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5 Ways to Be a Super Hero Blogger


super hero blogger

Have you ever wanted to fly through the sky, jump over skyscrapers, swing from building to building or fight crime around the world? If so, it sounds like you wish you were a super hero!

Who wouldn’t want to be a super hero? Everyone loves them, they get movies made about them and are just so cool!

In the mean time you can settle for the next best thing… being a Super Hero Blogger!

Hey, it’s not all bad, bloggers have it pretty good too!

We get to:

  • schedule our own hours
  • write on whatever topics we like
  • reach a growing audience
  • build our businesses over time

All in all, it’s pretty cool to be a blogger and best of all, it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or have been in the game for years. The blogging world is still young and there is still so much more room for growth. New bloggers are entering the online world every day and they love to look up to super hero bloggers to guide them along the way and to follow in their steps.

How to Be a Super Hero Blogger

So what makes some bloggers bigger and better than others? At the end of the day it’s the name recognition and how large of a following you have on your blog and on major social networks, but there is actually a lot more that goes into being a top blogger. I’ve taken a few of these concepts and related them with being a super hero.

  • Flight

Look, in the sky! It’s a bird… it’s a plane! No… it’s a social media marketing bloggers with over a hundred thousand followers on Twitter! In all seriousness, you might not be able to fly through the skies, but you can definitely propel your way past the competition and build a name for yourself as a top blogger!

Here are some more resources to help you with name recognition:

  • Invisibility

As cool as it would be to be invisible, being a successful blogger from home is almost the next best thing. A great way to think of blogging and the power of invisibility is to think about all of the business opportunities that you might see that the average person doesn’t.

You can find more tips about using your blog to get business opportunities here:

  • Fire

The Human Torch is one of the most well known super heroes for being able to fly when he lights himself on fire. Sometimes bloggers and online marketers find themselves in “the zone” and are on fire, burning with new ideas and passion to bring their business and sites to the next level!

Check out these posts to read more about passion and blogging:

  • Strength

It doesn’t matter how weak or strong you are in real life, what matter is how strong your will to succeed is. The world of internet marketing and blogging is tough, you need to have a strong backbone to continually fight against your latest failures to find your next success!

Here are a few posts about facing failures as a blogger:

  • Mind Reading

Imagine how much more we could accomplish if we could simply read minds? Even though we can’t, as bloggers and marketers we still have a talent for knowing what our audience is looking for and how to give it to them.

These resources can help you learn more about using your blog to learn about your audience

It’s time to take all of these ideas and super power dreams and put them into real life examples. Be sure to check out my How to be a Super Hero Marketer slide show and share it along with all of your friends.

What’s your favorite super hero power?

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  • Hemu

    I think its all about strength because building a great and successful blog is not a matter of 1 or 2 months, it really take some time to make a stable, successful and great blog.

  • Tracy

    Part of what made me an amazing recruiter is what makes me a successful Lifestyle Blogger and Life Coach, I have a great way of connecting/’matching’ the right people to each other (perhaps I missed my calling as a MatchMaker), but I created credibility with my ‘buzz’ by always being known to be forthright with my opinions, if honesty is a ‘superhero power’, then I must be the blogging equivalent of Wonder Woman! 🙂

  • Bill Hartzer

    Building your own business over time is great and all, but honestly: most would like to think that you can build some magical business that makes tons of money overnight. It’s just not true. You have to work–write, and posting great blog posts takes time.

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