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How Does Blogging Help You Boost Traffic and Generate Leads? [Infographic]


Whether your company blogs or not, it’s important to not disregard its significance. Blogging has three proven ways to help boost your brand and market your business. They are proven to generate traffic, leads and help spearhead your social media marketing efforts. Blogging takes effort, but as this infographic shows, time spent implementing a blog strategy can pay dividends. They key is to remain consistent and blog often!



  • Tanya

    Those numbers say it all! Why wouldn’t you want to get more help by simple blogging. Its interesting to say the stats up there. Makes what we are all doing worth while.

    • rick

      Seems like you should be able to show that to your boss and get them to approve a budget for blogging doesn’t it Tanya?

  • Gugulethu

    Search engines love blogs and if someone finds you using a search engine like Google then you know you found a loyal fan because no one forced them to be there. For those who run offline business, make sure your blog is not boring. Most businesses say blogging doesn’t work only to find out they only blog about their business and only promote their products.

    The best way is to involve the customers. You can run contests, feature the customer of the day and blog about it or give out coupon codes and discounts on the blog. Share funny videos or moments. If it’s a store and someone steals then shoot them a video then blog about it, people love this stuff hehe… 😀

    The stats above are more than enough proof that blogging does work I’ve been doing it since 2009 and I know it works, but make sure you always have fresh content that is mostly news worthy or entertaining. Great post Teddy 😉

  • Bill Baxter

    Blogging definitely works! This infographic should be shared with any corporate or small business clients you have who claim, “I don’t have time to blog.”

    YOU don’t have time not to blog. Your next employee should be a writer, Mr. Business.

  • Josh Brancek

    Wow, an awesome infographic Mr. Miller!!! My mentor always said, you have to blog!!!

  • Gilbert Samuel

    social media marketing without a blog is incomplete, so are the others, everything falls back to blogging with the help of social media and SEO, I LOVE THIS INFOGRAPHIC i’ll implement it on my blog soon

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