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Lynette Young and Lee Odden are Kicking Things Off at NMX 2014


Five days from now, I hope you join me for what promises to be an amazing opening keynote at NMX 2014.

Actually, you’ll get two for the price of one with this keynote! We’re happy to be welcoming both Lynette Young and Lee Odd to the stage for two mini keynotes that we know will inspire you to create better content and build your business.

lynetteyoungpic002 Our opening keynote will start with Lynette Young presenting “The Myth of the “Overnight Success”: How to Build an Iceberg in 25 Years or Less.”

There is a myth in the online space about lucky people that become an “overnight success” out of nowhere. It’s bunk. Or more specifically, an iceberg.

However you look at it, it takes a lot more than showing up to the party to achieve success. Lynette Young has been a technology and marketing professional for 25 years, one of the earliest bloggers and podcasters, and now a huge Google+ fan. Find out how it took her so long to become an “overnight success” – including how to dig deep and find your own version of instant stardom.

Make sure to add Lynette’s keynote to your Sched schedule to let others know you’ll be in the audience.

lee odden Following Lynette, Lee Odden will take the stage to present “Blogs to Riches: 10 Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Blogging.”

In the process of writing 2,600 blog posts and over a million words over 10 years, Lee has learned numerous lessons about where blogging fits in a digital marketing and PR mix. For Lee and his boutique digital marketing agency, blogging has lead to a successful, growing business that includes a social network community of over 300,000, a book deal, mentions by WSJ, NY Times, The Economist, speaking engagements all over the world, consulting engagements with large companies and major brands like McKesson, Dell, HP, General Mills and LinkedIn as well as media partnerships with major marketing conferences.

In his keynote presentation at NMX, Lee will share key lessons that any business can use, on how he and a very small team have been able to leverage smart, creative and results focused blogging to earn huge returns on their efforts – from blogs to riches.

Lee’s keynote can be added to your Sched schedule as well by clicking here.

We’re pumped to see both of these keynotes and hope you are as well! If you don’t have your ticket to NMX 2014 yet, you can pick it up here.

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