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25 Brilliant Bloggers and Podcasters Talk about #NMX 2013!


Brilliant Bloggers is a regular series here at the NMX/BlogWorld blog, but this week’s edition is a little special. Instead of talking about a specific skill, I’ve compiled links to some of those who blogged about NMX 2013 in Las Vegas. There are even some podcasters on this list, and as always, if I missed your link, please feel free to post in the comments!

Without further adieu, here are the brilliant bloggers and podcasters talking about NMX 2013:

  1. 6 Marketing Lessons Learned at the 2013 New Media Expo by Dan Gorgone (@dangorgone)
  2. 10 Social Media Lessons Learned from Ford – Scott Monty New Media Expo Keynote #nmx by Tom Treanor (@rtmixmktg)
  3. 38 Game-Changing Experiences for Business and Beyond (New Media Expo 2013) by Joel Zaslofsky(@joelzaslofsky)
  4. Can You Prove That New Media Are Effective? A Report from NMX 2013 by Tin Dizdarevic (@tdizdarevic)
  5. Day One of New Media Expo #NMX 2013 by Eleanor Prior (@theeleanorprior)
  6. Five Things I’m Doing Differently This Week Because of NMX by Erika Kerekes (@erikakerekes)
  7. Live from #NMX: 6 Ways to Make 2013 When Your Social Media Presence Hits the Big Time by Jesse Stanchak (@jstanchak)
  8. Meeting a Fellow Renegade at New Media Expo by Lisa Shaughnessy (@agilitysoccues)
  9. New Media Expo 2013 Review and My Biggest Takeaway’s from the Event by Chris Ducker (@chriscducker)
  10. New Media Expo: A Recap by Mitch Canter (@studionashvegas)
  11. New Media Expo Las Vegas 2013 Recap by Jason Parks (@TheMediaCaptain)
  12. NMX Blogworld 2013-Las Vegas by Lynn Dye (@lynntotherescue)
  13. NMX Takeaways: It’s All About the Community by Andrea Parker (@bigideasblog)
  14. NMX was Buzzing this Week – Here’s our Recap by Elizabeth Michaud (@uberVU)
  15. Post New Attendee Show Homework Tips by Elizabeth Traub (@elizonthego)
  16. Review of New Media Expo 2013 and Turning a Page on My Past Failure [Video] by John Corcoran (@johncorcoran)
  17. The #NMX Experience 2013 by Denise Garratt (@SimplyD)
  18. The Real Story at New Media Expo Wasn’t About New Media by Barry Feldman (@feldmancreative)
  19. What I Learned from Attending New Media Expo 2013 in Las Vegas! by Bernad Geropp (@MoreLeadership)
  20. Why Can’t Bloggers and Journos Get Along? #NMX recap by Peter C. Beller (@ebyline)
  21. You Should Have Been at NMX 2013 by Peter Pollock (@peterpollock)

Podcasts and Videos:

Don’t be shy! If I missed your recap of #NMX, add your link with a comment below!

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  • Mike Russell

    Thanks for the mention Allison. I had an awesome time at NMX and very much look forward to next year’s event!

  • Bernd Geropp

    NMX was a great event and absolutely worth for attending. I am looking forward to the next year! Thanks for mentioning, Allison.

  • Nick Seuberling

    I posted a podcast episode last night about #NMX! Here’s the link! http://startpodcastingnow.com/005

  • Lisa Shaughnessy

    Hi Allison!

    Thanks so much for the mention and linking to my article. It was my first time at NMX and I absolutely got a ton out of it! Will definitely be on my yearly conference list.

  • Peter P

    I really appreciate the inclusion. Thank you so much!

    Maybe though you should have called it “25 brilliant bloggers… and Peter Pollock” 🙂

  • Erika Kerekes

    Thanks for linking to my article, Allison. I got so much out of the conference that I think I’ve got at least a few more coming! 🙂

  • Tom Treanor

    Thank you Allison for including my Ford post! It was a great event. I learned a lot and the networking made it all really worthwhile. I have a second post linked to below (a write up of the Pat Flynn session). Looking forward to the next NMX!

  • Dan Gorgone

    A lot of great insights out there! Thanks for including me and my post as well!

  • jared

    Check Out Our NMX Recap Featuring 15 Full Presentations

  • Jason Van Orden

    The only reason you need to attend New Media Expo + three valuable takeaways…


  • Eleanor

    Thank you for including me in this list, I know this is going to totally sound dorky, but this is the first time I’ve been listed on any site ever. Vegas girl is stoked!

  • Denise Garratt

    Hi Allison,

    Thanks for including me! What a pleasant a surprise. I was looking forward to reading all the posts and broke into a big grin when I saw my name. Great posts everyone, I’m still reading. Thanks Allison for all you do all year long.

  • Sadie

    2013 is the year that Cover Story Media, Inc. has decided to go big or go home – in Vegas! In September 2012, we made the decision to send our leadership team to the New Media Expo’s event in January 2013 (formerly known as Blogworld). There we hoped to learn more about how to deliver more engaging content to our readers, ways to use social media more effectively to promote and interact with our followers and maybe even some tips on how to make our brands more powerful. The conference delivered in spades and #nmx quickly went down in my book as one of the best conferences we have ever attended. http://www.coverstorymedia.com/news/new-media-expo-2013

  • jared

    I wrote another NMX post!! (sorta).. Great recap posts everyone!!

    “What happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas. I’m not talking about that racy Facebook photo, rather the wealth of knowledge that came out of last week’s New Media Expo. Hopefully you checked our list of 15 full NMX presentations from blogging and social media experts. One of these presentations covered blog monetization, by David Risley: “What are your options to make money with a blog?” This question has been on my mind constantly the last few years; likely this topic will be relevant to you as well.”


  • Janice

    I wrote a recap of the theme I saw throughout NMX sessions, keynotes and discussion
    -Consumer is King (and Queen) of the digital marketing landscape.Thanks for including my blog!


  • Brian Jarvis

    Let me throw mine in there too:

    “New Media Expo 2013: Four Quotes to Remember”


  • Sean Rasmussen

    2013 is full of exciting stuff! Big thanks for sharing this list of bloggers

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