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Podcasters, We Want You! Apply Now for the NMX Podcast Pavilion


Want to do your podcast live from the Expo floor?

leo at Podcast Pavilion The Podcast Pavilion was the place to be for podcasters at the 2013 show and it will be again at NMX 2014. There was always something new happening at the Pavilion, and this year we want you to join us!

Recording your podcast from the expo floor brings a whole new energy to your show. You never know who will show up. Last year Success Freaks saw Leo Laporte walking by and pulled him into their show. When it comes to getting guests, that’s a win!

Fun times for your audience too. When the Beerist Podcast  had a little mishap involving beer flowing into Anastacia Kelly’s boot, well, the visual was priceless. You just had to be there.

So bring your show to our show! We have two full stations, including two mics*,  where we provide the all the equipment you need to record your show and a third for folks who like to use their own equipment.


Click here to apply now


Spots are limited–the conference goes by fast–so if you’re interested, make sure you apply immediately to get a spot on the schedule.

* Thanks to Charles McFall and R. Mordant Mahon for providing extra mics.

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  • Stacie Walker

    Great post, Megan. I’m all over the place today. First the Podcast Community on FB, now here. Lol! This is fantastic news to podcast hosts. The NMX Podcast Pavilion takes an episode to a whole new level. How exciting:)

    Charles McFall and R. Mordant Mahon are terrific guys and host a great show. I really enjoyed this post. Actually, I always like your posts. Keep up the excellent work sharing your wisdom with us.

    Many Blessings,
    Stacie Walker
    Woman in Leadership Founder

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