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24 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Influencer Marketing


Brilliant Bloggers is a bi-weekly series here at NMX where we look at the best posts from around the web all surrounding a specific topic. Every other week, we’ll feature a brilliant blogger, along with a huge list of more resources where you can learn about the topic. You can see more Brilliant Blogger posts or learn how to submit your link for an upcoming edition here.

This Week’s Topic: Working with Influencers

Back in 2011, one of our Brilliant Bloggers editions was about working with brands. It was packed with great advice about how bloggers and other content creators can be work with brands for reviews, advertising, and other partnerships.

Today, I wanted to flip that topic and instead talk how brands should work with influences. In the past year, the term “influence marketing” has been popping up more and more. Brands are starting to realize the power content creators have over their followers online, and they’re looking for ways to harness this power.

Working with influences isn’t always easy, though, and some brands are getting it really wrong. Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten a pitch to promote something that had NOTHING to do with your blog.

If you’re a brand who wants to amplify your message through influencer marketing, this is the Brilliant Bloggers for you!

Brilliant Blogger of the Week

Why Influencer Marketing Is Failing In Retail by Macala Wright (@macala)

While this post on psfk is specific for retail companies, there are important lessons here for brands in all industries. Macala talks about why there’s been a “bastardization of influence” and how redefining influencers for more strategic long-term relationships is key to getting influencer marketing back on track.

In this piece, Macala also gives some practical suggestions on how your brand can successfully implement influencer marketing, so it’s a must-read for any brand interested in this kind of message amplification.

Even More Brilliant Advice:

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