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NMX Hangout: Popular Podcast Secrets with Dino Dogan, Greg Hickman, and Caleb Wojcik

Dino Dogan gives a smile and a thumbs up as he shares podcasting secrets on a Google Hangout

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Google Hangouts On Air host CoachDeb gave the NMX audience some podcasting ideas to be thankful for. As always, CoachDeb is joined by esteemed experts in the digital media creation world. This broadcast centered around three very influential podcasters who have consistently attracted a wide audience, and the casual informative discussion builds upon Deb’s previous podcaster Hangout from the week before.

The Hangout guests for this broadcast were Dino Dogan (Founder of Triberr), Greg Hickman (Founder of Mobile Mixed )and Caleb Wojcik (Online Entrepreneur, Think Traffic, Fizzle.co & Caleb Wojcik Films). It was the first evening Hangout, and we see CoachDeb starting out in the sun’s spotlight – and signing off in the early moonlight!


Dino Dogan started us off talking about why he founded Triberr. He initially was inspired when he saw a number of tools that helped one promote themselves to an audience – but sought a tool that could connect everything.

Greg Hickman, from NJ, founded Mobile Mixed which started as a video based interview show primarily with people he was interested in meeting. He now incorporates solo episodes focused on training people in the area of mobile marketing.

Caleb Wojcik co-hosts the podcast he piggybacked off his Fizzle training platform.

Fishing for the Biggest Podcasting Tips

When CoachDeb went fishing for podcasting tips, she caught some prize ones! The panel’s answers gave the NMX audience some very creative ideas, practical information, and shed insight into how these renowned podcasters think.

In the content creation area, Dino shared that he had the idea to interview TED speakers during their preparation time – and then put up podcast at the time of their TED presentation. His podcast rode the wave of the guest’s TED platform appearance and thus created a larger ocean of listeners.

Greg shared his technical area podcaster tip, and it is a very important one: the microphone! Yes, your mic is the connection between you and the podcasting audience, and this audio component should not be compromised. He suggested a condenser microphone over a dynamic one, and that the podcaster should use one that does not pick up a lot of room and background noise. No one really wants to hear motorcycles going by, or the dog yapping in the hallway! Decent mics suitable for podcasting are available now for under $100. Greg’s choice is a Heil microphone that can be purchased for $200-$300. Listen to this podcast and hear the difference it makes! (The rest of the participants were very jealous – and heading for the store immediately afterwards). He also suggested to the hangout audience that podcasters and those wanting to start podcasting search for technical tutorials online.

NMX 2014 – What Will Podcasters Be Talking About This Year?

CoachDeb asked the podcasting participants – who are all scheduled speakers at NMX 2014 in Las Vegas – to give the Hangout audience a peek into what they will be talking about this year.

Greg Hickman is making his presentation on mobile content marketing strategy. All content ends up on mobile phones, and he will be expressing the major importance of using mobile to leverage your content in a user friendly way.

Caleb Wojcik will address the NMX 2014 audience about how to make a small investment in equipment to make great looking and sounding sessions. He has done much research and experimentation, and will clearly explain how to get the biggest podcaster bang for your buck.

Dino Dogan will be bringing his a-game to NMX 2014 with a talk on influence marketing and crowd sourcing. He will give a taste of a new endeavor he is in the process of launching that involves a brand creating a kick starter type campaign – but instead of raising money, they will raise the active involvement of content creators. Instead of hiring one celebrity spokesperson to promote the brand, Dino’s concept is that a brand can hire hundreds of influential bloggers. The compound results will move the needle. But the question is – how to manage this? He created a way – and will be going live with it next year. Dino will be talking about the principles of it at NMX 2014.

First Time NMXer’s Networking Guidance

The 3 guests went on to give advice to first time NMXer’s on how to make the most of their experience there. (Aside from the shows & casinos, of course!)

Dino – likes to hangout at NMX and meet people and he has built some amazing relationships. Caleb had an interesting suggestion. He said to find a couple of people that you know ahead of time and connect with them and see who THEY know – you can build up relationships that way. Have your friends who are also attending NMX introduce you to others there. Deb told the hangout audience to search NMX handles and hashtags on Twitter and start engaging and interacting a month before the event. At a past NMX, Greg said he went there primarily to meet Pat Flynn. Previously, they exchanged emails and Greg had Pat on podcasts. Pat recommended that Greg go NMX – and he was so glad he did, because through Pat, he met lots of great people there.

The Media Revolution at NMX

NMX started as BlogWorld and made a transition to encompass all media – and the media revolution is ongoing! CoachDeb asked her Hangout panel about current podcast trends.

Caleb definitively stated that podcasts will not go away because they are strong personal connections. They can’t be skimmed over like a blog post. Your podcast fans listen for 1/2 or hour per week (or more), and that’s why he felt that podcasts were best way to get in front of people, and to get their focused attention.

Dino added that the human voice creates a powerful connection. People get obsessed with podcasts and become big fans. Greg summed it up best by saying that you can intimately get inside someone’s earbuds with your podcast!

Final expert podcasting tips?

  • Dino Dogan: Do intro music and introductory voice over – do it right & make it really good!
  • Greg Hickman: Don’t stress out about numbers – find your own niche whatever the size is and realize that subscriber numbers fluctuate.
  • Caleb Wojcik: Look outside of your own topic area – see what other podcasters are doing that are fun and different and see if you can incorporate that in your own podcasts.

NMX and host CoachDeb are dedicated to bringing the NMX Hangout audience the best of the best – casual inspired conversations with people you admire as leaders in their new media areas of expertise. They all want to hear from you – because like them – YOU are part of the media creator community.

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