping form more bold statements at NMX ’15/

Two Podcasting Greats, One Keynote

Bridging the gap between traditional and new media; when we talk about the “media revolution” this is exactly what we mean.

What happens when you put two outspoken podcasters on stage together? We don’t know either, but we can’t wait to find out.


Do you have your ticket for NMX? Register today!

One Million Stories at NMX


Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 6.41.01 PM

Every blogger at NMX has a story to tell. Every podcaster, every video producer, every photographer, freelance writer, journalist, Internet marketer, social media professional and crafter at NMX has a story to tell.

 Every speaker at NMX has a story to tell. Every exhibitor, sponsor, and keynoter at NMX has a story to tell.

Every ticket taker and every sound or lighting technician has a story to tell. Janitors, booth babes, and security guards all have a story to tell.

 Every conference director, project manager, and CEO has a story to tell.

You see, NMX isn’t about being a conference. It’s about inspiration. We’re about finding the stories and ideas no one else is talking about. We bring content creators together because we know that when creative people are together, magic happens.

NMX has always been about stories

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 6.41.27 PM

As content creators, it’s up to us to look beyond the sales pitches and swag to find the stories that make us human. NMX isn’t about lists of experts, or top 10 reasons to do something. We’re much more than that. We’re the people who tell the stories. We’re the people who make all that other stuff interesting.

NMX has never been about names. It’s never been about who’s who. It has always been about People. And stories. Period.

I have a challenge…

My challenge to all of the content creators attending NMX is to find the stories that aren’t so obvious. Don’t give a sales pitch to the person sitting next to you in the New Media Lounge. Instead, ask questions. Find out what really makes him or her tick.

Instead of exchanging business cards, exchange ideas. Find stories together. Collaborate. Rock our world.

Instead of meeting someone to find out what he or she can do for you, find out something about that person no one else knows. Use that for your inspiration.

Instead of writing to rehash sessions, find out why a speaker is so passionate about his or her topic.

Instead of taking a photo of an exhibit, capture the true spirit of the people running the booth. Talk to them about what they do – and then create content that tells the story.

NMX is more than a conference. We are passionate about stories. We’re not influence or follower counts, we’re about being human. To us, the nitty gritty details are more important than how many people retweet our content. We like it when you make us laugh, we are touched when you make us cry,  but we truly love it when you make us think.

 Ideas are everywhere.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 6.41.45 PM

I challenge you to walk up to someone you don’t know to find out his or her true story. Not blog titles and URL’s, but the inspiration and the true heart and soul behind the content.

I challenge you to ask an exhibitor about the inspiration behind his product or service. Not what the something does, or how you can work for them, but how and why what they do touches the soul.

I challenge you to ask a speaker about topics not related to his or her sessions. (But not during the session, please, because that would be rude.) Don’t pick brains, share stories. Make a friend.

I challenge you to talk to the NMX team to learn why they believe in what they do. It’s not for the glory, and it’s not for the pay. Everyone has a reason for being here, and it’s not what you think. Are you brave enough to ask?

I challenge you to ask our sound or lighting people for tips.

I challenge you to ask a podcaster for an interview.

I challenge you to ask random people to smile for the camera.

I challenge you to take it beyond networking and beyond selling. I challenge you to learn what makes everyone tick.

Content is everywhere at NMX

I challenge you. Because at NMX we have to walk the walk. We are  a conference for content creators, and if we can’t inspire you we’re not doing our job.

There are a million stories at NMX. Which one will you share?

Top 10 Words NOT To Use When Writing a Press Release


Rob Burns P.R. reach

One of the biggest challenges most folks have writing a press release is trying to get the media or a journalist’s attention without bragging, overusing meaningless terms, or sounding too hypey.

Most people make the mistake when learning to write a release of thinking if you just brag about how cool or interesting your business is that journalists will beat a path to you door. In fact, the exact opposite is true. All day, every day, the media is bombarded with press releases that say “We are the best! We are the most innovative company out there with synergistic, disruptive technology”!

Do you know what happens to these press releases? Approximately 99.99% of these types of submissions wind up in the trash can because the media just doesn’t care about you or your business. The media is in the story business. If you don’t  give them something is story worthy, they’re simply going to ignore you.

You don’t want to be ignored. You have something worthy to get to the press. So, what do you do? Avoid being like everybody else. After running a press release service and seeing thousands of submissions that come through my door, I’ve been able to spot the things that puts your press release in the trash folder almost immediately.

Here are 10 words I highly recommend you avoid when writing a press release:

1) Solutions. One of the most over used words in PR. It goes without saying your product is going to be a solution to something, so in reality there is no reason to tell the reader something they already assume is true.

2) Bleeding edge. Really? bleeding edge? Just you and a million other folks claiming the same thing.

3) Value-added. What does that really mean? Aren’t all businesses supposed to be bringing value? Why do you need to tell someone that little tidbit of info? They already assume you are bringing value.

4) Outside the box. Waayyyy over used. Just don’t.

5) Industry Leader. If you really are an industry leader you don’t need to tell your reader. They already know, and if you aren’t, they are going to call B.S. on you.

6) Innovative. Another word that if it is really true, people will say it about you in social channels, but sounds incredibly disingenuous if you say it about yourself.

7) Disruptive. Are you a Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates? If not you do not have disruptive technology; “trust me”.

8) World Class. Opposed to what, city class or solar system class?

9) Synergy. I throw up in my mouth every time I see this word in a press release. Unfortunately I see it a lot.

10) Revolutionary. If you are not innovative or disruptive you are also not revolutionary and again, if your product really is revolutionary you don’t need to tell anyone that little tidbit. They already know.

Now that you know the top ten things to avoid when writing your next press release, you’re 99% ahead of the game. Now it’s time to think of titles that will capture the media’s attention.

Rob Burns is the President and founder of prREACH.com the worlds first viral social VIDEO press release service. If you liked this article feel free to share it on your social channels. You can find him on twitter @PRreachNews or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/prreach .

Click here to receive Rob’s free PDF on “108 Brilliant Ideas for Writing Super Effective Press Releases.”

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