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Pinspiration Saturday: Mental Space with Paula Pant


Today, we have another great quote for Pinspiration Saturday, our NMX weekly series where we highlight profound and inspiring quotes from our latest speakers to help motivate you. If that quote resonates with you, we hope you’ll take a minute to share the “pinspiration” with your followers on Pinterest by pinning it! And as always, you can also share via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or any of your favorite social networks.

You are what you think

Did you know that we’re at the best point in human history for going on adventures? If something is holding you back, you need to check out this post from Paul Pant at Afford Anything. As always, Paula is spot on with her advice about fear.

Every entrepreneur has doubts. You might not think that fear is what is holding you back in life, but for most of us, the road blocks in our life are actually caused by our own insecurities. We focus on the negative what-ifs, when we should be looking at all the possibilities in life.

Are you letting fear dictate the decisions you’re making about your content?

If you enjoyed Paula’s post about facing your fears, make sure you catch her presentation at NMX 2014. She’ll be speaking about the Art of Jaw-Dropping Content in our blogging track. Check out Paula’s full profile here to learn more about her and her session.



    Allison, this is a great quote. We were recently in Maui and I wanted to go on the helicopter tour. I was scared of course, but my wife originally said she would not go. But she relented and did go and it was one of he best days of our lives.

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