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NMX To Host And Produce 10th Annual Podcast Awards Show At NAB Show


We are very proud to announce the 10th annual Podcast Awards Show will be held April 14th at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. This is the latest big day in a series of big days for all of us at New Media Expo.

Many of you know that we have produced the Podcast Awards Show at New Media Expo for the past two years. In 2013 Leo Laporte served as our host in a meeting room with about 300 people attending. It felt like a family reunion. Everyone knew all the inside jokes and everyone knew each other.

This past January for the 2014 event we moved the Podcast Awards Show  to the keynote hall and we landed traditional media celebrity and podcaster Dr. Drew as our host. Of course he got snowed in and didn’t make it.  So at the last minute David H. Lawrence XVII filled in and did an amazing job! This year the attendance doubled to 600 podcasters and podcast fans.

Now on April 14th 2015 we will host the 10th annual Podcast Awards Show at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino on what will be the biggest stage and biggest production ever for the 10th annual Podcast Awards Show. 10 years is a long time in new media terms and we are committed to making this a very special event with all the pomp and circumstance the podcast community deserves. This will be a celebration not only of the winners but of the entire podcasting community.

New Media Expo Purchases the Podcast Awards from Todd Cochrane

Yesterday we agreed to purchase the Podcast Awards from the founder and organizer of The Podcast Awards: Todd Cochrane. We cannot express how grateful we are to Todd for having the vision to create the Podcast Awards nearly 10 years ago now. He did this with his own money and huge commitment of his own time. This was also a labor of love for hundreds of podcasters who volunteered their time to listen and review all of the thousands of podcasts that were nominated over the years. Other podcasters like Cliff Ravenscraft, Clinton from Comedy4Cast and others pitched in real dollars to support the Podcast Awards and pay for the trophies.

Please join us in offering a HUGE THANK YOU to Todd Cochrane for creating an award we can all take part in and be proud of. Please also join us in offering a HUGE THANK YOU to people like Cliff, Clinton and all the others who gave their own money and time to make the Podcast Awards happen through the years.

Todd will maintain an important role in the Podcast Awards and will be recognized and honored for his lasting contribution to the podcast community.

The Biggest Podcast Awards Show In History

You may have seen our recent announcement about co-locating New Media Expo with the NAB Show in 2015. https://www.blogworld.com/2014/08/12/when-is-new-media-expo-2015-where-will-it-be/ . There will be over 100,000 attendees at this event and we will have our largest audience ever for the 10th annual Podcast Awards!! We look forward to seeing you there in your finest podcasting duds to join us for this milestone event in the history of Podcasting.

We Want Your Help.

This year there were over 4,000 podcasts nominated and over 11 million votes cast. Next year will be even bigger. The 10th annual awards show is a very big deal and we want your help in making it the best ever. Over the weeks to come we will be asking for your feedback on what we can do to create an awards show the entire podcasting community can be proud of.

Todd also has a blog post here and a little video reviewing some of the history of the Podcast Awards.


I plan to do a podcast with Todd in the next couple of weeks where we can go into some detail about the history of the Podcast Awards.

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