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Introducing NMX University: An Exclusive Community for Content Creators


Introducing our brand new membership community for bloggers, podcasters, web TV/video producers, and social media professionals who want to take their content to the next level.

Over the past few weeks, you may have seen us talking about NMX University, our new educational community and home to the 2013 Virtual Ticket. Today, I wanted to take a moment to officially introduce it to you!

If you’ve ever been to BlogWorld (now NMX), you know how overwhelmingly exciting and educational the experience can be. With hundreds of speakers like Guy Kawasaki, Jay Baer, and Cliff Ravenscraft presenting sessions and hosting panels, I always leave with a notebook full of ideas for my own content and I look forward to gobbling up the sessions I missed via the Virtual Ticket when I get home.

But I’ve always wanted more.

I’ve wanted to stay connected to the NMX community year-round, feeling that same motivation I’ve always felt at the live event.

I’ve wanted to have a better at-home educational experience with the Virtual Ticket, easily finding out more about speakers and topics that interest me in one central resource.

I’ve wanted a plan, a roadmap to success that gets me on the right track, so that when I watch a session I don’t leave with the feeling of “okay…now what?”

And so, the idea for NMX University was born.

NMX University (or NMXU for short) is our new exclusive community for digital content creators – bloggers, podcasters, web TV/video producers, and social media professionals. Don’t let the “exclusive” part scare you. Basic membership is absolutely free–you just have to register!

So what will you find at NMXU? Your completely free membership gives you access to:

  • Free Virtual Ticket sessions from past events
  • Comprehensive show notes, resource links, speaker information, follow-up videos, and more for each session
  • Our entire library of ebooks and guides
  • Bonus videos from past events that were previously only available to Virtual Ticket pass holders
  • Special offers direct from our speakers, including free content you can’t get anywhere else

We also have a few special surprises for basic members hidden up our sleeves–but you have to be a member to get these perks!

We’ll be constantly rotating the educational resources you’ll find at NMXU, giving you access to fresh content on a regular basis. Here’s a snapshot of just some of what you’ll find in the members section right now:

  • Speaker Michael Stelzner teaching you how he grew the Social Media Examiner audience and how you can replicate this growth on your own blog
  • One of our best podcasting panels, where you’ll learn how to monetize your podcast by working with sponsors, directly from people who sponsor podcasts themselves
  • Bonus videos with Derek Halpern, Patti Serrano, and other NMX past speakers
  • Advice from Tom Martin about turning you iPhone into a full video production tool for high-quality easy-to-create content
  • Our Ultimate Guide ebook series, on topics like how to use Pinterest to get massive traffic and how to start podcasting from A to Z

Some of our other current featured speakers include Darren Rowse, Erica Douglass, Tim Street, Phil Hollows, Kirsten Wright, Andy Hayes, C.C. Chapman, and Amy Porterfield.

NMXU is currently in beta, and we need YOU to help us test it and give us your feedback. Currently, we’re giving access to a small handful of people and we’d love you to be part of that group. Sign up today to get started as an inaugural member of NMXU!


  • Melanie Nelson

    I signed up last month and have looked around, but haven’t had time to really immerse myself. I’m looking forward to catching up with some of the session I missed at previous conferences.

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