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Lynette Young on Your Follower Count versus Your Bank Account


lynetteyoungpic002 I’m not so naive to believe that follow count doesn’t matter. The bigger your audience, but more potential customers you have. But I think we can all get a bit caught up in caring too much about our follower numbers and not enough about how we’re going to convert those followers.

Writes Lynette Young in her blog post “Social Media Success and Profit for Your Business,”

So many times businesses seem to think the ‘goal’ of participating in digital communications and social media is to collect as many “friends, followers or fans” as they can. If your business could earn income off of popularity then the “Triple F” formula would serve you well. If you are looking to make money or grow a profitable business, then those three items don’t mean anything without the knowledge and expertise to turn the Triple F into money.

You can’t pay your mortgage with likes. But that doesn’t mean that likes (and shares and followers, etc.) don’t matter at all. What you need is a PLAN from turning a new follower into a repeat customer.

If you’re a blogger or podcaster without a physical or ever digital product, this still applies to you. Instead of “repeat customer” think about how you can turn social follower into “repeat readers/listeners.”

So my question to you is this: what’s your conversion plan?

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