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How Often Should I Blog?

Find your blogging pace

Find your blogging pace

One question I get asked a LOT is, “How much do I need to write at my blog?”

The question needs clarification.

How much does a blogger need to write to do what? Have an online platform? Get readers? Make money? Make money from traffic alone? Make money by offering display or affiliate ads? Make money by offering a service? Make money by some combination of all of these?

The answer to how much a blogger should write at their blog will differ depending on why the blogger writes? Depending on what the blogger’s end game is.

That being said, there is one thing that is absolutely foundational to making money with your blog. You have to have traffic = eyeballs of people specifically interested in the content at your site.

The traffic can be minimal, as in only those people you tell to go there. The traffic can com via referral, as in those people who are told to go there by hook or by crook. Think through social networking. The traffic can come via search = somebody dropped something in a search engine box and found you. The traffic can come through some combination of these methods.

In my Marketing with Social Media MBA course, I am teaching my students how to get people to find them via search engines.

Believing that is cheaper = a better of use time spent, for people to find me than it is for me to find them, I am teaching my students that they need to write in such a way that they become visible to the search engines without compromising the quality of their content.

The question again, “How much does a blogger need to write at their blog to get found by real people via search engines?”

Here are the weekly guidelines I am giving my students:

1.  Each student must write a minimum of 600-750 words daily. Those words can be in the form of 3 posts that are 200-250 words long, one post that is 600-750 words long or a 200-250 word post and a 400-500 word post.

2. Each student must guest blog (400+ words) at my site on a subject that I give them. And in this guest blog, they link back to their own sites. After guest blogging at my site, as one of their daily posts they must write about their experience of guest blogging at my site and link to it.

3. Each student must guest blog at a classmate’s site. They are free to pursue which site they will guest post at and the rules are the same. They will write 400+ words about something relevant to their classmate’s site, providing a link back to their own web site. And as one of their daily posts they must write about their experience of guest posting with a link.

4. Finally, each student is required to write an anchor/pillar/evergreen post at their home site. (400+ words) that they would be particularly happy with AND they are asked to share it with their social network IF they have one.

There are 73 students enrolled in the class. More than 50 of them are very active. A few of them are wasting their money and my time. I can’t help that latter group.

So, how is this working?

I will delve into the analytics as the weeks progress. But for now, the interested reader can see how the top 10 sites are performing after weeks one, two and three.

That question one more time: “How much do I need to write at my blog?”

My answer: “How much traffic do you want at your blog? Keep writing until that many people show up.”

The above guidelines will get you started.


  • Bill Hartzer

    I don’t think it’s really all about whether or not you need to write often. The main concern should be: how often do you have something interesting to write about. Something interesting enough that will engage your readers and get them to share it socially with others.

    if blogging was all about how much content you can generate and how often you physically post on your blog, then we all would be autoblogging and scraping content elsewhere and spewing all sorts of nonreadable junk all over the place.

    Granted, there are certain topics that allow you to have write more interesting content than others. But it’s more about how your readers engage with your blog posts–not just how often you should blog.

    • Bill Belew


      The editors cut off part of my title Should have been “How often should I blog if I want to make money?”

      Do you think that caveat makes a difference?

  • Marco Polo

    If your business owes money to its creditors, you might be worrying about how you’re going to pay them back and continue trading.

  • Dan Thomas

    I try to post every day on my blog, I try to find interesting things to talk about it seems to be working up to a point. I seem to have flat lined and am looking at other things to help with traffic. I have found that when I do post more I get more traffic. For example if I post 2 to 3 times a day. Thanks for the article there was some really good data to think about. Need to find the SOE/Blog magic!

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