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November 2013

Pinspiration Saturday: Representing Your Brand with Scott Stratten


We’re back for another Pinspiration Saturday, our weekly series where we highlight a quote from one of our amazing speakers every week. If that quote resonates with you, we hope you’ll take a minute to share the “pinspiration” with your followers on Pinterest by pinning it! And as always, you can also share via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or any of your favorite social networks.

Your brand is what you do after two drinks

There is a now-infamous picture of Scott Stratten pole-dancing in Las Vegas. It was during an event after-party to celebrate his latest book, and after a few drinks, he hopped on stage for some silliness. Luckily, being a little silly fits in well with Scott’s personal brand, because in about a millisecond, everyone at the party had pulled out a camera phone to take pictures. Those pictures were on the Internet before Scott even got off stage.

Now imaging if Scott worked for a brand like Disney. Pictures of him on a stripper pole at a company after-party wouldn’t be funny anymore. It would be face-palm-inducing.


In this episode of TheVegas30 Podcast (embedded above or click to watch), Scott talks about how important it is to realize that you’re always representing your employer. Says Scott, “Your brand is what you do after two drinks.” And he’s right. If you can’t control yourself and act professionally at conferences and other work-sponsored events, don’t have that second drink.

That’s not to say you can’t have fun! At NMX, we have a ton of fun, and there’s always plenty of alcohol to go around at our networking parties. If you’re there to make connections and grow your business, though, keep in mind that a first impression is lasting. Have a good time, but make sure you keep your professional goals in mind when you’re tempted to do shots at the bar or jump on stage to dance.

Scott also give a shout-out to NMX CEO Rick Calvert and talks about what it takes to put together a conference, in this episode, so this is definitely a podcast you don’t want to miss. Check it out, and don’t forget to follow Scott on Twitter at @unmarketing and give a listen to his other podcast, the UnPodcast. He’s going to be keynoting in January, so if you don’t have your ticket to NMX yet, get it now!

NMX Hanging Out & Discussing Podcasting with Rich Brooks, John Lee Dumas & Chris Christensen

Rich Brooks giving podcasting tips on a Google Hangout

Our first ‘official’ Google Hangout On Air was streamed live on November 21st , 2013. NMX’s own Coach Deb Cole had a lively and fun interaction with Rich BrooksJohn Lee Dumas and Chris Christensen in which the audience received an abundance of podcasting tips from these pro’s. There was a vibrant sharing atmosphere within which host Coach Deb, Rich, John & Chris clearly broke down and explained their creative approaches to the adventure of podcasting.

Podcasting Pro’s

Rich Brooks hosts the Agent Of Change (AOC) in Maine, which is a growing event for digital marketers creating buzz reverberating far from the North East coast. Rich has the legendary status of attending every single NMX / Blog World and has a long standing professional relationship with us all.

John Lee Dumas is the recognizable voice behind Entrepreneur On Fire, where he interviews a different business owner every single day.

Chris Christensen of AmateurTraveler has received a million travel podcasts downloads per year. Impressive!

Coach Deb and her Hangout buddies started out discussing how Rich landed his college course teaching gig, and how this led to other opportunities. Chris also teaches at his local community college, a role he got after successfully pitching the idea to them. The conversation was geared to inspiring listeners to pursue similar teaching positions if qualified.

John Lee expressed excitement to be speaking at NMX in Vegas about acquiring a massive podcasting following. Chris is looking forward to spending time with peers sharing ideas and new information, and he also stressed the importance of tapping into the community to get a feel for what content they seek. Rich’s NMX presentation will revolve around using social media to generate leads and make money for your business – be driving traffic and then converting them to customers.

Monetizing Blogging & Podcasts

Questions came in from the viewing audience asking if the panel felt it OK to make money as a blogger. John explained how the blogger passion carries over through every step of the process including building the audience and then monetizing that through multiple streams – connecting content with the best following to benefit everyone.

Rich added how much he loves running a small business and interacting with his clients in the rural setting of beautiful coastal Maine. He monetizes in different ways, by bringing in leads effectively, and can do this from the small area he chooses to live.

Chris told a story demonstrating that in 2005 bloggers & podcasters were very turned off by the premise of making money from their passion. For him, it is still a labor of love, and his income comes from other internet activities that offshoot from his podcasting.

NMX & The Media Revolution

The podcasting participants then looked into the future, discussing how new car technology will bring easy dashboard access to content, and how that will change the entire landscape of podcasts, and possibly make them the ‘go to’ car trip activity!

The Media Revolution is on – said Coach Deb, and this informative and spirited Google Hangout On Air opens the door for the viewers to see through the eyes of these inspirational content creators and digital marketers.

Rich, John, and Chris are all speaking at NMX in January. If you haven’t reserved your seat yet, make sure to do so now! Use the code LOYAL20 for 20% off y our ticket.

Four Ways Service Businesses Can Stand Out This Holiday Season


bigstock-businessman-creative-design-39173434 Christmas Creep started even earlier this year (was it my imagination or did I see ads before Halloween?). For retail owners—both brick and mortar and online—the pressure is amped up to get in the holiday spirit, rack up sales, give deep discounts, and plaster their real and virtual storefronts with holiday decorations. But for professional services and consulting businesses, it’s a different time of year: distributing cards and gifts to clients while phone calls and emails slow down, filing more—in other words it’s low season.

Fortunately there are many ways you can stay on your customers’ radar, show appreciation for their patronage, and leave a lasting impression to start 2014 off right. So get going now with ideas from real people in the service business trenches.

Fill Someone Else’s Pockets, Not Your Own

The holiday season is a popular time for people to give back—whether donating food to shelters, taking part in a coat drive, or giving to a favorite charity. For service businesses, think about tying that donation to a meaningful cause in your industry. For example, Forward Push Media came up with a promotion for a client who does prenatal chiropractic treatments: the company is taking online donations through the season to help out moms-to-be facing financial hardships; the perfect outreach for staying true to the brand while giving back to the community.

Your Blog Can Be A Gift (Really)

Your blog is a great tool for your business year-round, but the holidays present more personal opportunities to detour from business as usual, throw in some creativity and spice, and yes, everything nice. Add to that, you can use time you’d normally allocate for follow-up calls to connect with your clients in a different way.

For example, tell a personal story that inspires you—it doesn’t need to be work-related but should remind readers of the season or what’s important in life; do a funny year-in-review, or post predictions that you hope don’t happen in 2014; think up an evergreen post that’s good all year long, such as tax deadlines if you’re an accountant, or the best months to buy furniture if you’re an interior designer. And remember, your blog doesn’t have to be written: It can be a short, crisp video (or depending on your audience, use super-hot Snapchat‘s new “Stories” feature for a holiday greeting that hang around for 24 hours).

Invite Clients “Over”

When we think of service businesses, some people envision slaving away in their PJs or crammed in a teeny cubbyhole, but this is not always the case by a long shot. Many professionals have offices with multiple employees scurrying about. That said, you won’t witness a “50% off” sign in the window. All the more reason to invite customers to your place of business during the holidays. And you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg; if you have a great idea and you promote it, they will come.

Just ask Carla Higgins, a real estate agent with Grubb and Co. For their wildly popular annual holiday promotion, Santa Claus makes an appearance at the office to entertain clients and their families, while treats are served. Mona Koussa of ehomesurf is inviting clients and prospects to the office parking lot for a “Shredding Event”. A mobile, environmentally-friendly truck will destroy confidential documents and guests can nibble on sticky buns and drink hot chocolate all the while. Plus mortgage- and real estate-related vendors will be on hand to answer questions—nice touch.

Embrace Your Inner Black Friday

When it comes to promoting, there’s no reason you can’t turn up the volume and play like the big-box retailers who thrive during the season: From having a one-day “flash sale” on your priciest services to free add-ons for 2014. Your only barrier is imagination (plus your time and ability to do the work).

This time of year, Diane Shapiro Sommerfield, a social media marketing consultant, offers 25 percent off her normal price for a new client package, which range from kick-starting a social media program to a facelift on clients’ current social networks.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on the holiday season. Are you now spurred to come up with a promotion of your own? Well tick-tock!

Editor’s note: Stay tuned! NMX will be featuring our very own holiday promotion, the 12 Days of Giveaways, where we’ll be giving away tons of freebies starting in mid-December. Want an email when the 12 Days of Giveaways starts? Make sure you are signed up to our newsletter list on the sidebar!

Image Credit: Bigstock

20 Brilliant Bloggers Talk about Becoming an Authority


Brilliant Bloggers is a bi-weekly series here at NMX where we look at the best posts from around the web all surrounding a specific topic. Every other week, we’ll feature a brilliant blogger, along with a huge list of more resources where you can learn about the topic. You can see more Brilliant Blogger posts or learn how to submit your link for an upcoming edition here.

This Week’s Topic: Becoming an Authority

Your perceived authority on a topic can drastically effect your online business, and that might be the understatement of the year. Someone who is perceived as an expert will make more sales, find more readers, and be able to more easily grow. On the other hand, someone who is perceived as being a novice or – worse – a scammer will find it hard to continue to grow online.

So how do you brand yourself as an authority on a topic, especially when you’re blogging or building a business in a crowded niche? Check out what our Brilliant Bloggers have to say on this topi!

Brilliant Blogger of the Week:

bonnie andrews Become An Authority: 3 Ways to Take Blogging from Hobby to Hot in 30 Days or Less by Bonnie Andrews

“Becoming an authority is a choice, not an appointment. That is the real secret. No one is going to give it to you. No one can nominate you as an authority – at least not until you’ve positioned yourself as one. In order to become an authority, you need to initiate it. It’s that simple. You choose to give other people a reason to view you as an authority as you consciously step out, take risks and write what really matters.”

I love this post from Bonnie, who is part of The SITS Girls, because it cuts to the core of how to be seen as an expert in your field: you have to actually go for it. It doesn’t happy by accident. This post has some great tips as well, so it’s the perfect place to start if you’re hoping to begin building an authority brand online. Don’t forget to follow Bonnie on Twitter at @HobbytoHOT after you’ve read her post!

Even More Brilliant Advice:

  1. 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Blog Never Becomes an Authority Blog by James Junior
  2. 7 Steps to Become an Authority in Your Industry by Lewis Howes (@Lewis Howes)
  3. 10 Tactical Ways to Position Yourself as an Authority Online by Laura Roeder (@lkr)
  4. 10 Ways to Build Authority as an Online Writer by Demian Farnworth (@demianfarnworth)
  5. 11 Ways to Use Content to Build Online Authority by Corey Eridon (@Corey_bos)
  6. 100-Plus Tips and Resources to Become an Authority Site in Your Niche by Inside CRM
  7. Becoming a Trusted Authority with Content Marketing by Caeden MacGregor
  8. How Being an Authority can Boost Your Online Sales by Zach Bulygo (@zachcb1)
  9. How to Achieve Blogging Authority: How Content Can Make You King or Queen by David Boozer (@dboozeman)
  10. How to Become an Authority and Why It Will Soon Matter to Google and Your SEO by Amanda DiSilvestro (@ADiSilvestro)
  11. How to Become an Authority Blogger by Ryan Imel (@ryanimel)
  12. How to Become an Authority in Your Field by Leigh Peele (@leighpeele)
  13. How To Build Yourself As The Authority Figure In Your Industry by Travis Petelle
  14. How To Create An Authority Blog Using Case Studies by Sarah Chrisp (@SarahChrisp)
  15. Leverage Blogging to Build Business Identity, Authority and Credibility by Rebekah Radice (@rebekahradice)
  16. The “Answer” to Becoming an Authority Blogger in your Niche by Zac Johnson (@moneyreign)
  17. The Breaking Bad Guide to Becoming an Authority Blogger by Hector Cuevas (@HectorCuevas)
  18. The Surprising Key to Becoming an Authority by Jeff Goins (@JeffGoins)
  19. Two Very Different Ways to Create a Profitable Authority Blog by Tom Ewer (@tomewer)

Did I miss your post or a post by someone you know about becoming an authority? Unintentional! Help me out by leaving a comment below with the link.

Next Brilliant Blogger Topic: Email Newsletters

I’d love to include a link to your post in our next installment– and if you head to the Brilliant Bloggers Schedule, you can see even more upcoming posts. We all have something to learn from one another, so please don’t be shy! Head to the schedule today to learn how to submit your post so I won’t miss it.

Five Quick Social Media Tips for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

bigstock-Thinking-11766491 It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million views, 13 years for TV, four for the Internet. Facebook got there in nine months. The iPod got there in a couple days. How do brick and mortar businesses keep up? Social media isn’t optional anymore.

We’re out of the Technology and Information Ages and into the Participation Age. The hallmark of this age is “sharing”, which is why social media is so big. It allows us to share on a multitude of levels. It is a lot less expensive than advertising and when done well, is much more effective. How do we get our arms around it?

Don’t panic. Social media is just another communications medium, like radio, TV, fax and email. Except it is much more interactive and participative; like the phone, except at your leisure (you don’t have to answer right away).

Here are a few quick principles I use dealing with social media:

1. Pick just one or two entry points that can be highly integrated, that can push traffic to each other, and go deep.

In 2007 I picked blogging and Twitter. I would highly recommend that you blog (some are questioning that these days, I think it is still by far the best social media platform available), and then interact with people on Twitter about their interests. Or you can pair up Facebook and Google+ (some people use it to blog now). Or Pinterest and Google+, etc. Whatever you do, start small so you can actually participate and learn, not spam. You can expand later if you find you have the bandwidth, but stay focused until you are sure.

2. Become the expert in something.

Again, BLOG IF YOU CAN!! It’s by far the best way to use social media to become an expert. Write comments on other people’s blogs, and offer your material to others to repurpose it. Check out this post on the 10 reasons you need to stop making excuses and start blogging for your business.

3. Be INTERESTED, not just INTERESTING (and be interesting as a result of being interested).

Social media is all about discussions, not self-promotion. Example – join existing conversations on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. Support others in their comments and blogs, answer questions, and eventually they will want to know what you have to say and will visit your blog or community group. If you only promote, promote, promote, no one will care what you are saying.

After you have established yourself as someone who can contribute to others’ communities, maybe start your own Google+ hangout, forum, Facebook group, etc. Learn first, then invite your existing friends to join you. If you just self-promote, you could even get kicked out or banned, depending on the community. Build a network, don’t do networking! SERVE, DON’T SELL. Do NOT use social media to attempt to get a zillion new friends! All the research shows you should target your social media at your existing raving fans. SERVE them, and they will bring you new readers and new customers

4. Further your education by reading.

Read Rework by Fried and Hannson. Read Seth Godin’s blog and 37Signals.com’s blog. Find other blogs that you respect. (Editor’s note: Check out the NMX speakers list for blogs by authorities in the new media industry). See how they provide something of value. Don’t completely copy their content, just follow their lead – serve others with interesting content.

5. Search for local relationships and develop them online as well as off.

Connect, then offer offline opportunities. About 85-90% of all conversations about a product start off line and then move online. And again, starting with local relationships allows you to use social media to support your existing friends, who will then bring you more viewers and customers. If you go after herds of new people with your content, your friends will smell that and walk away.

Don’t see yourself doing this? There is a growing number of credible people who can help you by ghost-blogging, and by managing your business social media. (I would never let anyone else manage my personal Twitter account.) If you are going to hire others, make sure the public knows it’s not you – be authentic.

There are a bunch of other things you can do t boost your social presense, but if you start with these, you’ll be on the right track. For more great social media and blogging advice for businesses, check out the Business Category right here on the NMX blog.

Image credit: Bigstock

Google Hangouts On Air: Tips to Get You Started

Jason Tucker on a Google Hangout On Air

On the first of many more to come, New Media Expo (NMX) was very excited to interact with Web Developer and avid Google Hangouts On Air user Jason Tucker. For over a decade and a half, Jason has been a hands-on developer and systems admin in a wide variety of fields from entertainment to health care. In our first chance to Hangout on Google, CoachDeb Cole, NMX Marketing Director, asked Jason pertinent questions regarding hosting and participating in Google Hangouts On Air.

How To Start Hanging Out

It all starts with using the right equipment. CoachDeb and Jason discuss some specific equipment and apps that he uses and recommends, for a high level experience during a Hangout session. The cost is minimal, but like everything – you have to have the right tools for the job!

Jason stressed that Google Hangouts change all the time and it is often difficult to keep up unless, like him, you Hangout every day. However, once you are comfortable with the basics, you will be able to identify most of any recent Google updates to the platform and figure out how to use them effectively.

CoachDeb has asked the buring question – when you are hosting a Google Hangout On Air – where do you look with your eyes? You want to look directly into the camera, but you also have to address your screen to see others as well as the Q & A’s and other on screen info. Because of all his previous hanging out experience, Jason had some valuable insight to solve this dilemma.

Didn’t Someone Say, “Just Do It?”

CoachDeb summed it all up at the end by expressing her excitement about combining social media and digital broadcasting, and Jason expanded on this by inputting additional creative Google Hangouts On Air possibilities that include multi-camera Hangouts and apps to help push your broadcast to a higher production value level.

So jump in and Hangout with us at NMX for this archived initial broadcast, and join us for future live Google Hangouts On Air.

Google Hangouts On Air: Tips to Get You Started Transcript

COACH DEB: Hey Jason

JASON TUCKER: Hey how you doin’?

COACH DEB: Very good, thanks for helping us out as we set up the first Google Hangout for NMX!

JASON TUCKER: Yeah, no problem at all!

COACH DEB: So for anyone watching us live, this is going to launch our Google Hangout series with New Media Expo, and since I didn’t just want to talk to myself, Megan, our social media manager, introduced me to Jason who’s been super helpful in some of the little logistics – since Google Hangouts seems to change all the time. I think the last Hangout I did was like a month ago and I came in and you said like the tools – they change all the time!

JASON TUCKER: All the time! Yeah. Yeah, they’re constantly changing, lower thirds change, the interface itself changes, tons of stuff changes on it.

COACH DEB: How do you keep up?

JASON TUCKER: I do it every day!

COACH DEB: Well, that’s a good way to keep up with everything!


COACH DEB: Share your website ‘cause you – for anyone watching us live just happen to catch us here as we test out the whole system, it’s gonna be hopefully a two minute video but maybe it will be practical. Share your website and the link that I just went to with the Logitech, it was the ‘want to be amazing at recording live events here’ – and then if you could show our listeners, viewers what Logitech camera you recommend so that when speakers come and present to us and the audience of NMX they’ll know how to look like a pro!

JASON TUCKER: Sure. So if you go over to the website, http://wpmedia.pro you can take a look at the links there. There’s a search box you just type the word Logitech in there, you can see the posts that relate to Logitech. The Logitech camera that I use is the Logitech C910 – it’s this little guy right here. It works on your laptop so you could just sit it on your desktop or laptop, it opens up so you can get a nice little connection behind the monitor there and you can adjust it as needed. It has a – I think it’s like a 200 and something degree angle for the recording of audio. It also has this really great thing on the bottom here so you can actually mount it to standard tripods, so if you have a tripod for you camera or something you can use it on that. So if you go to the website you can click on that. They sell it over at Amazon for 145 bucks. So that’s the Logitech HD Pro Webcam 910.

COACH DEB: Very cool. Thanks Jason. The other thing too, as you’re talking I’m like I actually want to ask a couple of other questions about having your speakers do cool Google Hangouts. I noticed when anytime I’m participating in a Google Hangout I want to watch what they’re talking about – the speaker –  on the screen, but then it will catch you as you’re interacting like I’m talking to you here because I see you, but then other people watching the broadcast they’re seeing it from the camera. So where do you recommend looking as far as you position your website browser somewhere – near your camera? Um, just go back and forth? What are some of the recommendations that you do?

JASON TUCKER: Yeah, there’s actually a great tool in the Google Hangout called Screenshare. And if I click on Screenshare and then I tell it that I want to display a particular website I can click on this and it will take you straight to that page so you can see the page there. From there you can move the mouse around on the screen, move everything around on there. You’re able to see that with no problem. After that you can switch back the camera and then you can talk again. So it ends up working out really well for that. Being able to share your screen and to also share what’s happening with you on the camera. Were you able to see my screen while I was doing that?

COACH DEB: Yep, very cool!

JASON TUCKER: There’s another thing if you’re using a Mac, this is also a pretty great way of tying everything together. There’s a great program called Picture In Picture. It’s called PIP2. And what you can do with PIP is you can actually do a picture in picture screen – so you can see me on my video and then you can also see – I think you’re seeing yourself now.

COACH DEB: I am it’s kinda weird…

JASON TUCKER: There we go – but I can switch the camera and you can see my video on the bottom corner here while I’m talking, and then you can also see the webpage too.

COACH DEB: That’s scary – what’s it called?

JASON TUCKER: That one’s called PIP.  PIP2.

COACH DEB: What are some of your other favorite apps? Since this is going to be a very practical video, I like this! I’m glad you came on – or I’d just be talking to myself! You can’t just Hangout with yourself! That’s just wrong! What’s one more tip before I let you go? And then you’re gonna be on our first Google Hangout!

JASON TUCKER: Oh, that’s awesome!

COACH DEB: This is kinda the first official Hangout, so…

JASON TUCKER: Let’s see here – the favorite tool that I would use? I use this really great program called Boinx TV. B O I N X TV. It’s around 300 or so dollars for it, but what’s great about it is you can actually do pre-productions stuff with it on the fly! So you can actually run your own little TV station, have lower thirds on the bottom, have a Twitter interface on the side, kinda do all those sorts of things. So there’s a trial you can download and check that out, and then you could pay the full version if you wanted. What you could do with that is you could actually have it displayed and have your video on there have all these different interfaces and stuff around kinda CNN style, but then use Google Hangout to use their screen sharing feature like I was just showing you and display that CNN looking screen instead of the actual video that we are actually recording here. So it’s a cool way to kind of tile these pieces together. And maybe when we talk actually talk again I can show you that stuff.

COACH DEB: Cool. I’d love it thank you. What you are describing is like you said CNN style – that’s exactly what I was thinking, it’s truly broadcasting at its best where it’s integrating social media with traditional broadcasting where everything is at your fingertips – and it’s a pretty exciting time to live!

JASON TUCKER: Yep – and if you have multiple cameras that’s the way to go ‘cause you could do video tutorials and all sorts of stuff with having a camera above you a camera in front of you a camera at the side and kinda flip cameras just by pushing buttons on the keyboard.

COACH DEB: Well thank you Jason Tucker – and it’s @jasontucker.com?

JASON TUCKER: @jasontucker on Twitter and http://tucker.pro/ is my website.

COACH DEB: Ok I just followed you on Twitter so you’ll see a CoachDeb following you and I’m gonna stalk you now for everything to do with Google Hangouts! This is awesome.

JASON TUCKER: No problem at all – I’m glad I was able to help you out.

COACH DEB: And for anyone who is watching this random Google Hangout what happened is the NMX team is behind the scenes with DragonSearch – they’re actually here they’re just kinda hidden. And they’re helping us with the Google Hangout system and setting it up so we don’t have any glitches when our first speaker comes on. And Megan said we need to test this with someone who is not an admin account because, Jason, what was happening is all of our team members were coming on so we had five people coming on all coming up with the NMX logo instead of their picture. So the only time I would come up and I would talk and like when I would hide my video like this – I think if you still hear me – so now you just see the picture and the audio broadcast and I was getting a kick out of it. But I’m like but now I wanna see someone else do it! So when DragonSearch would start talking the little green icon would come on – these things are just fun sometimes these new tools but with them we become the guinea pig right – we have to learn all the different features that change every day I think it’s like the good and bad with it!

JASON TUCKER: Exactly I mean you can get pretty crazy they have special Google effects so you could actually put a crown on you if you want make yourself like a clown if you like.

COACH DEB: We’ll just be clownin’ around while we’re Hangin’ out!

JASON TUCKER: No problem – you can go pretty crazy with it!

COACH DEB: I love it! Thank you so much Jason for Hangin’ out with us. Aloha! And for those of you tunin’ in right before we shut down, go check us out when we’re being serious and hopefully you got some cool tips if you’re thinkin’ about doin’ a Google Hangout – go to www.nmxlive.com and check out the show that is going to be coming at you in Vegas live with 3000 to 4000 people all in the new media industry from blogging to podcasting to web TV to social media business. Go ahead and check it out you’ll see a video there and all the information and the sponsors. And then DragonSearch thanks for helping us with the admin, I’ll let you turn this off and any last thing Jason to give to our listeners.

JASON TUCKER: Nope – I’ll see you at NMX!

COACH DEB: Perfect – see you then! Take care.



028 The Podcast Report – The Gateway Content Strategy


PodcastReport-150 Erik Fisher and I are back with another episode of The Podcast Report, the podcast devoted to the Podcasting Track of New Media Expo.

In this episode, Erik and I are joined by Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.com. The three of us simply share an impromptu conversation which actually does get around to podcasting.

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4 Quick (but Necessary) Changes to Make to Your Facebook Page Right Now


Is your Facebook page optimized?  Are you missing opportunities because you don’t have something set up quite right?  You could be getting more out of Facebook with just a few quick adjustments to your Facebook page and your posting strategy.  Here are 4 quick things that you can do to get more out of your Facebook page.

1.  Link Your Profile to Your Page

I see many people who don’t have their Facebook profile properly linked to their Facebook page.  You want to make sure your friends and personal connections can easily find your page and business just in case they are trying to refer business to you.

Andrea Vahl 1

In this case, the person had an “official” Facebook page but the profile was linked to a “community” Facebook page.  When someone types in the name of a business as their employer but doesn’t link it officially to the page, Facebook creates a “community page” that doesn’t tie to the page and doesn’t allow posting.   Now, people can actually like that community page and you aren’t getting “credit” for those likes on your own page – the horror!

To get rid of this linkage on your profile, edit your about section and then delete the community page.

Andrea Vahl 2

Now, add a position to your work and education section and start typing the name of your Facebook page.  You should see the page in the drop-down menu to select it.

Andrea Vahl 3

2.  Add Your Website in Your About Section

You want people to easily click to your website to find out more about you.  Sometimes your website address can be a bit hidden in your about section and you don’t want people to struggle to find it.

The “short description” area in your about section is the part that shows up the front of your Facebook page.

Andrea Vahl 4

You can actually write more characters in the about section than actually show up on the front of your timeline so that some of the words may be cut off.  Keep the blurb (including the website address) to about 175 characters max to avoid this.  To edit the short description, go to edit page, update page info, and navigate to the short description.

Andrea Vahl 5

3.  Change Your Posting Strategy

We’ve all noticed that the reach of our posts has changed.  Unfortunately, photos and posts with links are not getting the reach that they used to which means that they don’t have the potential to get as much interaction as a text-only post.

So if you have been posting more photo and link posts, it’s time to add in more text. But images and links can still be quite engaging so you can’t abandon those posts completely.  I’ve been starting to advise people post around 40% of their total posts as text, 40% photos (maybe with a link in the status area as well), and 20% Links.  If videos are part of your strategy, add those into the mix where appropriate.

One thing you can do to have a link post have the reach of a text post is to post the link in the status area just as you would normally do but then delete the link preview.  Now the post will get the same reach of a text-only post but have a link embedded in the text area to drive traffic.

Andrea Vahl 6

But don’t take my word for this – do your own testing on your own page – see point #4.

4.  Set up some posting experiments

We get into ruts.  We post sporadically.  We are all rushed.  But it’s important to find out what the ideal types of posts, the ideal number of posts, and the ideal times to post are for our own personal audience.  And those numbers can change.  And sometimes people suggest a certain type of post (or ratio of posts) that doesn’t work as well with your own audience.  So we need to be doing continual testing for ourselves.

First, look into your Facebook insights to get some good ideas about what types of posts your audience likes.  Under the posts section, look at the “best post types” to see what works.  On my page, I see that status posts have been working the best lately.  But that needs to be tested further.

Andrea Vahl 7

If you normally post 1 time per day, try upping your posting to 3 times per day for 1 week and measuring the results.  Or if you post a text post and a link post, try posting all text posts for a day at different times and measuring the performance of those posts.  Then post all photo posts for a day at different times an measuring those results.

Don’t let someone else tell you what is best for your audience, do your own experimentation.

As Facebook constantly changes, we know we must constantly change to keep up.  Sometimes the little tweaks can make the biggest differences.  And the nice thing about these tweaks is that they are easy and quick to implement.

Have you made a quick tweak to your page that has made a big difference?  Tell us in the comments below! And hope to see you at New Media Expo in January! (Editor’s note: Andrea will be speaking about Facebook at NMX, so make sure you have your ticket to the show.)

Could Guest Posting be the Perfect PR Launch Pad for Your Business?


bigstock-Public-Relations-Word-Cloud-39228943 Expert. It’s a short word that conveys a lot of meaning. Whether you are working in a company or are an  entrepreneur, you likely want to be known as an expert or authority in your field. The big question is how to take your skills and knowledge turn that into expert status.

While social media acts as a platform for experts, if you are just starting out it can be difficult to cut through the clutter. Twitter alone has an average of 58 million tweets per day, so you may have a hard time getting your four or five tweets a day noticed by anyone.

Even with amazing content and ideas, to break into the expert realm, you should consider to adopting some classic PR tactics.  When you think about PR it may feel a bit old school.

PR often gets overlooked in favor of the latest and greatest platforms but there is a reason it has been around for so long. It works, especially in a world super focused on social media.  When PR is used in conjunction with social media, it can help you put your name on the map that much faster.

Guest Posting as Your PR Launchpad

For new or lesser known experts, authorship programs where you place guest blog posts offer a proven and practical way to support marketing and business goals. Sure, you can tell everyone you are an expert, but having articles you’ve authored on the top blogs in your niche says it for you.

As a strategy, guest blog posting has taken a few minor hits as several high profile blogs announced they would no longer take guest blog posts. Then  in July 2013, Google announced it was making changes to its link building scheme, and certain types of links in guest posts would be penalized. What all of this means is that if you insert links into your articles they need to add value. This change is positive for guest posting programs as it helps improve the overall quality of guest posts.

Despite these developments, rest assured, guest posting is alive and well. For would-be experts, writing and placing guest posts is truly the perfect way to get started with PR. You can control the message, test out story ideas, and do it all on a shoestring budget.

Building Your Street Cred

It is no accident that when you land on a top blogger or podcaster’s web site that they have the logos of blogs or media outlets where they’ve featured.  By guest posting, you can quickly build up a portfolio of your work to showcase on your site either by using logos and/or creating a press page.  That information acts as shorthand for prospects and influencers when they visit your site. With a quick glance, they can see you are respected within your industry.

For speaking engagements, conference organizers can see you have a track record providing new ideas and stimulating discussion on timely topics within your industry. One of their goals is to showcase speakers that draw attendees, so if you have  been out there creating buzz, you are going to be much more appealing as a potential speaker.

Plus, guest posting can expose you to new audiences and connect you to key players in your industry. While you should always guest post without expecting anything in return, throughout this process you will build relationships with bloggers and editors and become better known in your industry. Over time, more people will read your work giving you an even bigger platform as an expert.

All of this helps to open up doors you may not have imagined. Great businesses are truly built one relationship at a time and a well-written post may result in a dream client or a show organizer wanting you to speak at their event. You just never know.

Preparing for the Media Spotlight

As you have been guest posting when you start pitching mainstream media, you’ll have far more credibility as an expert source.  When they Google you or visit your web site they will quickly be able to get a sense of who you are. The writer, editor or producer will see you’ve been out there talking about related topics and understand that you are a credible source for a story.

Pitching mainstream media can be intimidating, especially starting out. Through guest posting you will have a chance to refine your message and build confidence sharing your stories. When it’s time for you to pitch the media, you’ll have the confidence you need to sell the story or pull off a killer interview. In short, you’ll be ready for your big break in the mainstream media and be able to make the most of it.

Guest blog posting offers any expert an ideal platform for building awareness and credibility than can act as a key building block for other PR opportunities. PR should not be overlooked but serve as a complement to social media or other marketing efforts.

How has guest blog posting help build your expert status? Share in the comments below.

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Making the Most out of NMX: Las Vegas Travel Tips for Attendees


Las Vegas can be a daunting city to visit, especially if it is the first time you have been there. There are so many possibilities and things to do. I wanted to share my advice and tips on the city with everyone visiting for New Media Expo.

I have visited Las Vegas often, and love the city. People think I am crazy as visit for two weeks at a time. This has meant that I have had time to explore and try out what the city has to offer. I have a number of podcasts with advice and tips that could help you plan for making the most of your time in the city I wanted to share with NMX attendees.

These are:

  • 24 Must-do Things in and around Las Vegas

In this podcast episode, I talk about things to do on The Strip, Downtown, and further afield, as well as the best places to shop. This guide works you through the things to do from one side of town to the other in order you come across them.

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  • Tips for Travellers Visiting Las Vegas

This is one of my most popular podcasts I have ever done. In the podcast I give a history of the city and then tips and advice on getting the most out of the city including best ways to get around , shows and more.

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If you prefer to read rather than listen, check out my Tips for Travellers Las Vegas blog post. See you all in Vegas!

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