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Announcing The NMX New Media Lounge at NAB Show 2014


I say we, but I am personally unbelievably excited to announce that NMX we will hosting the New Media Lounge at The NAB Show this April 7-10, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV!

Over the years, you may have heard me say NMX is the NAB Show of the future.  Sometimes I would get a blank stare, and the person would ask me, “What is the NAB Show®?”

First of all, NAB stands for National Association of Broadcasters. The NAB Show is where all the filmmakers, radio and TV stations in the world go to get the stuff they need to create, distribute and monetize their content. Any business that creates traditional audio and video like training videos, Television and radio commercials also attends NAB.

Or as NAB describes themselves: “It’s the world’s largest electronic media show covering filmed entertainment and the development, management and delivery of content across all mediums.”

Their tag line is “Where Content Comes to Life”. From creation to consumption, across multiple platforms and countless nationalities, NAB Show is home to the solutions that transcend traditional broadcasting and embrace content delivery to new devices in new ways. Sound a little familiar?

Before changing our tag line to “The Media Revolution” our tag line was “Where Content Meets Commerce”. I have also been saying for several years now how early on we still are in this media revolution and that new media and traditional media are converging. Our partnership with NAB is a sign of that convergence.  I am 100% convinced that new relationships are going to be formed this April. New doors are going to be opened and new opportunities are going to be created for new and traditional media content creators. If you can’t tell by now how excited I am, then let me be clear. This is something I have dreamed of happening since 2006.  I hope you decide to join us this April and help bring this media revolution to the world.

Just take a look at NABshow.com and imagine meeting suppliers with all the latest technology, equipment and solutions to deliver your content to your community and audience.

How big is the NAB Show?

That’s even more exciting news for New Media content creators and influencers!

How about over 1,550 exhibitors and 85,000 attendees?! All of them in the business of creating content. Just like you. Only through a different medium of delivery.

What better place for New Media content creators to network, learn, geek out on gear the most amazing gear in the world?

Well this April, smack in the middle, there will be an NMX New Media Lounge – a place for the NMX community to network, and share our insights and unique perspective on share what we see, hear, and experience at NAB and with our peers and each other.

If you’re a podcaster you can sign up to podcast live from our NMX New Media Lounge – right from the show floor! (We’ll send a notice out in the next couple of days where you can apply – so stay tuned). We will have live streaming video shows in the lounge as well with some pretty amazing guests. Stay tuned for announcements coming very soon.

And before you even ask – YES! Of course we will have complimentary wi-fi allowing you to post to your social networks from the NMX New Media Lounge.

What does it cost? That’s the BEST news of all!

Normally it costs over $100 to attend but we have an incredible offer for you. If you want to join us in the lounge and walk the show floor, we will hook you up with an exhibit hall pass at no charge. Just click on the link below and enter passcode EP28 before March 21st.

Check it all out when you Click Here

Remember to use passcode EP28 to get an exhibit hall pass at no charge.

NAB has a massive educational conference as well, with some world-class education.  There are hundreds of sessions available and NAB is offering $100 off their Conference Flex Pass to our NMX community. Just use the same EP28 code when you register for the Flex Pass.

The Flex Pass includes:

*exhibit hall
*any six regular sessions
*most workshops
*info sessions
*general sessions.

Hurry, this access to NAB as our guest is only good until March 21st.

See you in Vegas next month!

Rick Calvert,

CEO & Co-founder
New Media Expo


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