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Guy Kawasaki Talks About Why He Wrote APE [Video]


Writes Guy Kawasaki, “When a self-publisher successfully fills three roles—author, publisher and entrepreneur—the potential benefits are greater than with traditional publishing.”

This is the thesis statement for his latest book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur—How to Publish a Book. If you’re considering self-publishing instead of going the traditional route, this is a guide that can help you on your way.

At NMX 2013, Dan Keldsen from Information Architected sat down to talk to Guy about why he decided to write APE and what the book has to offer to both newbies and experienced writers in the self-publishing world. Check out the interview:

Have you ever considered self-publishing? Guy’s had success with it, but he also has a very well-known name. For someone with a smaller audience or even no audience at all, do you think self-publishing is the way to go, or is getting a traditional publisher behind you the best option? Leave a comment telling us what you think.


  • Nina Amir

    Guy’s book is fabulous, and he’s right: self-publishing is hard….harder than people think. Ebooks are a bit easier and cheaper to produce, as well as faster.

    There are still reasons to go the traditional publishing route for some folks, and many bloggers will be happy to land a book deal–and can if they have enough traffic. This is a great option for those who want credibility in their field. Yet, you have more control over the process and earn more money as an indie publisher, but you do become the publisher (if you don’t go with a subsidy press, like Lulu or Author House, for example). That means you have a new business!

    I encourage all bloggers to consider writing a book. Don’t just “book your blog,” though. Not all booked blogs (those made of repurposed posts) are good books. You still need a content plan to create a book worth reading from blog content. I prefer to see bloggers blog their books from scratch–write, publish and promote at the same time. Plan out the book. Write it on your blog to get the maximum promotional effect and to work smarter, not harder.

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