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Pinspiration Saturday: Focusing with Cynthia Sanchez


It’s Pinspiration Saturday here on the NMX blog! Every week, we feature a quote from one of our amazing speakers – and if it is something that speaks to you, we hope you’ll take a minute to pin it to inspire your Pinterest followers as well! (Of course, you can also share via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any of your favorite social networks.)

Focus on the needs of the people you're trying to reach

Today is our first every Pinspiration Saturday, and who better to feature than Cynthia Sanchez from Oh So Pinteresting? On one of her recent podcasts with Lisa Irby, she made a comment that resonated with me about focusing on the needs of your target market.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in sharing cool stuff, but you’re often better served by focusing on your niche as much as possible.

Whether you’re a content creator or social business leader, this applies to you! Are you serving the people you’re trying to reach with the content you’re sharing? If you become a content curation powerhouse in a certain field, you’ll more easily gain the status of “expert,” which leads to more sales, more traffic, and more social shares!

Thanks, Cynthia, for the Pinspiration! And remember, you can see Cynthia live on stage from NMX 2014! If you’re not registered yet, click here to join the revolution.

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